Character Trait ABC's!

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Using the letter's from your character's name, use the chart to list some of their traits!

Examples below, here's the list!

Crazy Memory
Goals and Heroes
Jokes & Sense of Humor
Never will they ever...
Odd Fact
Physical Trait
Tattoos, Piercings, & Scars
Unique Talent
Voice (link or describe)
Where were they born?
Xrays & Medical History
Your Inspiration for Creating this Character
Zzz... Weirdest Dream?

Examples: (expand spoiler)

A- Amy's attitude is usually pretty good, unless you give her a wedgie.
M- Morally, Amy is opposed to the clubbing of seals. (And you should be too!)
Y- My inspiration for creating Amy was... you guessed it... for this example.

or sometimes, a letter will get used more than once! Think of a different way to interpret it?

H- Hannah's hobbies include knitting, sewing, and yodeling.
A- Hannah can have a seriously bad attitude when she doesn't get her way.
N- Never will Hannah ever get caught pumping gas naked again....
N- Never will Hannah ever exist outside this example because she's a terrible character.
A- Hannah's bad attitude can vastly be improved by giving her a piece of cheesecake.
H- Hannah's other hobbies are spelunking, reading, and teaching turtles how to speak.

And if you really have no idea how to answer one, you can make up a different "question" or "theme" for the letter.
Also- Hard Mode- Use last names too!

Fehn considers their Roommates, Vahli and Nahri, and their many cats to be all the family they need.
Fehn is employed at a bakery, and brings home a lot of expired pastries to eat.
Fehn's hobbies mostly consist of reading and writing, though they like to knit blankets on occassion.
Never will Fehn ever be comfortable with their gender.

Vahli's voice is not very feminine, nor is is deep enough to be masculine. She has a fairly regular American accent, and no speech impediments.
Vahli's attitude is.. well... pretty fine, until she takes offense to something. (Like your bumper sticker, or the face she thinks you made at her.)
Vahli's hobbies include vandalism, random acts of kindness, and volunteering at humane societies
Vahli doesn't have any romantic interests, but she does love her roommates and her cats.
Vahli is more street smart than book smart, but she doesn't lack in knowledge. She's a bit rusty with math and science, but she never did care for those subjects.

Never will Nahri ever like children. They're just gross.
Nahri has a pretty pessimistic attitude, and is generally a downer.
Nahri's hobbies include cutting interesting things out of magazines and making collages, as well as alphabetizing everything.
Nahri's routine is: roll out of bed, drag self to kitchen, make coffee, eat cereal, return to bedroom, and work on character design (their job) for about eight hours.
Nahri makes people uncomfortable with their intelligence, but it's all book smarts. They lack a lot of basic knowledge like how to pump gas or write checks

L - Laurel LOVES musicals above all else
A - His attitude towards new things is usually very excited and positive, he is an optimist 
U - His unique talent is being able to assume just about any role he wants/needs to 
R - Laurel's daily routine is usually staying up late performing in the bar, sleeping for long and using the time between sleeping and working for walking around etc
E - Laurel is currently employed by a bar / cabaret combination, he is in debt to the owner so he has no other choice but to work there until he has paid it all 
L - Laurel is a hopeless romantic and dreams of a fairy tale like love lmao

Rin's routine is to make sure all of the fledgling angels are up in the morning, then go to the garden and tend it throughout the day.
I  Rin is pretty capable of figuring things out, but she's always been pretty sheltered, so her knowledge of most things is limited
Never will Rin ever be violent or hurt somebody. She is afraid of loud voices and can't stand the thought of causing harm.

- He's in a relationship with his girlfriend, Delyless, and also loves his adoptive family and closest friends.
U - More of an ability than a talent, but he has the unique ability to channel magic/phenomenon from other Elemental deities by using his real first name as a "code word" of sorts.
K - He doesn't really mention it, but even though their relationship is pretty even, he kinda prefers when Delyless is the dominant one in most cases.
E - He's the host to a deity that acts as a link to all other Elemental deities, so he needs to help maintain balance and keep himself out of the wrong hands. Doesn't pay well enough though.

K - Delyless started sometimes treating him like a puppy because he's a wolf as more of a joke kink, but it's sort of growing on him. He'll never admit it though.
A - His attitude is rather cold and uninviting, and he takes a long while to warm up to others.
T - No tattoos or significant scars, but he has 3 piercings per ear.
O - There was a long period of time where he went without a first name because I decided I didn't like his original first name but couldn't think of a new one. Contributed to his name quirk.
K - Somewhat tied into the puppy thing, he kinda likes when Delyless give him collar chokers, originally as a joke. He doesn't wear them in public though, only in private if she feels like using them.
E - Along with his responsibility to keep his linked deity and his name safe, he has to combat the forces antagonizing the deity's "home planet," which also doesn't pay well enough.
E - Heck, I don't even think he's gets paid for any of that stuff. It's just an obligation that takes up most of his time so he can't get any other job. What a ripoff.

A - Friendly toward everyone

M - Tries his best to keep the cleanest and nicest moral

A - Pretends to be happy

D - Just want to be successful with his life.

E - Currently trying to find a life-long job

U - No unique talent, but really good at cooking

S - Sometimes drives when he's drunk, even though he doesn't have a driving licence (wait, that's not moral at all!)

W - Baden-Baden (Germany)

E - He does small jobs, temporary work.

I - Not stupid, but not the smartest around neither.

S - Has a photo of his mom in his purse

E - Used to work in pubs.

N - Never will he ever have sex.

F - she's very close with her family, mainly because she didn't have any friends before she met her current friends.

