Listen to the song from the user above you!

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 6 months ago) by Aikaikaik

Heya! Figured I'd start up a thread like this as I abolsutely love finding various music, and noticed there isn't a thread for this here yet! Plus, thinking on it, a good few of my OCs are inspired by some songs and music in general, and it never hurts to be on the hunt for more music to check out!


Basic Rules:

1. The person above you will link you a song to listen to!

2. Give your thoughts on it - is it something you liked, or is it just not your cup of tea? Did it inspire you to make an OC on the fly? Feel free to express this as much or as little as you want! (Please be respectful and civil in your reply, though.)

3. In the same post, link a song for the next person to listen to!

[edit] 4. If you're next in line, please claim before going ahead; I totally missed out due to IRL things going on, I realize some people might of been Ninja'd! So let's try to avoid being ninja'd from now on <:"D

EDIT; PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Heya! I've gotten a few concerns from people that go through this thread that some may of been a bit disrespectful about one's tastes in music. Music is something it's obvious not everyone is going to like the same thing, but I must remind you to PLEASE, be respectful to the person above you when having shared music. If it isn't your thing, please be kind and simply say "It wasn't my cup of tea, sorry. I'm glad you like it though!" or something nice along those lines. Having someone be told the song you chose (which might even mean a lot to you on your own terms and reasons behind it) is horrible or nasty, can be a bit rude. Let's do our best to keep polite and civil here while we all jam out to some awesome tunes! Thanks!

All good? Let's get started! I'll link over a song for the first person to start things off!

First song: The Maddest Kind of Love, by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


Cute song. I wasnt expecting adventure time tho for some reason.

Flowers Made To Fall

Make sure to watch the video as well. Theres a story in it.


ah i couldn't rly get into this one - mostly bc i'm more into alt rock, songs w/ rougher vocals, and general fast paced music normally - the music video is nice tho :0
i'd probs be able to understand it better if there were english lyrics on it somewhere bc it definitely seems there's a story there (like u said) but i'm a little confused abt its meaning ;w; i'm terrible at understanding context unless it's blatantly obvious rip
 it does sound nice tho, i can get why ppl like it c:


i'm obsessed w/ this show lately and so many of the songs in it are good as but i particularly like this one
it's actually kinda slow so ik i'm contradicting what i said above but listen lkajdlksa


quietly adds this song to one of my oc playlists and runs

i absolutely loved this song! the style was very much my sorta thing, and i’m always bound to love a song if i feel it suits a character or characters of mine which this one very much does. 10/10 very good song will definitely be adding to my music library 

i’m pretty sure I posted a bastille song last time i posted on this thread but fjgjfk i can’t help myself i’m obsessed with their new album so how about bad decisions?


I'll be honest I haven't heard much Bastille, but I am in love with the vocals!  I really liked this one overall, so I'm going to add it to my playlist.  I'm also going to check out the album yay

SKÁLD - Gleipnir


woaaah, so intense!! not really something i would listen to on a regular basis, but i love the haunting & powerful quality this has!!

muship - 色彩電気 (warning: lots of flashing lights/trippy visuals! also, make sure to turn on captions if you need the lyrics in english!)


really wasn’t my sort of thing, sorry ;v; there was just a bit too much going on for me to enjoy it 

glimmer - marianas trench