What age do you think the above OC is?

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago (Edited 1 year, 6 months ago) by Ryo Takahashi LilacAutoMatic

//sweats it's been too long since I've made a forum game

but anyway, here it is! I imagine this is gonna be a hard game, so you can guess a general age group or specific age!

Make sure you don't look at the above OC's profile! That's cheaty cheating

I'll start with Ryo!

Damn that's really close! He's 17!


Lucien Bernier Judas-la-Carotte


Hypo MaplesHaiku

He looks young... 10?

Though he's an immortal ghost, you're correct in terms of his physical age!

Kou Corala

hmm, 13? looks really young qwq


good job that was really close!!

and :D

Ren junowani

Hmmm, maybe 19? ;u;


So close! 17!

(Dainty) January Jhielin

16 :o?

Glacier Jutta



Actually mid 40s but it’s sometimes hard to tell with anthro characters !

Maddison kittyee


she's 16 actually!

Danica Goldenqilin


She’s 20 :)

my purpose is here. MillenniaFortuna

16 perhaps? :o

edit: she's actually over 100 years old! physically, she looks 25! :>

Erik Volain AlleycatIrony

maybe like... 15?


he's actually 36! 

The Business Tengu Milkman

I see late 20s, early 30s. Maybe 29?

Max Jutta

35-36? Physically at least, if he’s a tengu he could easily be much older 

Lorelei Holloway LightningClawedSky

16-18? He doesn't look like he's even graduated high school yet lol

Karo Takowanda Atticfail

mhhm around 30?