OC above you: bodyguard, hitman, employer, target?

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago (Edited 1 year, 9 months ago) by meatsleep

what it says on the tin: in an assassination situation, is the OC above you the bodyguard of the target, the employer of the hitman, the hitman, or the target? (bonus points if you explain your reasoning!)

Alexander Rose RustHeart

I think Angela would be the hitman.  With all their tools they could easily kill someone, especially since they have weapons to kill machines they could defiantly quickly kill a person.  Also with interchangeable parts they could put on disguises so they wouldn't get caught.  They may not actually like the job, but if their creator wanted them to I would think they would do it.

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Connor Hawk kittyee

I think Shiloh would most likely be the target. I definitely don't think he'd be hitman because he's described as being pretty weak and he doesn't seem to like hurting others since he uses a muzzle to stop himself from biting others. He doesn't seem like he'd be an employer pretty much for the same reason that I don't think he'd want to kill somebody. He doesn't seem strong enough to be a bodygaurd either. Because of his imperfections he might be targeted it says he was seen as impure by his parents. 

Crowley RadiantRaindragon

I think he would most likely be the target/victim. His personality makes it hard to believe that he'd try to get someone assassinated - considering he's a good fighter and not afraid to speak his mind, I think he'd be more likely to straight-up attack someone by himself than have them assassinated. He's probably more likely to become a target due to angering someone else.

I could also easily see him being the bodyguard, due to his fighting skills.

Leon O’Malley clownpillz

by listening to his backstory, definitely the hitman. considering he's also a thief, he'd probably sneakily assassinate them. 

Monroe RobotOcelot

I'm leaning more towards... target. Maybe someone wants to eliminate the competition.

Dragon Lord (Anarchy Rising Outfit) Gipsy_Danger

I will said, hitman. Monroe did gave me the vibe of a hitman.

Carrtier Jacobson Lonestarcelt

I'm going to go with hitman but one for sort of lower priority targets rather than high level diplomats or something. 

Diva teratris

In a between an employer of the hitman given his distaste for people in general so I imagine there's a few people he may have thought of getting rid of or with that in mind he could be a target because of the many people he has angered or upset with his personality. I'm leaning towards more target though.

Chrysira Rhion Pheus Wonderland

Diva strikes me as someone who is either a hitman, or someone who would rather not get their hands dirty so they'll HIRE a hitman for smaller jobs unless its person! (tho someones probably got a hit out for them for the power struggle ahah!)

Hahsgaijdjsb, I love it ! That’s so accurate omg :’>

mimiji miji fairytype

chrysira would be a pretty easy choice to be the hitman, but i like to imagine with her personality, she'd want something even greater. she could be not just an employer of a hitman, but the CEO of a whole organization of her own hand-raised super assassins. not to mention her unwavering nature would make it very easy to discipline her workers that went out of line, and would deter her workers from trying to target her as well.