The ^ < v Game [Character Version]

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IDK about anyone else but this was always my favorite forum game! Basically just play it like normal, but use the post IC feature to select a character. you may refer to your character in first or third person!

For those who don't know how to pay the game, it's very simple - you make a post with a statement about the person above you, a statement about yourself, and an assumption about the next person to post.
^ points to above, < points to yourself, v points below


Person 1
^ Is an invisble person
< Is starting this game
v has never played this game before

Person 2
^ a statement in response to the person above them (answering their assumption basically)
< some statement about themselves (random fact about your chracter basically, usually related to the previous assumption)
v an assumption or statement about the next character to be posted

Hope that all makes sense! If no on responds to you within 24 hours feel free to post again in response to yourself (o o)d

Linus Goldenqilin

^ "Nostradamus is not a pet, he's my best friend. And where I found him is none of your concern."

< Linus found Linus (Nostradamus) in a mud puddle and the two were inseparable since. He insists he's a purebred, but that might not be true.

v "Hey you. Fight me." Linus raised his crossbow.

Lancaster Jackwell wormancer

^ For a moment, Lancaster is visibly excited, and makes a bit of a show of turning around and drawing his sword, but when he sees Linus, his vigor drains and he hangs his head, tsking. "Oh, well, a crossbow, is it, now? That's not going to be much fun for either of us, love. You shoot once and what do you get? A dead body and a hollow place in your heart, that's what."

< Lancaster's a great duelist! Unless you have a crossbow, or a longbow, or a gun, or anything ranged at all, or any sort of magic attack, or

v "Here." Lancaster removes a nice-looking handaxe from his belt, flips it, and passes it to you. "Show me what you can do with this. ... I'll need it back, afterwards, though, so if you please..."
("Okay, I think you ought to put that down, love-")

Salvador Wapenburg fizzelston

^ Salvador almost immediately dropped the axe. The weapon was beautiful, it surely was , but also very heavy. Or at least Salvador thought it to be heavy. his second try wasn't much better, with every muscle in his small framed, weak body, he managed to lift the thing. But was unable to swing it. The half pirouette he made, before dropping the weapon once more was hardly a swing to begin with. "I just, " he said underneath his breath, "uh..Need to practice, that's all."

< weakest boy on the blóck

V "Mmm, " he hummed. Salvador sat on a bench, 'closely' (more like 2 meters apart if Sal could help it) next to you(r oc). The frown on his face deepened. Another 'mmmmm' followed, before Salvador finally looked up from his book, at your (ocs) direction. "What does..this word mean?" He asks, pointing at a word in his book.
(V god bless her really)

Dolly HeartlessSpade

^ "Eh?" Dolly kicks her legs up onto the seat, positioning herself on her knees and leans over to Sal. Tilting her head at the book, she began to chuckle. "What, can't read, gramps?" She teased. "That's 'ligma'!" She cocked her head at Sal again only this time her toothy grin was larger and she seemed to be struggling to hold back a laughter, eagerly waiting for a response

< She can actually be fun/nice to hang around with if you managed to take her liking

v "Oi, you! Ya like breaking things? Wanna go smash some stuffs?" She giggles as she propped a metal bat over her shoulder

Anita RadiantRaindragon

^ Anita looked startled. 'Uhm... why on earth would I want to do that? What if we accidentally break something important, or hurt somebody?' She started to edge away nervously. 'But I'm sure if you ask my classmates, you'll find someone else willing to... 'smash stuff' with you.'

< She's generally pretty law-abiding, but does have a rarely-seen rebellious streak

v 'Do you believe in ghosts?'

Broadcaster crescentseer

^ He huffs, leaning his cheek against his palm. "Looking at it, someone did steal my heart--like, my actual heart--so ghosts really wouldn't be that much of a stretch."

< Believes in ghosts and any kind of supernatural stuff, but wouldn't immediately point his finger at it if he could look for other explanations. 'Haunted' buildings don't spook him that much.

v "So, uh... What's it like out there?"

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Noelle StrawberryLunala

^ “Superheroes? You mean like Batman and stuff? Either they’re filthy rich or they’ve got godly powers, or they’re even gods already. What the heck?”

< is not aware shes basically a superhero herself

v “Ow. Ow. Ow. Get off my tail. Ayankāze shín.

Crowley RadiantRaindragon

^ Crowley looked up at Noelle, looked down at the tail he was standing on, looked back at Noelle, and grinned evilly. 'Actually, I think I'll just stay here.'

< Will usually do the opposite of anything he's asked to do just to be annoying.

v Noticing someone behind him, Crowley spun around and grabbed them by the neck, baring his teeth threateningly. 'Hey. That thing you're carrying? Hand it over. I want it.'

Thanatos (Spirit Thanatos) lophiusdragon

^ "Are you trying to attack me? I would advise against such a foolish decision."

< he doesnt like to fight if he can avoid it but that doesnt mean he wont fight back at all, he will fight back when he gets annoyed

v "Are you not afraid of me, mortal?" (its the best i could think of)

Ameranth Gurloirrr

^They gently place a hand apon the dragging cloth, staring at the tower before them, they tried to speak but all that came out was the sound of running water and static. Yet somehow in their eyes you could tell they were saying "How could I be scared of something so beautiful"

<They spin a plant into their hands and weave it into a mock crown that the put on their head, it blossoms with flowers. This seems to make them laugh as their wings detach and jitter in an exited motion

vBacking away from you slowly, they tread the ground in a careful manner "I" their face twisted trying to speak "dont think you have good intents for me"

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jack rogu LOLLBACKED

^ "no???"

< i mean, if he dislikes you, then sure you may wanna steer clear of him. but he's usually pretty docile

v "okay who the fuck are you and why are you eyeing off my phone?"

Takeshi Goldenqilin

^ "Hah? No reason; it's just a nice phone. I can't look?"

< Takeshi can and will snatch stuff out of people's hands. He lives to steal.

v "Hey, that's a pretty necklace... can I get a closer look?"

Blair Aarix

^ "Well, look who's back. Nice try. We're both thiefs here. Thieves? Gah, whatever. Takes one to know one. An' what I'm sayin' is that I wouldn't try it if I was you."

< Ever wondered why you can't equip more than one magical necklace in an RPG? Blair doesn't have to. His many, many pieces of jewelry are enchanted with everything from protective wards to glamours which make him look slightly less greasy. Don't forget, he's also cursed them all to hell, and you'll be in for a nasty surprise if you try to steal any of them.

v "Hey, you. Know any mercenaries? Ones who deal with really risky stuff, maybe? Just curious."