Choose a Pokémon for the character above you!

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Hype for Sun & Moon and Pokémon Go have got me in a big Pokémon mood. The rules are simple. Post in character, and then tell the person above you what Pokémon you think would best match their character! You can base this on either looks alone or personality!

For example, let's say the first character posted is Haruka.
Person one: Haruka makes me think of a Woobat!What about Lulu?
Person two: I think a Sneasel would be a good Pokémon for her!  Give Jada a go!
Person three: A Meowth would be perfect for her! Try Matsuko!

And that's about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PS, please try not to post an actual Pokémon-related character! It takes the fun out of choosing if you post, like, a Ho-Oh gijinka, because the next person is obviously going to pick Ho-Oh.
PPS if you want to add the little sprites, go here and just type the name of the Pokémon you're looking for at the end of the url. Happy posting!

I immediately thought of Bronzong for Cy! :>

I think Mercury would be a Jirachi.latest?cb=20160804195352

Also you-are-butt that website you linked.... something happened to it and now it isn't up


I feel cubone fits them really well!;w;

wanco-alien honestly, I really love that choice omg ty xD


an obvious choice

Haxorus, perhapsorus?


Buneary c: tumblr_ooiai04l7x1tdblgdo2_400.gif


Manaphy! Callisto is afraid of the dark, and Manaphy is one of the only pokemon that learns Tail Glow by leveling up, so it could provide some light and comfort her. 


deerfriend Going with a Solrock for her! Originally I was going to go with someone from the Clefairy line because of pink, but with her being the more serious type, I felt a serious sun Pokemon might delight her.



had to pick umbreon!! umbreon would totally be down to live in a world of total darkness, they'd be a perfect match.

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Spr_5b_510.png I'd say liepard!! because of her attitude and looks, because she's kinda emo as you said in her bio but still girly imo

dragalge.png dragalge  seems like a good bet!!! they sort of match their aesthetic. c: 

Pokémonsprite_640_SW.gif Virizion really reminds me of her for some reason, maybe because she's a warrior but not the typical kind of warrior, more soft and cute :^>


Yay, another vampire! Let's go with Noibat because of the bat trope and the green color of his shirt, smh