Character Trait ABC's!

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Using the letter's from your character's name, use the chart to list some of their traits!

Examples below, here's the list!

Crazy Memory
Goals and Heroes
Jokes & Sense of Humor
Never will they ever...
Odd Fact
Physical Trait
Tattoos, Piercings, & Scars
Unique Talent
Voice (link or describe)
Where were they born?
Xrays & Medical History
Your Inspiration for Creating this Character
Zzz... Weirdest Dream?

Examples: (expand spoiler)

A- Amy's attitude is usually pretty good, unless you give her a wedgie.
M- Morally, Amy is opposed to the clubbing of seals. (And you should be too!)
Y- My inspiration for creating Amy was... you guessed it... for this example.

or sometimes, a letter will get used more than once! Think of a different way to interpret it?

H- Hannah's hobbies include knitting, sewing, and yodeling.
A- Hannah can have a seriously bad attitude when she doesn't get her way.
N- Never will Hannah ever get caught pumping gas naked again....
N- Never will Hannah ever exist outside this example because she's a terrible character.
A- Hannah's bad attitude can vastly be improved by giving her a piece of cheesecake.
H- Hannah's other hobbies are spelunking, reading, and teaching turtles how to speak.

And if you really have no idea how to answer one, you can make up a different "question" or "theme" for the letter.
Also- Hard Mode- Use last names too!

W- um a pumpkin patch so to speak...

I- Very intelligent since Will has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and he likes to read as many books as possible.

L-He's demiromantic and very much loves his boyfriend.

L- He loves his sibling, very much and would murder anyone who harms them.

O-Uh he knows how to pole dance?

W-He wasn't actually "born" into this world, but reincarnated instead. Which, when he first woke up in his new body, was inside a pumpkin patch.

K - He is 15 and too busy to think about his sex life when he has knight training to do 

N - Knut would never stop doing something harmless he likes just because someone tells him to stop

U - He can land on his feet like cats do 

T - No tattoos, piercing or scars; it's actually a miracle his body is so void of damage considering what a hassle he is 

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H - She loves sewing and designing clothes, she actually made the shirt she wears.

E - None, it's not easy having a stomach for a mouth AND a job. You can really have one or the other.

L - Helena is quiet about her sexuality (pretty much because she's usually quiet all the time), but she is bisexual and leans towards men. She hasn't found a partner yet, though.

E - That being said, Helena has tried retail work before and hated it. An online store is her next best idea.

N - Helena will never ever go without a shower for more than two days. She enjoys being clean.

A - Helena is reserved more often than not, but she enjoys the company of others and is heavily influenced by their attitudes, making finding a good friend group a hassle.

B - "Beliefs" has a weird meaning in my settings, but I suppose you could say that Clay is more fond of his planet's deity, the Fishkin God.
A - Clay's attitude tends to be positive, fast-talking, and a bit pushy when on the job and hunting for scoops.
R - Clay's routine varies depending on his current assignment, but he's usually either in the field taking photos and doing research or in his office putting together his articles, all while sprinkling meals and bothering Detective Jones in here and there.
N - Never will he ever figure out how to use chopsticks proficiently.
I - Clay is a bright young man with a good balance of book smarts and street smarts. He's particularly good at written work, solving puzzles, and putting various information together coherently.
B - Despite most people considering him to be a pushy, nosy journalist, Clay believes in staying true to his morals and not crossing certain lines even for a huge scoop.
A - Most people know Clay to be difficult to dissuade and is always pursuing his goals with passion, to the point of being overly stubborn.
S - Clay takes a lot of pictures of Detective Jones "for his articles," when secretly he just likes taking pictures of him and keeping them. XP

C - He could consider almost any murder case involving Detective Jones as a crazy memory, although he's particularly fond of the time Jones scared the crap out of one of Clay's creepy colleagues.
L - It takes a while for either of them to realize it, but Clay ends up crushing on Jones pretty hard.
A - When off the job, Clay's attitude is much more subdued and is more shy and quiet. He's pretty coy in private/intimate situations.
Y - Clay's appearance is partially based of the avatar I have in an app game I play, which involves solving murders. His general role is based on a reporter that appears briefly in the game.

D - To ascend to the level of a god

A - Seems to be very sweet and kind at first, but once he's earned your trust his attitude changes from loving and affectionate to manipulative and dangerous

N - Never will he ever willingly submit to anyone lesser than him

I - Very smart. Deceptive, manipulative, knows just how to persuade someone into doing almost whatever he pleases.

