You Wake Up In The Above OC's Body! [IC Reaction]

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A game whre your OC reacts to suddenly having the above OC's body. Example

Chara A: *is a butterfly*

Chara B: *is originally a human, but now has Chara A's body* "Neat, I have wings! I'm going to fly away now!

Chara C: *is a wizard, but now has Chara B's original body* "Who is this ugly creature? And why can't they do magic??"

I will start off by sacrificing my son Leon.

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Disorientated by the drastic change of height (and all-together sudden mortality), the first act of being Leon involves Autumnal having a case of vertigo and thumping into the floor. 

"WHOOOOOA now! What just happened??"

Collect your bearings and.. wait, what is that voice? ..Ow, ow. Ow?? Ow. That hurt. That hurt? It hurt! There's an annoying pang in your forehead that you can't ignore! How many years has it been since you last felt anything resembling pain??

"Sammy..!" Calls out the Goddess in vain, but alas, her wife is not here! And this voice is all the more an odd experience. This is not her voice. "Hello? Hello? Yes?" Testing, testing! And then, shortly after, realization! "..Ooooh boy."

Oh boy is right, and now you are one!

Mal is in stunned silence, and feels extremely tall. Like, really tall. He finds it disturbing. He says nothing, and tries to go back to sleep.

It wasn't the first time he'd changed bodies, and it likely wouldn't be the last- but this one was certainly something new, and far more... round than he was used to. He took a moment to gather himself, assure that all of his assets were present, and took a breath inward.

Let it begin.

Now this is a new experience! Ruffles is all about new experiences! She takes it very lightly, even if she's way taller now. And she had these long ears and-- A quick look at the mirror renders her speechless; she's beautiful! Or at least from a first glance... Are those scars? Huh. Well, it'd be hypocrisy if that were a dealbreaker. She's definitely going to try so many clothes on, clothes for tall guys! To feel the experience!

The rest of what she might do is in very poor taste.


Lorenzo suddenly feels much shorter, and his voice is foreign to him. He stretches an arm out in front of him, pulling back reflexively when he realizes that he's much paler than usual. He feels a heavy weight on his chest and looks down.....Oh. He notices his clothes are much more skimpy than he's used to, and his hair is big and...blond? Lorenzo wonders if he should cover up on behalf of the original owner of this body (or at least to make himself more comfortable)

Lorenzo's never been a big fan of changes and a pretty big one. He feels the extreme need to lie down.

Amvira wakes up feeling MUCH smaller. The second thing she notices is her missing pair of arms.

She bolts out of bed and immediately loses her balance and falls over. "What the fuck?" She looks at her feet... they're plantigrade. She stands up, not used to how short her legs feel, and wobbles over to a mirror. "Well then." She sticks her finger in her mouth, and feels around. "One tongue... no sharp teeth... fuck, I'm human???" She puts her hand on her crotch "AND A DUDE?????"

"Okay, calm down. Let me think about this." She lifts up her hand, and a small flame appears in it. "Okay, good. Still have my magic. Does that mean I somehow accidentally possessed this dude?" She closed her eyes and looks inwards. "Doesn't seem like it, my soul's alone in this vessel. But it's not a dead body, either..."

Amvira wanders around, standing on her tip toes. She puts on the captain's clothes, but declines the "ugly hat"

"Alright." she thought to herself "If I'm in the wrong body, it would seem to me that the easiest thing to do would be to die, and reform in Hell."

An hour later, the airlock opened up, and the Captain was seen flying out, both of his middle fingers and his tongue sticking waaaay out. The Real Lorenzo felt a shiver of dread up his spine.

reinapepiada that response was worth the wait :O! Really fun read!


In technical terms, Gauge still is a mere human. Squishy and weak, not to mention emotional. They generally ignore this, or at least act like proper demon, but they know they’re a mere human. Granted, they’ve been feeling more monstrous as days pass, as their demon claws become bigger and sharper and as the pain from switching forms- so slightly, it’s only their hands and teeth and tail- but it stings like a bitch, or at least it used to. It’s not that it’s not painful now; it is, but it’s more like something they’re used to, opposed to ‘ah, what the fuck is on my hands, it hurts’.

