The ^ < v Game [Character Version]

Posted 2 years, 8 months ago (Edited 2 years, 1 day ago) by Heartless

IDK about anyone else but this was always my favorite forum game! Basically just play it like normal, but use the post IC feature to select a character. you may refer to your character in first or third person!

For those who don't know how to pay the game, it's very simple - you make a post with a statement about the person above you, a statement about yourself, and an assumption about the next person to post.
^ points to above, < points to yourself, v points below


Person 1
^ Is an invisble person
< Is starting this game
v has never played this game before

Person 2
^ a statement in response to the person above them (answering their assumption basically)
< some statement about themselves (random fact about your chracter basically, usually related to the previous assumption)
v an assumption or statement about the next character to be posted

Hope that all makes sense! If no on responds to you within 24 hours feel free to post again in response to yourself (o o)d

Iida Jishou jinkisaragi

^ is right! the hard candies are too tough for his poor baby mouth

< is a rabbit, but eats people anyway

v doesn't like to be in big crowds?

 Keon cryptiq

^ false!  i dont mind big crowds!

<is a coffee loving fish

v has a grumpy personality

Eddings tori34

^ I've been called that before.  I'm not grumpy, people just don't know when to get out of my face!

< Has a really bad memory.  Like so bad he sometimes can't remember when his own birthday is.

v dislikes being around people


 ₀₂₀ Kasper NocKynth

^ I don't dislike being around people. I'd just rather have a quiet spot to myself every once and a while.

< Likes do people-watching. Usually while drinking hot chocolate.

v is a bookworm.

Winter SuperStar2361

^ "..." (ooc: that's... sorta true? she likes to be with people, but at the same time wants to stay away from everyone because of a certain thing or two that happened in her past, if that makes sense...?)

< "...My hair used to be longer than it is now. Got it cut a few years ago."

v has lost a loved one

Micca Esthiem ★ RoseNines

^ "I-I would hope I haven't... Maybe...."

< "I... Have no recollection of my past or anything... Ciro knows, but won't tell me..."

v Too many bad habits that make them insufferable around people.

Matt Frost Kree-Kat

^ "ooh how did you know? people tend to shed me like water but i always find a way to get a partner for the night~ maybe you'd like to try your luck though i cant guartentee you'll last the next day."
< "Little known fact about me, I have a tracker tooth from my organization, it also functions as a cynaide pill and an injector, for those hard to amswer questions, if you know what I mean..."
v "they try so hard to befirend people, being a cinnamon roll and all"

Charity Waltz

^ That has happened to me before... The people I love, they always seem to go away after a while.... Well, it's probably better that they just leave, if they'll just betray me......

< My favourite food is chocolate mousse, with strawberries!

v would never do anything terrible like sneaking into a movie they hadn't paid for.

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Zoltan Fencer

^ "Emotionally delicate? Not at all, I'd like to think I'm BURNING WITH PASSION."

< "Being able to raise the dead is cool and all, but the fun really begins with how people treat their undead servants. Me? Well, once I was too lazy to stand, so I had my skeleton servants carry me in my bed."

v "This person's external appearance probably betrays what they're really like, personality-wise."


Nai ethanol
^ "Yeah, that's pretty accurate.  People tell me I look rather intimidating, but I'm really not a mean person.  I just want to help people."
< "Despite the fact that I tend to drink a lot of it...I really don't like coffee.  It's bitter and tastes gross."
v "I think this person is probably pretty good with animals."
Ed L varkarrus

^ "Read? Yeah. Once I got stoned out of my fucking mind and spent 20 minutes-ish reading the side of a Cinnamon Toast Crunch box."

< Rarely reads.

v Is really dangerous!