Listen to the song from the user above you!

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Heya! Figured I'd start up a thread like this as I abolsutely love finding various music, and noticed there isn't a thread for this here yet! Plus, thinking on it, a good few of my OCs are inspired by some songs and music in general, and it never hurts to be on the hunt for more music to check out!


Basic Rules:

1. The person above you will link you a song to listen to!

2. Give your thoughts on it - is it something you liked, or is it just not your cup of tea? Did it inspire you to make an OC on the fly? Feel free to express this as much or as little as you want! (Please be respectful and civil in your reply, though.)

3. In the same post, link a song for the next person to listen to!

[edit] 4. If you're next in line, please claim before going ahead; I totally missed out due to IRL things going on, I realize some people might of been Ninja'd! So let's try to avoid being ninja'd from now on <:"D

EDIT; PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Heya! I've gotten a few concerns from people that go through this thread that some may of been a bit disrespectful about one's tastes in music. Music is something it's obvious not everyone is going to like the same thing, but I must remind you to PLEASE, be respectful to the person above you when having shared music. If it isn't your thing, please be kind and simply say "It wasn't my cup of tea, sorry. I'm glad you like it though!" or something nice along those lines. Having someone be told the song you chose (which might even mean a lot to you on your own terms and reasons behind it) is horrible or nasty, can be a bit rude. Let's do our best to keep polite and civil here while we all jam out to some awesome tunes! Thanks!

All good? Let's get started! I'll link over a song for the first person to start things off!

First song: The Maddest Kind of Love, by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


While I don't particulary like that style of music, that, was, so cool. It gave me that vibes of, like, viking, celtic and pirate music, especially at the beginning. And the vocals of that girls are like, god, so beautiful. The atmosphere is so good, everyone there did such a good job. Love it.

The Owl


First things first: the video of this song is REALLY impressive and I love the style used in it! And I really enjoy the eerie, atmospheric tune of the whole song, and I definitely ended up favouriting it to my eerie sort of music collection! That being said, it's not necessarily something I'd listen to unless I'd need a certain darker mood inspiration for a drawing/writing, but I still liked it a lot!! 



It's been a while since I heard any Vocaloid songs nor Utaite covers (which I assume this is one? CMIIW) so I've never heard of both song or utaite but the song is really addicting! Mainly because of the fast chorus and oh man...the instruments, especially the guitar/bass? It's just a great! (I wish I can point out more about the genre but I'm the worse at that ahdfdagh) And since this is a cover I would like to comment on the voice especially--I  love how the voice reaches the high notes on the fast chorus and the last part, which is not an easy thing that everyone can pull and pleasant to listen to?? If I repeat this enough then it could be something I'd listen to everyday, haha. Thanks for sharing it!

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Hanazakari Weekend - 4Luxury (iDOLMASTER Million Live)


I like it! I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to it, because it's very cheery and I'm an emo fuck, but if this was a song in a rhythm game or something I'd be content to replay the level a few hundred times. I could catch myself just randomly humming the tune to this, or having fun singing this, too, very catchy.



bringing this thread back bc it's good

ooh i'm on the fence w/ this? i kinda like it but it's also a little bit slow - i prefer music w/ a little bit of a kick in it
it sounds like smthn i'd hear on the radio station or albums my dad listens to, so that's likely why i'm drawn to it bc it gives me that weird comforting, 'at home' kinda feel u know? knowing me it'll get stuck in my head and i'll end up downloading it lmao


me, posting more music from that one band i like


WOW!!! it's so invigorating!!! i'm not a metal person myself so all the roaring and electric guitar isn't exactly to my tastes, but i love the creepy buildup, and damn that singer sure can scream!! also im a TOTAL sucker for a sudden change of tone in songs

here's mine, mariposas by yva las vegass!


It isn't my thing but I can see how people like it tbh. As a dummy monolingual, songs with lyrics I don't understand are really hard to sway me — I can see some friends of mine would probably really enjoy it, though!

I am your leader — tikkle me


 I don't know why but your link didn't work for me, I tried few times but everytime I just got a note that this video is unavailable. So I hope that this is the same song heh

I must say that I really like the vocal and lyrics of this song! But I can't say the same thing about the melody. It's just too "electronical" for me and it leaves a ringing-like feeling inside my head after listening. If it was more natural, I would definitely listen to in few more times. But still, it's very inspirational song~!

And for for the next person~The Corresponders - Fear & Delight


Sorry but it sounds annoying to me



That style of music sadly isn't really my thing; but it did sound okay!! Personally, it isn't really something I would listen to often, but I thought it was alright!! Haha-- It was also very long so that alarmed me when I saw the length haha--

My song is The Other Side of Paradise - Glass Animals!!