OC Game ❤ "What Would You Do If..."

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I decided to try my hand at making an OC Game!
This is kind of like an RP game, I guess.

  Post in character! Reply to the person above you.
  End your post with another scenario for the person below you to reply.
  Please do not skip anyone! And be kind!

Let's start!
  What would you do if you found a stray, but friendly, dog?

Gobbler (Garret) RandomStorytale

I'll wrestle with it! My new buddy~

What would you do if you were given free tickets to the Little Big Circus?

Polaris Fencer

"Then, I would go to this circus! You humans must really love watching other captive humans and animals perform the tricks they've been trained to do."

"What would you do if you saw a UFO abduction?" 

Michael Roseriddle reinapepiada

damn... i want to say i'd explore, but honestly first thing i'd do is snap it and upload it to every type of social media i have. one thousand photos. if it's fake then i'll be the fake UFO guy but i don't care. 15 mins of fame, here i go! and then i'd explore. if they didn't leave, that is.

(truth is, michael would be at great risk in this situation. he attracts real danger, i'm scared for him)

what would you do if your reflection stopped showing at mirrors?

Autumnal fangmeat

"In all honesty, I would suspect my wife would be behind that sort of ordeal. It's not the first time she's pulled an impish prank on me like that." The goddess muses with a sideways grin. "As always, I'd be terribly confused and disoriented. I'm quite use to my reflection, you know. Not having it all of a sudden is the right kind of incident to throw a divinity off her kilter!" She gives a hearty laugh! "Eventually, after I stop pinching myself to make sure I'm not still deep in sleep, I would pester Sammy and "plead" with her to return my reflection to where it rightfully belongs."

"And you. What would you do if you were suddenly made into a divinity, hm? We the divine can speculate all we want, but there's nothing quite as truthful as hearing it from you." Whether that's true or not is unclear. 

Shade ethanol

"Hmm." The male thinks long and hard about it, his tail twitching every so often as he was lost in thought.  Then, he gave a small nod and smiled. "Well, as cheesy as it sounds, I'd want to try make this world a better place to live in.  I'm sure the gods have their own reasons for making the world the way it is, but it's not perfect.  Far from it, actually.  I'd want to end the war, for starters.  Make everyone care for one another instead of trying to kill each other."

"...or, you know.  I could just get really, really high.  I'm sure people would line up to give me weed if I was some sort of godly figure, haha."

He reflected on this for a moment, before shrugging. "Whatever.  Anyway, what would you do if suddenly your favourite food didn't exist anymore?  Like...it just disappeared forever with no way of getting it whatsoever?" He seemed mildly curious...or perhaps he was just distracted by some invisible thing of interest in the distance.  It was hard to tell.

Melon LeniProduction

"I would lie on the ground and start crying and wouldn't stop for weeks...this thought depresses me so much I need to forget this horrible situation by eating my favourite food right away!" *grabs a watermelon and munches happily on it*

"Soooo...what would you do if you suddenly found yourself in the middle of a dark forest with only a torch and an old rusty spoon?"

RAW reinapepiada

A torch...? Fire...? I don't think I'd like to use that, because what if there's a forest fire.... What if I make a forest fire! No, I would drop it-- NO, wait, wait wait wait dropping it would mean there would be a fire. Oh gosh. What do I do? I don't want it. I'd drown it but is there a lake? I wouldn't be able to see where it is... Unless I have some sort of light source.... Oh, right. T-the torch. How silly of me... Oh, well, then I would search for a lake, and then drop the torch on it and stand in the dark. Maybe sit by it. I don't like the dirtiness of the ground and how moist it gets but it's fine.

... Right, there's also the spoon. I don't want to create clutter, so I would just hang onto it. Yes... Unless I find someone who wants it more than me. I'll try to clean it. Maybe use my abilities to purify it... I don't know how to do that, exactly, but I can learn. I don't want to accidentally ruin it, though...

(they aren't in danger in a forest, even if there were creatures that would harm them, they don't pay attention to it as they're immortal. in reality, they would spend their time crying, because they're a crybaby)

So... What would you do if somebody surprised you with a bouquet of flowers, and a teddy bear, and chocolate and a love letter?

Umbris galaxycreations

I'm usually the one to give these tyoe of things to Spirus.They are sweet and really would take a walk and a hot dog from a street vendor as a gift.But I'd gladly would take these gifts,nevr heard what Spirus' idea on poetry would sound like.As for stuffed toys?Not a fan I'm more hands on my mate instead.I've somewhat become more...tolerable..I guess.I wish my parents gave me these things or cosidered it as a thought,oh well as long as I have the actual gift of others I feel fine.

How does one feel being neglected by those close to you?(paret(s)lover,friend)

Mai Nangong bulgariansumo

Pffff, I don't care what my folks think of me. I've been neglected all my life, but because I don't need anyone, I don't really care.

What would you do in a fight against four people at once?

Fathom Shank TheLadyAnatola

Heh, that's easy. I'd win. Four is hardly a challenge. Now, if I was slapped with the annoyance of having to let them walk away from the fight afterwards, we might have more of a problem... I mean, I'd still win, but it might take a bit longer.

What would you do if you were forced to run away from home without any chance to prepare or bring anything you'd need with you (given that you actually have a solid home to run away from, so no cops outs with "I don't have a home" or whatever)?

 Jarred EmzeThe2nd

"i'd reckon i would have a pretty hard time. Not because of anything material but because of my family. Putting them through that kind of stress and turmoil would break my heart. I would be ok for a few days i feel with living on nothing but sooner or later i would give in and try to contact them."

If you could have any kind of pet what would you choose and why? Mythical creatures and the like are totally allowed.

Crow Modwri

"Obviously, I would pick a Japanese woman at the apex of attractiveness.  Preferably winged and well-trained." The tengu sneered at the angel, who he'd met prior, but couldn't resist a comment about Jarred's answer. "I do have to admit, that's a good and honorable answer to Fathom's scenario.  Family is one of the most important things in any life, be they blood or chosen."

((I totally didn't decide to post as this asshole just because I saw Jarred, nooooo... I like the idea of the two antagonizing each other far too much. ))

"You've just been given a pretty girl who calls herself a tool, and you will have her for two months while you investigate a local disturbance.  What do you do?"

Melmer Fencer

"Into light novels, much?... Anyway, I'd ask whoever's giving be the responsibility and, with some patience, tell them I'm not for the job. I'm not a mercenary, not a detective. Even if there's a pretty girl involved, I'm still not dealing with it."

"What would you do if some child follows you around out of nowhere and start calling you their parent? ...I'm asking for a friend, not for myself."


"I'd let them be, and take care of them while I'd look for their true parents. If they find me to be a suitable guardian and their parents cannot be found, well, that'd be just fine. Breaking their trust by passing them to someone else would severely hurt the child in the end, after all. I'd much rather raise a child on my own then condemn them to the thought that they are not wanted--by anyone."


"...What do you do if someone you want to protect from the truth is desperately looking for an answer? By protecting, I mean, finding out the answer would result in both pain from the truth and possibly death from others."

Gauge reinapepiada

Isn't it obvious? I'll kill for it if it means they can be safe. But I don't care about death or pain, I care that the person I want to protect can be by my side, you know? It's an entirely selfish motive! But if the person is so stubborn... I'd have to turn on them, right? If anything, I want me to be their end, and not some stupid answer.

What would you do if you were granted your biggest wish hand in hand with your biggest fear? If both of them make the other impossible then make up some nightmare scenario, which is kind of the point, because I am the person who asks this kind of stuff I guess!