Writing Threads Masterpost

Posted 4 months, 28 days ago (Edited 30 days, 17 hours ago) by Teddy-Bear

Since there is a masterpost for the draw and design forum games, I thought I'd make one for writing forum games!

If I missed yours or you made a new one please comment here! :D if you'd like me to remove your thread that'd be fine as well c:

also, if you need help with character development, here's some helpful threads! Character Development Resource Hub by capsaicinoid/PepperlyThe Character Development Thread by @beautiful-madness

Now, on to the actual threads!

Naming Threads

This part is for threads related to names! This includes similar names, naming help, etc.

Character Discussion Threads

This part is for threads related to character development/discussion! This includes favourites, like/dislike, etc.

Headcanon Threads

This part is for threads related to headcanons! This includes headcanons, random thoughts, etc.

Character Response Threads

This part is for threads related to character responses! This includes IC games, questions, etc.

Writing Threads

This part is for threads related to writing! This includes writing, in-depth character development, etc.

Other Threads

This part is for threads related to other stuff! This includes similar characters, colour schemes, etc.

This is what it looks like for me:


Nonstop aa really? I can read it just fine...
I'm afraid the grey is actually fairly light already, and changing it too much might make it a little too light for the other themes! ;; I'll try lightening it up a little bit though, hope that helps?

[25/10/2017] lightened up the font a little bit! if it's too light for enough people I'll change it back, though ;;

Why don't you just erase the font color entirely and let it auto-change to whatever color the theme is?

Teddy-Bear oh yes sorry :,D apparently it was already done and I didn't know until someone told me!

Thank you! But is it just me? It says "Invalid thread selected." :( 

Nonstop I mean, the whole idea of the colour and font difference was to make it pretty, and since you can probably still see the actual links and such, I think I'll leave it like this for now. if anyone else complains I'll try to change it so it's more readable though!
Duckreaux no worries, thanks for telling me!
Seiden really? :0 it's working just fine for me ;;

Fair enough, can't fault you for trying to make things look nice, haha. I just have issues with low-contrast text, but I might be in a minority here.