Find a voice for the character above you!

Posted 2 years, 4 months ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by Yorick retroleum

Okay, I thought this might be a fun forum game. Or not. I dunno.

So what you're gonna do is post IC and choose a voice from a show/movie/cartoon/anime/video game, etc. you think the character posted above you would sound like! You can base this entirely just off their design, or read up on their personality if there's a big description and kinda go from there [although, if they already have a voice match descripted don't read it just come up with your own, at least just based on the design in that case]. It's up to you! Try to link to a clip of the voice too, on youtube or something and link it in your post.

So for example I'll share that I imagine my character Priscilla to sound like Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z Abridged! Like, pretty much exactly. It's scary.

It doesn't have to be exact of course, just pick something you think would fit. I love voice matching my characters so I personally think this would be fun :0c

Anyway have at it have fun!

Lucky Money cthulhucorp

First thought was Kyo from fruits basket! I couldn't find a less angry clip of him though... ( the fact theyre both orange and catty is just a bonus lmao- )

I think both the english and japanese voice is fitting, tho!

Aikon JJTheNeko

Personally... I wanted to try to give him a rich guy's voice. Someone like Oliver Warbucks from the old movie Annie. 

This is all i could find from him. Not exactly what i wa thinking though....

Wallace Powell kishu

zuko from avatar the last airbender maybe? not so sure.

Noemi ninialex

The Dude from the Big Lebowski would be a good.

James Mason Mitts JJTheNeko


sorry if im getting the wrong idea here. But only voice claim i could think of was 

This woman

Sergeant Cleverclaw weltschmerz-drachen

James reminds me of Coby, from One Piece (that pink haired kid). I'm honestly not sure why...

Axel Aster Bucket

Ryan Haywood  came to mind. I thought of a deeper voice for him.

Diina Qadir MochiMochiMoe

APH Canada is what I think axel would sound like