OC above you: bodyguard, hitman, employer, target?

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what it says on the tin: in an assassination situation, is the OC above you the bodyguard of the target, the employer of the hitman, the hitman, or the target? (bonus points if you explain your reasoning!)

Nihil StarWatcher

Bodyguard. He doesn't seem like he'd want someone dead, but also wouldnt be the victim, he'd probably be able to hold his ground in a fight.

Resuir celestiials

I think Nihil would be the assassin, due to her likes section listing “human pain” and “gore;” her cold(? Not sure how to describe it) personality also makes me think of her position of the assassin. She also might be the employer if not the assassin herself.

Falche Graysong CloudedOtter

I can't help but feel that Resuir would be the target. :o The way he feels so strongly to the point of clinging to love, and his own potential to change, makes me feel like he may end up turning his back on authority for the sake of someone else. And since his authority right now is demonic, I feel like they would have little tolerance for defectors. 

Vardah Lasout Lonestarcelt

Falce strikes me as a bodyguard. Mostly because I can imagine that he'd be a bit protective of Siofra who herself I can imagine would be the primary target. Sort of a bodyguard by proxy.

♠RUSE FARCEAUR♠ haiiroko

I'd guess bodyguard or target, for target mainly because she gets into fights, so I'd imagine she might have some enemies, and bodyguard because I'd imagine she'd want to protect people. Either way, I just can't see her as the hitman or the employer, she has too many morals to kill people without hesitation,,, but I might be wrong,,, she's a beautifully detailed character and it's hard to put detailed, well-written character's into boxes,,,

Astrix NostalgiaNexus

I can see someone getting fed up with Ruse's excessive energy and cheeriness and putting a target on them, but it would also be very cool to see them put their lying to habits to work as a bodyguard. It would be less a physical guard situation and more of a "good luck getting past me to find out where your target is" situation, if that makes sense.

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Cella "Chance" De Vries Thanaturgist

Gang leader and dealer? I'd assume target, most likely. Seems the sort to have a ton of enemies.

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Damien Bancroft Viski

The employer, he seems like he might have a few people he'd want out of his way.

Professor Vincent Eidolon JaegerWolfTango

Target. No idea who'd wanna attack a seemingly innocent twelvie, but eh.

Yuma LunaBell

I feel like he's the employer. 

Akeem Jacobson Lonestarcelt

Bodyguard if just because Yuma already (sort of) protects people 

Leo ("Leonidas" Adult/Job AU) syskey

Target, I'd say. Since it tells that he's manipulative, deceptive and greedy I wouldn't be surprised if someone got fed up with what he's done or if he ended up harming a friend of theirs. (But it wouldn't be too surprising for him to be an employer either tbh)