What does your character think of the character a-

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-bove them? (title got cut off)

 NOTICE: I've been hearing that some people have been giving extremely low effort responses to people in the thread. I want to say that this is not okay, and if you're going to make a post, at least put some effort into it.
From now on, you'll have to have at two sentences in your response. I do not tolerate having low-effort responses in an attempt to just get a reply. Would you like it if somebody gave you a low-effort, two word response? No. 
If you repeatedly break this rule, punishment will be put in place. This is NOT acceptable.

UPDATE: A little thing to know! If 24 hours without a response have passed, then you may respond to your own character with another character of yours. Just a heads up.

UPDATE 2: I saw somebody do it and that inspired me! You can reply to the character above you by editing your post, if you want! 


Pretty self explanatory. You post IC, and your OC says what they think about the character above them. Then the character below them says what they think of the other character. For example...

P1 starts off with, for example, Yume. And then it basically goes like this.

P2 (Posting IC as Isamu): A bit too energetic for my tastes...

P3 (Posting IC as Marina): Just another self-righteous, smart alec prick!

You get the idea, right?

I hope this hasn't been done before. This is my first time making a forum game...

Anyway, let's begin, shall we?

Edit probably nobody would see: Wow... When I made this a year ago, I never expected it to blow up like it did. This is just insane... I made one of the most popular forum games (I think), and I didn't even realize how big it would grow when I made it. It was my first one, too! Thanks, all!

"Heeey, cutie. Do you like exploring? You look like you'd know all the party spots around! Come on, let's go!"

"Oh, all sorts of things! You'd be amaaazed at the stuff people leave when they're sneaking off to places! I mean, a lot of it's alcohol. And condoms. But I found a super pricey watch once, it was great!"

"Oh! An explorer? Sounds risky.. tell me, have you found anything interesting on your adventures yet? I'm curious!"

"Oh, that must have sucked so much! You were so young! But hey, you still gotta live your life!! I bet ya have so many possible things to do. Like, exploring the world! You got a pair of wings- I know ya probably don't even like 'em being the subject, but ya can fly, right? Well, I don't know enough about flying, but with a positive attitude you can do anything! Or most things! Most things, surely! The world is much less frightening than it appears, no matter how big and how many people want to hurt ya."


"You're weird, it's true!! Shouldn't you be more open minded?" she says, laughing a bit and taking it very lightly.

"You're a... Dragon... Human... Thing? Look I've never seen whatever you are before, but it's a bit weird. I mean you look nice- err- uhm- uh. A bit too weird for my tastes, if I even count."

"What a fascinating creature you are. :) You're like a bug, floating around with such magnificent colors - in this case, blue. :) But you're so dark! I can't even see you smile. :)"

"How much enthusiasm is too much enthusiasm? I wouldn't ask you, that's for sure. I'd like to stay alive. ...But I probably won't be at this point."