Writing Threads Masterpost

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Since there is a masterpost for the draw and design forum games, I thought I'd make one for writing forum games!

If I missed yours or you made a new one please comment here! if you'd like me to remove your thread that'd be fine as well.

also, if you need help with character development, here's some helpful threads! Character Development Resource Hub by capsaicinoid/Pepperly The Character Development Thread by storyteIIer

Now, on to the actual threads!

Naming Threads

This part is for threads related to names! This includes similar names, naming help, etc.

Character Discussion Threads

This part is for threads related to character development/discussion! This includes favourites, like/dislike, etc.

Headcanon Threads

This part is for threads related to headcanons! This includes headcanons, random thoughts, etc.

Character Response Threads

This part is for threads related to character responses! This includes IC games, questions, etc.

Writing Threads

This part is for threads related to writing! This includes writing, in-depth character development, etc.

Other Threads

This part is for threads related to other stuff! This includes similar characters, colour schemes, etc.


Awesome, thanks for taking up the mantle! It's pretty daunting with how many there are xD I'm sure if you put in a ticket you can  probably ask a mod to sticky it like they stickied mine :) 


Prismakry haha no problem! ^^
ahh I'll do that then! c: I had no idea how to do that, filing a ticket for that actually makes sense lol


haha yep, I'm sure just linking the thread and explaining what it is they'll sticky it since they have other masterpost type threads, but I guess there's only one way to know for sure xD

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aaaaa bless you for this!

I think my thread might've been missed?? Here it is just in case


Glad to see you got it stickied :) 


yES we've needed one of these for so long, bless you


@ruhime kingozma Papes @raventhekitteh you-are-butt haha np! ^^

Papes aa yeah I think I accidentally missed it QwQ added, thanks! <3

Prismakry thanks!


Added some sections + a lot of threads, moved some stuff...

Whoo I'm tired now :'D


Yay! So glad for the additional sections. Thank you for updating this! <3


you-are-butt no problem! ^^ it looks a lot better now tbh


[4/7/2017] added three new games! if you make a new on I'd love it if you could comment here or sent it to me so it can get added here <3


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