⭐️Favourite a character and explain why

Posted 8 months, 5 days ago (Edited 7 days, 15 hours ago) by Cryss

Everybody loves getting favourites, so why not make a game where faves are guaranteed and people can compliment your OCs?


The game is easy to play!

▶︎ Post a comment claiming the person above you.
▶︎ Go to their gallery and choose a character you like most.
▶︎ Add that character to your favourites.
▶︎ Edit your comment to explain why you chose that character to fave. Your reasons can be anything, whether it's that you like their design, you read their story and think it's original, because you share the same name with the character, or something entirely different. Keep it nice!


Please also follow these rules to make sure the game stays fun for everyone!

❖ Don't be rude, insult people's characters, or make inappropriate comments. "I like Jef because I didn't think it was possible to be so ugly" comments are not a good reason to fave and will result in an instant block from this and my other threads.
❖ Actually fave the character! Don't only say what you like. Remember that this is a fave game primarily!
❖ Don't forget to give a reasoning either, faving alone isn't enough.
❖ Try to go into detail with your explanation. "The way his dress compliments his skin tone works so well and the texture of his hair is too gorgeous" is more fun to receive than "I like his design"!
❖ If there are any disputes that need my input as the thread owner, please PM me at my main, ElithianFox. I'll answer much faster on there than on here!


▶︎Also, only claim at most once every four people! This is to give others a chance to participate as well◀︎


◎23/03 update: a new rule has been added. Please only participate if you have 10 or more characters. This is to give people a broad enough choice and to prevent the thread from getting stuck due to little choice!

totokatokako ok, first, prompts to tht url because it took me three times to type it correctly

ANYWAY, i favorited florence! ill say right off the bat, love the art style! it's refined and flows very nicely! i also adore your soft lines, too, so it was kinda hard for me to pick a favorite..! but i mostly went florence because her bright colors caught my eyes, and shes just suuuuuuuper duper cute! like, i love everything about her design, to the contrasting bright colors, to her fashion, to her pure expressions; she's even identifiable without the bright colors! i also love how she's a gamer, i have a soft spot for characters like that, and since i focus on fantasy-scenarios a lot, i dont really get a chance to see a character like that, so its rly neato for me!!


Im not sure why but Samael just caught my attention. He's adorable like omg he looks so cute. I wanna hug him and lessen his worries. I love him. And he's a monster. Like 10/10. I love that one pic of him in his gallery too, it just screams everything about him summed up. 


I liked both Redford and Grey both for their designs and their information. I like how Redford is this kind of scary ghost but also a genuinely nice guy, and I like how mischievous Grey is.



I had to fave Armageddon,,, I just love all his aesthetics of edgy demon that's also in a band aaaa ;;;; Also the fact that he's also a cheff kinda breaks this "edgy demon aesthetic" because it looks like such nice thing to do, cooking for the band?? 

Paeris is cute so he caught my attention, and Hibiscus's profile is great, but in the end it's Bonnie. I like how down-to-earth he and his situation feel and of course I'm going to gravitate to the sad nerd. His profile's a fun read, too, and I appreciate how it's filled out with so much info, but not too much.

Among your OCS, it's obvious that my fave is Phoenix! I love his long speeches everyday, and my day is made whenever he posts in the forum games. Despite how hilarious yet intimidating he could get, I really love how you wrote him. I was confused reading his bio for the first time, but boy I was so astonished the moment I finally had a gist of his character. Honestly a character that really matches my favorites. I still had fun on the fake anime screenshot I did for him, haha

Trivia is a runner up! Her design is the one I love the most among your OCs, although I kind of had a small giggle reading her bio---  Well, if I finally get rid of my business, I'll probably draw her HAHA

>currently: forever alone

same, Trivia