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So it'll go like this: A person posts a question to the above user's OC. Then, after a new person posts a question, the first person edits their post to have an answer.


Something like

Person A: (posts a question to the above person)

Person B: Does (person A) like cupcakes?

then Person A edits their post so it's like

Person A: (posts a question to the above person)
I do like cupcakes!

Person B: Does (person A) like cupcakes?

Person C: Could (person B) defeat Goku in a fight?


Person A: (posts a question to the above person)
I do like cupcakes!

Person B: Does (person A) like cupcakes?
No, I absolutely could not take Goku on in a fight, have you seen that guy?

Person C: Could (person B) defeat Goku in a fight?


EDIT: Try and ask questions that lead to the development of characters!

EDIT2: Cant believe this needs to be said, but make your posts legible!!!!

EDIT3: Also. Read the person's profile before you ask a question!
Follow these rules or I'll implement a banlist!


I'll edit this post to include a response to the next person's question, once somebody posts!

(re: "Do you enjoy sitting in a garden to relax?")
"A garden? Pfeh! What kind of pansy-ass garbage is that? Lemme tell you how I relax! A warm, musty couch, some snacks, and video games! Hah!" ((But to be honest, she might enjoy just lounging around under a tree on a hot day))

"S-so... what happens if you... your body... is completely... um... destroyed...? Can... you still come back from that...? S-sorry... i'm just very curious..."


An unusually forceful expression comes over Phran. There is still a touch, just a glimmer,of hesitation there but as she is asked that question, it is abundantly clear that she is not about to stand for this.

"I-I would say that really is untrue! Certain concepts of time are certainly concepts invented by humans, b-but time itself certainly exists! The fact that mages such as myself are able to manipulate it is proof enough of that! Time is something that is all around us, it is something that we all face at a daily basis... It is difficult to truly define, it... I am absolutely certain that it exists! Anyone who says otherwise is w-wrong!"

Her speech is unusually fast and passionate for once. It seems as if she is genuinely getting worked up an agitated by such accusations too, with tears forming in the wells of her rather angry looking eyes and her lips pouting, almost childishly.

"I-It's real... I tell you... It's really real!"

(OOC) What would you say to someone who believes time doesn't exist and is just a concept?


Hmm. "You know, participating in a war, no matter how magical, it's very jarring. Still, I don't think the battles stuck with me as much as how everyone was adapting to them. How we learnt everyone's weak spots, how we learnt that there was no reasoning, no option other than pounce at the weakest opening. The idea of this, the idea of being prepared for anything."

Despite how serious this topic is, she doesn't seem agitated. "It's not like I regret participating, I believe I did my best, but I'm glad we've moved onto better times. Mass panic was never comforting, no matter if we won."

Do you have any memories of things you've witnessed in your time that just don't leave your mind? Even if it's something small you can't forget. Or alternatively maybe an event that had a deep lasting impact on you?

"Other than all these stars up my arm, I've got one other tattoo on my wrist." They adjust their wristband so that it's visible, it's a very simple tattoo of a fish. "This was the first one I got, actually. It's uh- usually covered up though, I wear a lot of wristbands and shit most of the time." 

They grin and scratch the back of their head. "No regrets about any of 'em. People tend to think my stars look pretty killer, which is good 'cuz I gotta agree. I was thinking i'd like to get more tatts one day though, in the future at some point. Maybe i'll cover up my other arm with somethin' too, haha! But yeah, we'll see."

How many tattoos do you have? Do you just have the one star one? Do you regret any of them?

"Do you consider your particular... way of life to be downright immoral, or is there some way you rationalize it to yourself? Do you ever regret the manipulation and murder you partake in, or is it all just a normal part of life for you?"

spoilered for length lmao

"Hah! There's only so many times you can get rejected and keep trying. Nobody has ever reached out to me before... not that I blame them, I mean, look at me. As a child I was more eager to please, and I was stupid enough to want friends... people consistently took my earnest reaching out as an opportunity to kick me when I was vulnerable.... I learned my lesson.

Luckily I gave up on making friends a long time ago. I put my energy into cultivating a facade that was interesting. It proved much more effective than pursuing real relationships. Sometimes I do enjoy interactions in the moment, but I have no desire to force them any further. Acquaintances are much better than friends. I can impress acquaintances. The front I put up is the only thing most people could like about me. Underneath is too... empty for them. If I spend too much time around any given group they'll start to get upset by that. I can't have that.

Ashfiend are much more agreeable. I am more like them. Their society is more rigidly structured, yes, but they don't ask stupid questions like humans do all the time. They don't care that I'm as cold and blunt as I seem. They care about knowledge, and they care about power. I have reached out to them before and found them to be much more agreeable than their reputations let on. Far more earnest than humans. It makes it easier. I'm on good terms with several ashfiend lords... Pity we exist in separate planes of existence.