L - she's never fallen in love with anyone before. again, mainly because she never really got to know anyone well outside of her family and current friends.

O - flora's obsessed with dolls and probably has like hundreds of em lmao

R - because she's a vampire, flora would prefer to be able to wake up very late (usually sometime in the afternoon or even early evening) and stay up until the sun starts to rise, but school has always prevented her from doing this.

A - flora tends to keep to herself, because she's used to being alone.

A - Confident

R - Needs his daily dose of alcohol

T - No tattoo, no piercing, no scar

H - Sex would be his main hobby if his boyfriend joined

U - Eh, he's really good at bed, I guess

R - Showers every morning

W - Some city near London, I still have to decide which one, but I don't know enough about England....

I - Rather smart, but acts stupid

L - Eden

L - Alcohol

I - Good at school stuff

N - Never will they ever go to the moon. No, seriously, I don't know, this guy could do anything an everything.

G - He has no hero, he wants to be the hero.

H - Loves to party.

A - Optimistic

M - Morals are important, unless being immoral can bring him some good satisfaction.

M - (I seriously don't know what morals are)

O - Moze likes the smell of burn. And the smell of ash. It actually calms her down.

Z - there was that time, when she dreamt about swimming in the sea. But there was no water but mud instead. No water existed - only mud.

E - Moze is at the army

S - Nika's entire life outside of hell is somewhat of a secret. She doesn't want her family to know she's plotting war against them.
T - No tattoos or piercings, but Nika has a few scars here and there, from real fights and practice. Nothing too serious.
E - Nika isn't "employed", but she does take her "job" of killing her brother very seriously.
L - Nika loves human bakeries and cafes. She could drink coffee and eat pastries all day long. (She likes those complicated drinks too)
L - Nika also loves roses. It's the one thing on earth she finds truly beautiful.
A - Nika's kind of stuck up, and quite impatient with her student, Clover.
M - Nika's morals are spotty. She doesn't have a problem with killing, but it upsets Clover and puts her at risk of exposure, so she doesn't.
O - Odd fact? Nika smells like roses and honey.
N - Never will Nika ever forgive her family for the conditions her mother is kept in. 
I - Nika is cunning, more than anything. She has a great memory for spells. 
Kinks.. um.. Nika likes being in charge. She likes blood, too. (Just little bits, not a ton)
A - Not sure if really "attitude", but Nika can be quite manipulative when she wants. If she's being sweet, watch out.

wow her name is long when you spell it out like that

M - Marion's morals are very aligned with the common ones of his world: he has no noticeable immoral thoughts or actions 
A - His attitude is generally bright and open 
R - Ever since he started travelling his routine has only been certain times of waking up and going to sleep; otherwise it varies each day
I - Marion is very musically and emotionally intelligent, but when it comes to academics he is average 
O - Odd fact: He enjoys very gruesome stories 
N - Never will Marion ever forget his first love from his childhood

- Atlas is generally easy going but that can change without warning.

- He has a tattoo on his left forearm. It's rarely seen by anyone but him because he always wears long-sleeved clothing. 

L - He has a lot of love for life even if it may not seem like he does on some days. He can see the beauty in almost everything. He's fascinated by the smallest things. 

A - When he's not friendly and amicable, he's stubborn and impatient.

- The research he did in the past is kept secret. If it were to get out, he would be impeached. 

F - Freyja has a somewhat strained relationship with her mother. She doesn't really like Freyja's choice of occupation and is pretty controling. She is very close to her grandmother from her father's side however! Her granny is much more accepting and understanding than her mother. I haven't decided yet the circumstances of her father though, haha.

R - Hmmm an average routine for Freyja would be waking up early to shower, morning run and/or exercising in general, showering again, eating breakfast and then going about her day. She sleeps late, but not like at 2 in the morning.

E - Haha, Freyja is a pole dancer at a gay strip club! 

Y - Ho boy, she's pretty much the manifestation of my thirst for buff women. Her love for working out and keeping her physical strength on check is mainly inspired by Effie from FE14. Other inspirations are Pantha from Teen Titans, Tsuchiya from Mob Psycho 100, and Urbosa from Breath of the Wild. Although Urbosa is more body type wise because I unfortunately don't have the game so I know nothing about her :')

J - Freyja is prone to making dirty jokes and playful teasing.

A - Freyja is a fun-loving gal! She's always up to having a good time, be it going out for drinks or just getting brunch. She's very passionate and that mixed in with her brash nature can be intimidating to some; especially those who don't know her well. 

Y- Strawberries and pastels

U- Her tolerance for alcohol is very high so she always has a hard time figuring out when to stop.

U- Her hair used to be black but after her parents died, it turned white from stress of taking on her inheritance and losing them.

M- She vows to never become an alcoholic or drug addict again.

E- Yuumei is a babysitter.

I- Yuumei is actually quite smart, but never took school seriously enough to prove others wrong (she is just lazy and procrastinates a lot).

C- Once when her ex-boyfriend got mad at her while they were both drinking, he almost stabbed her with a shard of a broken bottle.

A- Let me tell you, she is one of the sassiest woman that you'll ever meet. She never usually means it though.

R- Yuumei often lays in bed on her phone waiting for her boyfriend to get up. After, they usually go and brush their teeth then to go make breakfast and decide what's going to be different each day.

T- She has 1 piercing on her ear lobes.

E- Aside from being a babysitter, she also works as a cashier at a local coffee shop.

R- Yuumei has been dating her boyfriend, Blaine, for a little over 2 years now. They bought a house and now live together since they decided to further their relationship