The ^ < v Game [Character Version]

Posted 2 years, 5 months ago (Edited 1 year, 9 months ago) by Heartless

IDK about anyone else but this was always my favorite forum game! Basically just play it like normal, but use the post IC feature to select a character. you may refer to your character in first or third person!

For those who don't know how to pay the game, it's very simple - you make a post with a statement about the person above you, a statement about yourself, and an assumption about the next person to post.
^ points to above, < points to yourself, v points below


Person 1
^ Is an invisble person
< Is starting this game
v has never played this game before

Person 2
^ a statement in response to the person above them (answering their assumption basically)
< some statement about themselves (random fact about your chracter basically, usually related to the previous assumption)
v an assumption or statement about the next character to be posted

Hope that all makes sense! If no on responds to you within 24 hours feel free to post again in response to yourself (o o)d

Peter Goldenqilin

^ "Ugh. The prank was so stupid, I lose brain cells just thinking about it..." He mumbled, shaking his head. "Don't even ask."

< Like slapstick humor, strangely.

v "Hey. You. Clean that up."

Uranus Swissy

^ "Fuck off horse. I was about to clean it up anyway"

< Uranus is rude and cold to everyone no matter the status they are in.

v "Well damn, you're really small aren't you?"

Shoko (Sho) bettaton LOLLBACKED


> is really short.

V "hey, I can't reach the top shelf. can you help me?"

Kaisley unikels

^ she grumbles, also being quite short for a cat, though she still jumps onto the top shelf and knocks down literally everything on it. "i'm sure you can reach the floor, kitten."

< cats

v "do you find yourself to be a cat person?" she smirks. "don't feel pressured into answering in my favor."

Variant issakidnamedFlo

^ "Ah, even if I did want to impress you in such a way, my answer is still the same. I've patterned my appearance after a lion for a reason. Cats are truly magnificent creatures~!" As he says it, he presses his hands to his cheeks, dreamily gazing at Kaisley. "I do believe you're on the right track with your own appearance."

< He's honestly a big ol' cat in more than just looks - he's a lounger, is only ok with being touched with a whole list of rules to boot, and is very, very intent on sunbathing whenever possible.

V "Hello, my desiring one. What's your greatest wish?"

Brute weltschmerz-drachen

^ "I wish never to return to my old home... Only made of toxic fumes... I don't want that hell ever to expand more than it has..."

< His face is horribly misshapen due to mutations caused by his old war-laden world's atmosphere riddled with chemicals no normal being could survive, so he covers it with an inky substance that functions as a gas mask.

v "If you could change anything about yourself, would you...?"

Hellevy Thotbot

^ "Whyyyy do people always ask that? No, i wouldn't! In fact, i'd make myself like i am now if i where any different... Oh well, that's basically what i did anyway..." She giggles a little and pets her creepy pet.

< Is most happy about the fact that she's being posessed by an old-god-demon thing.

v Watches tentacle-hentai (i know you do!).


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Sandra Vargo TenMomentsTill

^ "That's a bold question to ask someone you just met, partner."

< Originally said things like 'partner' and 'howdy' to mock her grandpa and now it's a habit.

v "Yo, do you have an recommendations for restaurants around here? It's my first time in this town."