Now they’re used to monstrosity, they like monstrosity, they use it as their advantage, the same way they use their strength and speed and general enhanced survivability (which is also a bitch and they’d prefer to be dead). They would lie to themself (and they do) saying they aren’t phased by it. Sudden, painful changes they definitely cannot control? Hosting such a parasite that’s only injecting more adrenaline, more rage, more fear? It’s definitely terrifying, but they stop their shaking body, take a deep breath and go on as their chaotic, violent, sadistic and dissonant self everyday, because they have a goal: to bring as much suffering to everyone until they’re stopped. It’s so simple.

But it’s still a difficult task! Dealing with so many problems at once, renders your entire being as a problem! Which is why, as they wake up, they suddenly feel their usual pressure on their body- the demonic pressure- except it’s not only on their neck but on all of their body and HOLY SHIT they’re huge now! What’s happened? At first they freak out internally, thinking that somehow they mutated overnight. No matter how convenient the mutation might be, it’s still freaky. They sit up to notice they have a new pair of arms. The freakout starts to set in, they look at their arms, at their body, and they realize-- no, it’s not themself. It’s difficult to point out, given that their claws are of a similar color, but their tail isn’t and- as soon as they get a hold of a reflective surface, they confirm it. It wouldn’t make any sense, the color scheme of their demon includes green eyes and hair, it has been that way since they were possessed.

Gauge doesn’t know if that’s a good thing, but a quick breakdown of their situation concludes:

  1. Does somebody else have their body now? Probably, good riddance. Hopefully the demon is still inside. How would that work? They don’t know and they don’t care.
  2. Is this being a higher demon? Demon hierarchies are tricky and diverse, and this body seems very special. Not only for its appearance, it just feels so strong!
  3. No parts! That simultaneously sucks and is a good riddance, though the presence of two bumps on their chest isn’t that exciting. Why are those there?
  4. … But they can do anything they want now, right? It’s not like they don’t do it back in their original body, but new is different and different is exciting! Of course they can do anything they want!

So it’s GOOD! They’ve always wanted this, because another thing they’d lie to themself about would be the fear of eventually getting caught. Yes, they want to die, but they know authorities won’t let them. Whatever happens, this is not them now! If it lasts too long, maybe they will change their name again, just like how they abandoned ‘Lonnie’.

They spend the following hour trying out just how strong this body is. The two tongues are fun, but it reminds them the no parts thing and that’s still a bummer. They definitely do try to crush something big and solid with their jaws. They sharpen and desharpen their fingers (they’re used to it, but now it’s new). Man, the horns are so cool, and the tail too! They wish their own set of demonic features came with these too (but they would hurt more than like a bitch if they were ever switched out, right).

It’s not until they continue messing around, making a huge mess of Amvira’s room, that they somehow discover there’s more to her. An even more monstrous form? Gauge felt a little scared, but they figured: go big or go home, right? They take a while, filled with adrenaline and euphoria thanks to such an overpowered body, but they turn into a huge, HUGE, monster, with wings and maws and the whole monster deal! It’s like a dream! The dream where they finally destroy the world, perhaps? Well, everything that has happened to them the past years feels like a dream, so why not play along?

The rest of their day depends on how well they test the limits of Amvira’s body in that form, and how well the other demons try to stop them. Gauge is more of a brawl over brain person, so maybe it'll all depend on luck, which they already know don't have. What a nice trip to Hell, still! They’d love to stay, but if it’s not like this, they already plan to stay there after their (hopefully short) lifespan.

sorry if I got some of the lore wrong!

John woke up, and... could see clearly! But then realized he was in a cave?
"The fuck?"
He shrieked when he heard himself speak in a different voice. Wincing, there was a very unpleasent sensation in his neck.
He was becoming really distressed at this point; he even missed his own interference-infested body! His thoughts were even muddier than usual. He curled up and just waited in fear, hoping he'd go back to sleep and this would end. His neck itched immensely.

(Sorry if I've misinterpreted anything, by the way!)



Itsuki woke with a jolt, he had dreamt that he were falling, although waking up--he felt as if he had been launched, somehow. The first thing he noticed was his vision--granted, his vision was already incredibly blurry to begin with, his sight felt...different. Rather than a blur, it felt as though his sight was obstructed by intense static, similar to when the television's reception was just terrible. Secondly, there was a strange black mass that appeared to be flowing from his left eye. He wasn't really sure what to call it. Thirdly, his tongue which, when he stuck it out, he had noticed it had been forked, similar in a way to a snake.

