The Character Below Me...

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago (Edited 1 year, 6 months ago) by Infenza

This is a simple game I've played on other sites and thought it might be fun to start it up here as an IC thing. It works like this:

Character 1: The character below me likes to eat fish.
Character 2: No way! I can't get past the smell... The character below me is a girl.
Character 3: Yep~ The character below me can swim.

and so on. :)

Please keep it PG13... no lewd assumptions.

Boadicea SublimeLuxuria

Boadicea pushed their sleeves up, mouth in a menacing grimace that displayed their sharp teeth. "Now, who's been spreading around that I have a temper? I mean, really: me! I clearly do not have a temper! Whoever said that is just stupid."

The character below me would sell their soul for their greatest desire, if given the chance.

Kiyo Taira Rainbow000Pegasus

"I would rather not make deals with the deities or anyone of their kind," Kiyo said sternly. "They never end well."


The character below me thinks they are a disappointment

Olivier Bernard Judas-la-Carotte

"I'm pretty sure I'm, or, err, would be, a disappointment to my family... But also think that's undeserved."

"The character below me is looking forward to spring!"

Oxy Vickery

"Yeah! I look forward to everything... all the time! Change is good. All change. Any change. I... I prefer summer though."

"The character below me .. hates exercising?"

Alistair McLain AlleycatIrony

"Exercising sucks. I'm so weak the wind can blow me over if it tried hard enough. Though my shit diet probably contributes to that."


the character below is in university or has attended uni/college

Luka Joaquin autophagic

"Pfft, no. I dropped out in high school, but my teachers did tell me I should go. 'You just don't apply yourself,' they said. Maybe eventually..."


The character below desperately needs a nap

Nikolas ducclord

"Gods yes! I haven't had a proper sleep in ages dude"


The character below me hunts monsters

Lyam Finches

"well who else is going to bring them back to hell?" 


The character below me has the power to fly but no wings. 

Nvidia CorruptedFox

*Nvidia glitches up into the skies to show off the power to fly without wings*

The character below me is against killing

Lydia Rainbow000Pegasus

"I'm sorry, I'm an assassin, I can't do that," Lydia said with a smile.


The character below me no longer has connections with their biological / adoptive / etc. parents?