As for the friends I do have? Elrix was an experiment of mine, a test of my strength. I was 7 years old when I summoned her. I didn't mean to get attached to her, or keep her in this dimension... but... I kept her around, partially because I wanted to really test my power and partially because she interested me. She didn't like me at first, but was willing to put up with me if it meant she could stay on earth. Days of companionship became weeks and months and years. We slowly earned each other's trust, in spite of our many differences. She doesn't have to stay around me any more, but chooses to live with me of her own volition. I guess that's friendship? 

I suppose Xaanik counts as a friend also. An ashfiend, of course. And a strangely servile one at that. We met by chance. Were he a human I'd have had no interest in him at all. But his divine nature made the idea of an allegiance very lucrative for me, and he was fascinated by me because I hold an aspect of his goddess. I'll admit I found him insufferable at first, but I've learned to tolerate his presence if it means he'll help with my experiments. I don't think we'd have been drawn together like this were it not for the sheer luck of us being born of the same deity. We don't share the same values. But many of our interests are the same. Does that make us friends? Honestly I don't even know. Though I guess it's a bond of sorts.

Honestly befriending Elrix was only luck. And Xaanik's only an interesting outlier. I'd say neither of us really initiated these relationships, they just occurred out of circumstance. I've given up on making friends... thankfully such human trivialities don't even interest me these days."

[she's lyyyyyyyingggg about the last bit; she's so keen for friends but terrified she'd just get shut down and rejected and mocked. So she never tries any more, and desperately evades everyone who tries to get closer to her. She think's she's too strange for people to ever like her so she just aims to dazzle and keep things as shallow as possible and pretends she's not lonely as all hell.]

"As for the arm... Hmm.. I'll admit I resented it at first, but now I've learned to accept it. Plus it makes me stand out. It makes me look less human. I like that. The lack of functionality is a major drawback, but it's still better than any prosthetic or bionic replacement. I'm able to function almost as well as someone with both their real arms. Also it's more durable and harder to actually injure than a fleshy arm. I've been like this for so long it barely troubles me any more. Even if I could have it fixed, I'm not sure I would-- It's a part of who I am.

Besides, it's not *really* possible to fix at this point. There are a handful of alchemists who probably could have done a better job than I did, but they're not really able to reverse what's been done here without sacrificing what functionality I do have. And honestly their results aren't truly much better-- they might be more refined aesthetically, but the level of functionality would remain rather the same no matter what had happened. Bio-magic is only ever as good as medical technology, and while it can be excellent in some scenarios, it's far from adequate when it comes to replacing an amputated limb. 

But, as I said, I'm not upset about this outcome now. It was the best I could do and I'm proud of what I created."

Ooc - for someone with so much power, you sound really insecure. Of the few friends you have, generally speaking, which side initiated the friendship, you or them? ...Or did all your relations arise from unanticipated happenstance? I guess the point I'm getting at here is, have you ever tried to make a friend?

Also have you ever seen like, a magical plastic surgeon (do any good ones exist?) about the arm, to try and make it a little more functional, or are you chill with your arm?

Aquila puts his hand to his mouth as he sagely listens to your question, falling quiet for a moment -- before twitching strangely, snorting, and bursting into an explosion of snickering laughter.

The fit goes on for quite a while. Turns out that sixty seconds is a long time to wait for amused kings to compose themselves.

"Ah! Ah, imagine! 'Growing up' as the royal featherduster. Dear me. I hadn't realised I'd aged such that my origins fell out of common knowledge. If you did consult one of my biographies, you perhaps stumbled on the shabbiest of the lot. Certainly not one that passed through the hands of any editor. With such a basic oversight... I'd rather like to read it myself. 

"Regardless. I was born as mortal as you, and suffered my mortal fate. But the threat of a power vacuum again necessitated my presence. None other of my bloodline survived the chaos of that era, nor were any souls of my relatives accessible in the crypts. Thus here is the downy, durable form into which I've been reconstituted. For it happens, not all the witches in the Resistance were sinners."

(OOC) So you have always been made out of feathers? Did that make a difference between you and your peers as you grew up?


"Ehh, for starters I don't impose any sort of morality to myself? It may sound stupid but I don't worry about what I do all the time, y'know? Eventually as I grew up I just knew what was okay for me and what wasn't. Plus, my job doesn't define me!" she sounds a tad offended, but she's joking and she laughs a bit. "I believe, if there are corrupt policemen, there are cool ass criminals like me." she winks. "No, but honest, I would be the same if I were, say, part of a family of breadmakers. 'S just what I was born into, y'know? The rest is only me."

(OOC) How did you manage your sense of morality and your kindness while you worked as a criminal