OC above you: bodyguard, hitman, employer, target?

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what it says on the tin: in an assassination situation, is the OC above you the bodyguard of the target, the employer of the hitman, the hitman, or the target? (bonus points if you explain your reasoning!)

Vreni dogstarlite

Definitely thinking hitman. Singer sounds like the perfect being to track somebody down and effortlessly take them out. I get the feeling Singer would be able to get away with it, too.

◆ Fajar ◆ Yawal

I think perhaps the employer~ That quick temper might not be well suited for an hitman or bodyguard and the if they held a grudge long enough it seems fair Vreni might just hire a hitman to settle things once and for all.

Gidget Phantomsurf

I'd say he's the hitman! Despite his explosive rage, he already has experience in sneaking out and successfully harassing caravans, and seems to know his way around his environment quite well, which is a good trait to have when needing to stealthily track down and kill a target. He's also cold, which could eradicate the possibility of feeling guilty and flunking his mission due to emotional dispute.

Lumen Crusader

To be honest, he's the bodyguard. Since he's a knight-in-training and he wants to help and protect people, it makes sense??

He'd try his hardest lmao

Kiev aemcauley

They seem too lazy to be a hitman, but definitely egotistical enough to be the employ one. I say employer!

Michael Dohmalore

Can't see him really being a target, but at the same time I think he's too high-profile of a person to actually be a hitman.  I can't really tell if he'd have any moral issues with actually killing someone or hiring one himself, so that leaves Bodyguard!  Fits him anyways he's a big, powerful dude & seems like he's proud of that, maybe his reputation/looks would do half the job for him lmao

Mr. Heartley D0ZEoff

I wanna say, target?

If his kind are hunted so much, and if he's evaded death so much, I'm sure someone out there's got a bounty on his head! (not that he probably deserves it... probably some jerkwad who sent someone after him)

Ren Yawal

I'd say a bodyguard for Scolo, due to his strong moral compass and all around goodness. Besides, he seems more likely to put others wellbeing before his own so he's be positively ideal for the job, but let's hope this isn't another bad situation he'd be wriggling himself into. ((Also that centipede form would send people running~!))

Misha Misha

Employer for Ren, I'd say! They seem kinda passive, like they wouldn't want to personally get their hands dirty. Rather get someone else to do it, y'know?

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Sun would be the hitman, considering he was raised to be a killer and shows no emotion

 Mateo birbutt

I can't see her as the hitman, employer, or the target if she's a generally likeable person.
She'd have to be the bodyguard of the target, whether she's a friendo of theirs or hired as a bodyguard that's also supposed to look good standing by them.

Chelle Marx Meimorie

Because his profile says he leans more toward being mean & deceitful, I originally thought hitman. But it also says he's kind of sloppy, which wouldn't work for a hitman.. So, I'd have to say he's the employer.

Amlet ickei

From how she looks I would think she would be the employer, but after reading a little about her I would say that that wouldn't work for her because she's "warm" and doesn't like "being criticized about her life choices", but because she's loud and sarcastic I would think that she could offend someone somehow to make her a target.

Ryo Takahashi LilacAutoMatic

I'd say target? He is a model, and probably has a few strained relations...and he wouldn't really fit any others.