What age do you think the above OC is?

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago (Edited 1 year, 8 months ago) by Ryo Takahashi LilacAutoMatic

//sweats it's been too long since I've made a forum game

but anyway, here it is! I imagine this is gonna be a hard game, so you can guess a general age group or specific age!

Make sure you don't look at the above OC's profile! That's cheaty cheating

I'll start with Ryo!

Damn that's really close! He's 17!


Swiss cheese Swissy

777 years old bc fren good

But i dont trust 'em yet so maybe 14 y/o

Nia (Nb) ChemicalShites

Hmmm 12 years old

About there! She’s actually 18!

Munin haiiroko



actually they're 39 in deity years, whOOPS

Nick alliegunther

Looks like a teenager (16-18) to me!

32 is about right! He's 35.

Aurelie Nanamimo-Kun

Ninja'd lmao


17! so close!

Lily Suzuki flower-magic


Fellix Эфрамова 鈴木 Ethereum

20..? 21ish...??
[And because if her... Have my own little Suzuki gal!]

Gabriel Rimmer mellostopheles

Hmm, hard to tell. I want to say 19?

Rayven syskey

Maybe mid or late twenties?