The Character Below Me...

Posted 2 years, 22 days ago (Edited 2 years, 22 days ago) by Infenza

This is a simple game I've played on other sites and thought it might be fun to start it up here as an IC thing. It works like this:

Character 1: The character below me likes to eat fish.
Character 2: No way! I can't get past the smell... The character below me is a girl.
Character 3: Yep~ The character below me can swim.

and so on. :)

Please keep it PG13... no lewd assumptions.

Kaalaas Infenza

I'll start us off, I suppose...

The character below me is an atheist


"I'm actually a wiccan though some confuse me as otherwise."

"The character below me is afraid of heights."

Ayodelle Jess Palmer DoctorHypno

"hmhm~ A trapezist afraid of heights~? Well... I suppose when I first got my legs it was scary- Being up there-"

The character bellow me LOVES dolls

Louise bedbug

"i love dolls so much that i became one. well that's not really how it happened..."

the character below me loves flowers!

Tevyn Dohmalore

Damn bruh they sure do

The character below doesn't want to kill anybody

Solstice Infenza

...not anymore...

The character below me falls over a lot.

kounterkulture technovoidz

If he's sleep deprived, then yes, he will. Which is most of the time on "off" days.

The character below me loves sweets - especially things like jolly ranchers and lollipops.

Sadie (the Masked Bandit) Beed

"Truthfully... I have tried and enjoyed a taffy. Sweet cakes aren't filling enough to be worth the money, so I can't say I like 'em. ...But what in the hell is a jolly rancher? Hmm."

the character below knows how to tie a tie!

Dimitrius RedFireFreak

"Uh... I can tie a bow tie? Does that count for anything? I don't know how to tie and ACTUAL tie, though, and the bow tie's cute, so I'm not gonna bother learning how to tie and actual tie."

The character below has no idea how to tie their shoelaces!

Akhorai Infenza


The character below me likes to dance.

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sʜᴀɪᴛᴀɴ YUKAProject

"I love to dance!"

The character below me is from another world.

Stardust (Star) Sky DoctorHypno

Nope! I am from Earth..! Stuck on Earth. Forever...

The character below me is a morning person AND a cat person

Hypo MaplesHaiku

"I'm not a morning person... But I am a cat person."

The character below me loves drinking coffee.

Rinko Matsutake dogstarlite

"Umm, it's alright, I guess. I prefer energy drinks!"

The character below me has been in a school musical.