"This is rather odd." He stated simply.

He noted that his voice was indeed different, too. He was fairly certain that he was not in his own body, although, he couldn't figure out as to why. He wasn't quite sure what to do, either. He could only hope that somewhere, his body wasn't destroyed and that he could somehow find a way back to it.

"Perhaps if I were to hit this person's forehead hard against my own body's head, I'd slip back inside my own body...That is how it works in movies, right?"

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This was actually intended for @Solarin, but also works literally just the same for @Boyfriend 's Shinwha.

"Well shit. This is weird."

May & Ray is not used to having only one body. Even more weirdly, for them it's one single person, with two seperate trains of thoughts running in tandem, together controlling one single body. "Well, I guess I can do this now," May & Ray thought to themself, patting their head while rubbing their tummy clockwise, then counterclockwise. "I couldn't do that befo--wait," they said, suddenly noticing the pair of ears on their head. "Huh. What DO I look like now, anyways?"

May & Ray found a mirror, and looked at themself. "Huh. If nothing else, at least I look hot."

"I feel bad for whoever ended up in MY bodies, they probably aren't used to having two. And something tells me that's a lot harder than dealing with only having one."

Still, May & Ray would find whoever took their bodies, and do whatever it took to get them back.

"Ummmmmmm" "What the heck is going on??"

Jun looks at themsel....ves from two different perspectives.

"This is--" "--really weird!!"

Jun can't help that one half of this duo they've inherited finishes the other's sentences. Though it's a lot to process, Jun tries moving one of their arms, and the pink-haired body responds.

"It seems we can move independantly..." "If we figure out how this thing works" "This could be cool..."

Jun barely notices they're refering to themself in the plural form, as they're too impressed with being able to maneuver in two bodies at once. They experiment with moving the forms around until they're fairly comfortable they can walk around seperately. Upon doing this, they discover that this pair works as a magical law inforcer or sorts. Neat! Jun was just about ready to take on whatever tasks the duo had to do until they realized--

"Wait!" "Who's in my real body??"

With that, Jun sets off to ask around and see if someone knows how to get them their body back.

 "Ugh! Oh god! My-my paws! And my beautiful fur! It's gone!" Lorelei clawed at his face in disbelief and panic as tears welled in his eyes. "Oh my-my everything―! It's all gone!" He hated the feeling of being so short and feeling so weak and he clutched his chest, at the realization that his crystal heart was gone. That was the final straw as Lorelei collapsed to the ground, sobbing and wailing in distress.

Oliv shrieked in horror. They were a dog! A really weird one at that.
They found it really awkward to move and properly keep balance between the tail and change of gait. They took notice of the crystal heart on their chest and felt like something was really... off about it. They didn't dare touch it. Not sure what else to even do, they laid down and pulled the fur hood over their head.
"Fuck. This."
They shrieked again when they realized that someone else might have inhabited their body.

This wasn't something Taberus was used to. Over the years, he changed his hair, clothes, his general outlook on life, but changing bodies? It wasn't something he was used to. He might not have been a demon of pride, but he did take a certain care in his appearance. 

"This won't do," he said, missing the sound of his voice already. "I am a lord of Hell. I can't be this."

He could feel Imp staring as he tip toed around him, squeeking with uncertainty, "Marquis."


"You said're a Marquis, sir."

Taberus looked down at him with an unpressed expression that he knew would come across no matter what face he was wearing. "Imp. Go find who has my body, and who put me in this...human."

Imp stared at him longer than Taberus would've liked.

"Do I have to repeat myself?" he snarled. "GO! Before I decide to take my punishment out on you!"

Imp jerked a nod before he scurried away. Lucky for him, he was fast. Taberus was dangerously close to following through with his threat. He looked back at the larger, much less attractive body. It wasn't the size that bothered him, he could stand that. It was the species. Humans were absolutely repulsive, however many deals he made with them, and no matter how strange this one was. Taberus flicked a forked tongue out of his mouth with no amusement at the action. This was not how he planned on spending his day.