E - Cult leader. Not exactly an "employment" but that's what he is.

L - Love has never really been on his mind. It's a "waste of time and opportunity" to him.

B - I don't think Brandt would be particularly religious. His parents probably are, but he likely has a more agnostic view of things.
R - Brandt's routine centers around his college schedule and football practices/games, with some socializing with his friends and girlfriend balanced in during his free time.
A - Brandt holds himself with confidence but is surprisingly mellow compared to what most people expect out of him for being the star quarterback of the university.
N - Never will he ever... go scuba diving. He's fine with swimming in a pool or at the beach, but he's not going too deep underwater.
D - As time passes, he's opening up to the idea of having a potential future/family with his current girlfriend, if things continue going well of course.
T - He has no tattoos or piercings, but he has a rather large scar on his right side where he was accidentally impaled by a broken fence in middle school.

G - Brandt's current goals are to do well with football, make it his career, and finish a degree.
O - At first he was intentionally made to be a jock protagonist stereotype for a series of horror/slasher themed stories.
L - Brandt's current girlfriend is Kara.
D - Aside from his personal desires, Brandt really wants his friend, Cooper, to find happiness since his past has been pretty crappy with his family.

Jokes & Sense of Humor: Juno has a dark sense of humor, but doesn't really ever laugh or make jokes.

Unique Talent: She has an incredible amount of focus and reaction time, due to her always training.

Never will they ever: Be caught in a shopping mall/eating junk food

Odd Fact: Juno sleeps with her weapons close beside her, along with an emergency kit. They make her feel more prepared and comfort her in a strange way.

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S - He doesn't really have a secret anymore; he's recently become rather bold and will pretty much tell anyone that asks him that he eats people and lets them make assumptions from there. Sometimes he'll clarify he's not human and drop his glamour for a moment, but aside from that he's not one to hide anything.
L - The only love of his life is his dog Alice. She's a pure white borzoi he adopted to help him lure people into a sense of comfort. He didn't initially intend on keeping her for very long but he ended up getting attached. Now he spoils her whenever he isn't at work or looking for a meal. Alice is probably the only creature Sloane's ever shown genuine affection towards, although he's never really met many other non-human beings that stick around for long.
- Sloane often mistakes sexual appetite as actual hunger, rather there's no difference in those feelings.
A - Initially, he's a pretty nice guy. He has the most genuine smile, and nothing really seems to bring his mood down. When he speaks he loves to flatter people and feign interest in whatever is being said to him. It's difficult to see past his acting since he's had nearly a century's worth of practice, but all anyone would need to do is start asking questions and he'll drop the facade for that individual.
N - Never will he ever admit to murder. It can be assumed he's killed people by saying he eats people, but for him it wouldn't be murder. He's gotta eat just like everyone else.
- He works as a host at a local restaurant. Even though he has the skills to attain a higher paying career he lacks to motivation to aspire towards anything more than what he finds easiest.

Just doing Colin lol

Crazy Memory - Probably when he fell off his bike after attempting a ramp jump and broke his right arm. He got no air and all pain. He was a daring kid, though he was shy.

Odd Fact - Can tie a cherry stem with his tongue.

Love - Married to Adam

Intelligence - Pretty smart, especially excels in History and Science.

Never will they ever... - He would never cheat on his husband or hurt/yell at his children.

A - Attitude: Armond generally tries to have a positive attitude about life.

R - Routine: Armond's daily routine involves taking care of his garden, working at the bookstore, stopping by to visit friends, and taking notes on the current state of the local flora and fauna/seeing if there are any changes.

M - Morals: Armond believes everyone deserves the chance to fix their mistakes, as long as they are genuinely sorry.

O - Odd Fact: Armond has a mysterious house spirit living in his wine cellar, it usually leaves him alone as long as he leaves it food every once in a while.

N - Never will they ever: Armond would never betray the trust of his friends.

D - Desires: Armond misses his past relationship and hopes to fall in love again.

E- He goes as a "nun" but it actually part of infamous demon gang

R- He doesn't have a particular routine besides doing his job and/or relaxing

I- Since he's a very old being of course he'd be very intelligent, he's watched society grow and change. He doesn't do a lot with is knowledge though

S- Besides his additional eyes and mouth and his strong desire for Boss, Eris has no real secrets but he isn't very bold

M- Mastermind

O-  Open Minded

J- Jokester