Similar OCs! (game)

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago (Edited 2 years, 6 months ago) by Floss Sweet-woof

Pretty simple game!

Find an OC that is similar to the OC above you, whether it be design-wise, personality-wise, story-wise, or detail-wise! I mean, anything in common works, even small things like if both OC's had purple tails.

If you're looking for someone with an alike OC to roleplay your character with, or just want a friend/partner/family member/etc for your OC, then you've found the perfect game!

Please try using a character with a complete story. If they do not have a completed story, atleast use a character who you presume would have something similar to somebody else's character.

If you don't get a reply in 24 hrs, try again using a different character.

And so on and so forth!

I will begin with my favorite character, Floss. What does your OC have in common with him? Floral powers? Floating wings? Large ears? Kind disposition? :O

Jet Russo Caine

Jet is also lawful good!

Kiri ethanol

Kiri has a scar over one of her eyes as well!

Maximus Finnley RedFireFreak

Maxi also has blue eyes, and he's pretty child-like, loving to meet new people!

Fredrick M. Croakers Lainykins

Fred also dyes his hair green! (part of it anyways lol) 

Vital pyrepunk

Vital also has a smoking problem, heh.

 Haruki Wakahisa Vector

Haru is his nickname~

Tiera Caine

Tiera can also speak multiple languages (3 fluently and one more language but really poorly) 

Nathaniel Oneiroi

Felix is also a bit of a mysterious figure and prefers his alone time as well.


Penny is also a freelancer!

Ella Avery Helminthia

Ella can also interact with other people's dreams. :)

Mira Greenwich LilacAutoMatic

Mira is also a kindhearted 17 year old!

Hannes Laurenz Caine

Hannes also likes reading horror stories !

 ♛ Cornelius Cross

They have a matching hair tone!