The Character Below Me...

Posted 3 months, 27 days ago (Edited 3 months, 27 days ago) by Infenza

This is a simple game I've played on other sites and thought it might be fun to start it up here as an IC thing. It works like this:

Character 1: The character below me likes to eat fish.
Character 2: No way! I can't get past the smell... The character below me is a girl.
Character 3: Yep~ The character below me can swim.

and so on. :)

Please keep it PG13... no lewd assumptions.

"I've been in a plane once, but that was only when I was little... Well,  littler. Mama says I cried for the whole time. I would like to do it again though!"

The character below me doesn't have any magical powers! 

I am, unfortunately, completely non-magical!

The character below me is a femboy!

"According to other people I do have a rather feminine appearance, but I wouldn't really self-identify as that"

The character below me is physically very strong 

"They don't call me 'Big and Bad' for nuthin' hun~" She begins to flex with much pride

The character below me focuses a lot on their beauty/fashion

" Honestly I just wear whatever smells the best from my bedroom floor, ahah.

The character below me is a big nerd with poor hygiene. "

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