The Character Below Me...

Posted 2 years, 25 days ago (Edited 2 years, 25 days ago) by Infenza

This is a simple game I've played on other sites and thought it might be fun to start it up here as an IC thing. It works like this:

Character 1: The character below me likes to eat fish.
Character 2: No way! I can't get past the smell... The character below me is a girl.
Character 3: Yep~ The character below me can swim.

and so on. :)

Please keep it PG13... no lewd assumptions.

Sam Wasteland CreativeRed

This dumdum totally would.   He'd also eat it straight from the carton 

The character below  runs at a colder temperature than what is considered average

Cherry HeartlessSpade

Cherry stared blankly as she shrugged in response. And as flatly as her stare was she answered, "Sure..."

The OC below can't cook or is bad at it

Rafel Margaret

"Yeah... I tried... It didn't go well"  Rafel said while remembering that one time he almost burnt the forest down


The OC below will slap a ***** when needed

Vardah Lasout Lonestarcelt

While she tends to prefer talking to people to solve stuff she isn't above throwing hands if that's the only way to affect change


The character below me is deathly allergic to something

Dietrich Van Doren FairySugar

"Oh Im deathly Allergic Alright. Deathly Allergic to Bull****." He said with a smirk. 


"The character below me is extremely wealthy." 

Zagiha cosmic-cockatoo

So wealthy. Very money. Much snob. Wow.


The character below me likes death metal!

Jasper erubeculas

Jasper ponders that for a moment. Folding his arms across his chest, he shakes his head. "It's not for me. Too much going on."


The character below can only drink their coffee with milk and/or sugar! Black coffee who? 

Travis-King Minor AlleycatIrony

"Yeah. I love coffee but I also hate the bitter taste. I can't drink that shit without milk and a lot of sugar."


the character below wears expensive clothes

Taylor Made TenMomentsTill

"In my defense, my fathers made most of my clothes so I barely had to spend a thing to dress this nicely."


The character below me lies a lot

Roswell Butcher fizzelston

He snorted. "Ol' ween me? I would never," he lied.
the character below me is good in video games. 

Pyre RadiantRaindragon

'Ehh... I could be better, but I still play them anyway!'

The character below me plays a musical instrument.

Light edwardcilestia

"Several actually! Although singing has always been my forte, mind the pun."

the character below me has been in multiple relationships

Grandfather Milkman

"Hn. I guess you could say that I've been through a few. I've lived too long that I lost count." He rubbed his chin, trying to figure out whether a partner of his was a friend with benefits or he was actually been trying to commit to those. "No matter though. This time I'm settled in for good."

The character below me is well over 200 years old (or much older).

Corelane SapphireBatWings

"I've seen more than a thousand years."

The character below me is a lot younger than they look.