⭐️Favourite a character and explain why

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14/11 update - Rule update

From this point on, it's required that your post adheres to at least ONE (doesn't need to be all of them) of the following qualities

  • You give at least three reasons or elements that made you fave the character
  • You write at least three sentences explaining your choice
  • You write a full paragraph that details why you enjoy the character

Note you are allowed to do more than these, but these are the minimum requirements. 

If none of the above qualities are met, I'll issue a warning and a chance to edit your post to follow this new rule, and repeat offenders or people who won't edit their post to follow the rule will be banned from this game. This rule has been put in place to ensure everyone gets a response that is enjoyable to read. I'd also like to ask everyone to please read what the above person asks for, for example when giving a folder of characters to choose from or requesting to also read their profiles instead of just looking at the images.

Everybody loves getting favourites, so why not make a game where faves are guaranteed and people can compliment your OCs?


The game is easy to play!

▶︎ Post a comment claiming the person above you.
▶︎ Go to their gallery and choose a character you like most.
▶︎ Add that character to your favourites.
▶︎ Edit your comment to explain why you chose that character to fave. Your reasons can be anything, whether it's that you like their design, you read their story and think it's original, because you share the same name with the character, or something entirely different. Keep it nice!


Please also follow these rules to make sure the game stays fun for everyone!

❖ Don't be rude, insult people's characters, or make inappropriate comments. "I like Jef because I didn't think it was possible to be so ugly" comments are not a good reason to fave and will result in an instant block from this and my other threads.
❖ Actually fave the character! Don't only say what you like. Remember that this is a fave game primarily!
❖ Try to go into detail with your explanation. "The way his dress compliments his skin tone works so well and the texture of his hair is too gorgeous" is more fun to receive than "I like his design"!
❖ If there are any disputes that need my input as the thread owner, please PM me at my main, ElithianFox. I'll answer much faster on there than on here!


▶︎Also, only claim at most once every 5 people! This is to give others a chance to participate as well◀︎


◎23/03 update: a new rule has been added. Please only participate if you have 8 or more characters. This is to give people a broad enough choice and to prevent the thread from getting stuck due to little choice!


I favourited Emil! The first thing that caught my eye is how he's a HUGE lover for animals and volunteers in protecting them!! (and that one part where he tried and failed to be vegan for the animals though...gosh) I find that is a super nice addition to his character since he's said to come from a wealthy family and background! 

Despite how he's somewhat struggling in school and all; he still try his best to maintain his studies and take care of his friends...which is something I can sympathize with, and the overthinking part is highkey relatable ;;

Overall, I love his kindness and caring personality towards everyone; despite his issue with having doubts towards people and overthinking of someone's action, that doesn't stop him from being the moodmaker to everyone, and again, it's a nice pace of change considering his background ^^


I faved Sakane because I'm a fan of blue designs!

Also I went on her profile and she seems like a very sweet girl. I'm a sucker for water-themes, too, and I really like her. She seems like the kind of girl who would try to help you if she figured out you were having an off day, and I really like that she's just striving to be better. It's an admirable quality in anyone. Also I relate to her hiding negative thoughts lol. It's a bad habit, but I totally understand her, and it makes her relatable.

lordsatin thank you sm!!! i'm glad you like her :D


i faved marina! i love her whole aesthetic, the bomber jacket with the pins is just great! i love her the fact that she's a cryptid hunter and also i love her room design! it really feels like a place that some one lives! i also really like the fact that she "she always carries around a mini rubik's cube that she's only beeen able to solve once." it's a very specific detail but i think it really fits her character!


thank you!!!


Okay, I could not help but chuckle at Delbine. The fact that her head is a house plant is already winning it for me and its not something that you see in a character that often, silly designs like these tend to catch my eye easier and I love them all the more for it. Plus, she seems like a really sweet person to be around to, I'd certainly would love to be friends with her myself!


I saw Vincent and immediately picked him as the one to favourite. Dinosaurs are a huge soft spot of mine and he is no exception. I particularly likehow he's claustrophobic. With how his backstory sets it up, sounds like its a pretty big challenge for him to deal with after moving away from his homeland. I also think it's really cool that you made him the weight of an actually tricerotops.