Listen to the song from the user above you!

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Heya! Figured I'd start up a thread like this as I abolsutely love finding various music, and noticed there isn't a thread for this here yet! Plus, thinking on it, a good few of my OCs are inspired by some songs and music in general, and it never hurts to be on the hunt for more music to check out!


Basic Rules:

1. The person above you will link you a song to listen to!

2. Give your thoughts on it - is it something you liked, or is it just not your cup of tea? Did it inspire you to make an OC on the fly? Feel free to express this as much or as little as you want! (Please be respectful and civil in your reply, though.)

3. In the same post, link a song for the next person to listen to!

[edit] 4. If you're next in line, please claim before going ahead; I totally missed out due to IRL things going on, I realize some people might of been Ninja'd! So let's try to avoid being ninja'd from now on <:"D

EDIT; PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Heya! I've gotten a few concerns from people that go through this thread that some may of been a bit disrespectful about one's tastes in music. Music is something it's obvious not everyone is going to like the same thing, but I must remind you to PLEASE, be respectful to the person above you when having shared music. If it isn't your thing, please be kind and simply say "It wasn't my cup of tea, sorry. I'm glad you like it though!" or something nice along those lines. Having someone be told the song you chose (which might even mean a lot to you on your own terms and reasons behind it) is horrible or nasty, can be a bit rude. Let's do our best to keep polite and civil here while we all jam out to some awesome tunes! Thanks!

All good? Let's get started! I'll link over a song for the first person to start things off!

First song: The Maddest Kind of Love, by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


ok listening to it,,,started off jazzy and now its just- woah, def not what i was expecting? i dunno if it's really the type of music i'd enjoy listening to, but it's p cool!! it has this sorta,,,jazzy sound to it with this sudden japanese popping in? it reminds me a little bit of the Momotaro song but more,,,free?? (idk how to explain that aaaaa like their pitch of their voice when they sing seems to follow the beat more than the beat following it?) 

:0 o heck yeah cool guitar solo coming in- it's all over the place but then it goes back into that whole jazzy feel to it again with the drums n piano(?) in the background! i could see why some would listen to it! :0 though it's not my fav type of music, i still think it's really cool n interesting!!! 


>:3c enjoy my power metal music,,,, Luca Turilli - Legend of Steel //ive been so obsessed with power metal recently and i've,,,,memorized too many of the lyrics 


damn it's been a while since I listened to power metal and I forgot how much i love it lol

anyways I'm tired and i like hardcore music:


Interesting! I'm usually not one for music like that unless it's like Breakcore (because I'm really weird like that) but overall I loved how aggressive the track at the very beginning with that little rest, more melodic part in the middle with that piano <33 For sure adding it to my playlist in the future aha!


Ok so SPEAKING OF AGGRESSIVE MUSIC I've been listening to this song (and all the songs in the album) all day long. Absolutely in love with it as it's the song that introduced me to the Breakcore genre. But uh, headphone warning so be careful <333

Eulogy For Nick Galvas - Nero's Day At Disneyland


ooooooooo i DIG this song, i've listened to NDAD a few times but i've never heard this one and i love it quite a bit! i love songs with weird grating inorganic sounds in them, i like how the beat is constantly changing and how it feels cartoony at some points and intense at others, also really like how the song gradually fades out

i'll suggest another song on the weirder side as well, a bladee song again because thats all i listen to lol 


wow. first of all, i love this. the beat is really cool. it's really catchy

i listen to a lot of music so it's great to find a new song i haven't heard before!


here's a weird song i've been listening to recently! 


I have... no idea what's going on! I can see how it can be addicting to listen to. Maybe more so if I could actually comprehend what was being said.


Kid Cudi "Heart of a Lion"


THE  VIDEO WASN'T AVAILABLE but i managed to find this one instead 

anyway i actually quite liked it? i probs won't download it anytime soon but it sounds like the kind of song that'd be on one of the few big playlists i listen to on the regular so i enjoyed it :3 has that nostalgic feel i rly like in music


rediscovered this gem from back in the day


I think its a pretty good example of 2000's emo or emo pop music! I liked the guitar part of the song the most, and the lyrics were pretty good too. It reminds me of how long its been since I have listened to this kind of music! Overall I like it!

------ Victorious by Wolfmother


This is definitely not what I usually listen to but it wasn't that bad! I like how upbeat it sounds, really got me in a good mood!

Girls Need Love by Summer Walker


That's a nice song! I don't normally listen to modern music but that one was pretty nice! :D

Right now this is my favorite song :3 -Town of Jade


Woah. That song was super freaking awesome! I also love listening to this kind of music, both the English versions and the originals, and I love the stories they convey as well! It was definitely a small emotional roller coaster as it went from something kinda sad but really sweet to something with a much deeper meaning to it! I can definitely see how it's your current favorite, and I've gotta say, I'm finding myself loving it too! ^^

Ano Ko Secret (English Cover by JubyPhonic)


I really like that song! It has a good beat to it and the video is cool too. I feel bad for the guy though. From what I gleaned from it, she either didn't return the feelings or was a bit mean. I loved the cover though. Can never go wrong with jubyphonic!

As for my song, Im gonna go a bit silly and share this one for the next person! Slime - Danny Gonzalez



They song I didn't know I needed  this song is my current obsession!