Favorite character of the person above!

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Just go through the last person's characters, and say who your favorite character from there is!


1. If someone offers certain folders instead, please respect that. Just please give a good number of characters to choose from!
2. Bonus points if you say why, the person would probably appreciate knowing what you like about their babies.
3. Put effort into your post please. No posts like "I like ___,"  At least two lines, please.

PLEASE wait at least three posts before going again. <3


Peach Lion/Peachy! I love fruit based characters and they seem so soft and sweet.

spacecadet I honestly like Kamiko. I just love the little details of their design and how their colors correspond with each other, such as the band-aids, beads, ribbons, etc <3


I was immediately drawn to Krit. He's just so incredibly cool looking, and he likes spending time with his family? That's just so delightful to me, that this frightening looking creature loves his son so much.  And he's got a soft spot for his wife's cooking? Too cute! (He looks so adorable with his family, too!)


I think Maeve is my favorite. Her design is super pretty, and in terms of character, she just seems very sweet and chill. Plus her character quirk with her tongue is really cute.

flockwork I REALLY love Alois ahhh he has such an amazing expression and I love his personality from kind to stabby LOL



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PaperTsubaki Aaaa Lawana is just adorable! I'm a sucker for food-themed designs, and strawberry designs are always really cute. Her lil strawberry headpiece ties everything together perfectly. Not to mention her personality just fits so well! Adorable bab


Person below me, please only look here, here or here.

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Poindexter, my favorite character from you is easily Poindexter, but Soren is a close second! 

Ereth2 my favorite character is Snickerdoodle, She's super cute and I love her pattern.

KaelynRayne Kitt is my favourite! Her colours work beautifully together and she is so elegant while remaining cute.