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I have no idea how fast this thread will die considering majority of the people here are artists rather than writers, but it probably won't hurt trying!

The idea of this game are very simple: Post a line (or a few) from your writing project, whether it's a novel, short story or OC bio / background detailing! 
It can be something you're really proud of or something you simply like, or just want to share with other people! Feel free to also tell others a bit about the context if you feel like it

Rules & guidelines:

  • Keep them PG13 max! Let's keep this game something everyone can participate to and read without fear! 
  • Sensitive content should be either blacked out like this THIS or under spoiler. Again, make sure it's PG13 max!
  • No fanfiction lines unless they contain an original character of yours in the line(s) you post!
  • Don't double post. Double posting is allowed! Otherwise this thread will die lmao 
  • You're allowed to post longer chunks of text too, but keep it moderate and put it under spoiler tag so people don't need to scroll through all of it to reach the next post!
  • Feel free to post as IC if your story line is related to a character you have!
Also, here is a general thread for writers if you want to hang out with others or talk about your projects! And if you have anything to ask, feel free to ping or dm me! 

Written for a nano thing so the quality is kinda eehh but I like the concept 

As he got older, it only started getting more apparent to the point Leon could no longer consider them a figment of his imagination: these strange beings, sometimes shadows and lights, sometimes people, could do and even say things, and make things happen without Leon doing anything himself.

But he kept quiet. He endured, he adjusted.

And he knew: these things, whether he liked them or not, were real. And just as Leon could see them, these beings could see him.  

I wish there were more threads like this tbh I love writing so much.

These are some of the more comedic parts from a story I've been writing

Well, that was stupid.

Cole accidentally caused a fire.

He was making toast but forgot to check up on the toast, somehow the toaster caught on fire and now he was panicking.

He   was running around the kitchen trying to think of what to do. He   definitely wasn’t paying attention in SPHE and did they even do fire   safety in the school? Stop drop and roll? Was that just for clothes?   Cole did it anyway, dropping onto the tiles of the kitchen and rolling   about.

This wasn’t achieving anything.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

He then remembered what to do. He dialled the emergency service.

After explaining there was “a bit of a fire”, the fire brigade was dispatched. 

Then he called Gautam, who was in work.

Hi beta, what’s up?”


A variety of colourful Hindi swear words rang out from the phone before the line went dead.

That sucked.

Cole   continued to stop-drop-and-roll even when the firemen burst into the   house. The firemen looked upon the sixteen year old rolling about on  the  ground probably crying and talking to himself while putting out the   fire.

They had probably seen worse things in their life.

And this is a not so happy part, trigger warning for  self harm implications. I'm not romanticizing it don't worry

“Why are you doing it if it makes you feel less sad but it hurts?” Snake asked.

“I don’t know…” his brother said, sighing.

Snake went quiet.

“So,” he said after a moment. “If it makes sad people feel less sad, then should all sad people do it?”


“If I did it, would stop feeling sad?”

No! Don’t you dare-“

“Oh, but…” Snake looked up at him again. “Then why do you do it?”

Here's some dialogue from one of my stories. I kinda like to keep things light in my stories when it's appropriate, so here's a few silly moments. None of these actually have sensitive content, but I just don't want this post to be too long. 

 “Well, I can try to explain everything, but you probably wouldn’t believe me anyways,” The stranger said. He stopped, and waited for Dallas. “I’ll start with this though. My name is Andor Nordmark. Now you have a name to give to the police, just in case.” 

 “Who the hell said anything about the police?” 

 “You did,” Andor said, “Well, you didn’t exactly say it. But you were thinking it.” 

 Dallas narrowed his eyes. “Wait, how did you know that?” 

 “Well you’re not denying it for one thing,” Andor pointed out, “And I have really cool telepathic abilities, for another thing. The fact that you heard your friend calling for help back there tells me that you have them too.” 

 “You expect me to believe that?” 

 “No,” Andor said, “Didn’t I say just a few minutes ago that you wouldn’t?”

 Dallas frowned. “Yeah, you did say that.” 

“Are we… allowed to be here?” 

 “Well, it’s not really breaking and entering if you have a key, right,” Andor replied confidently.

  Dallas sighed. “Well, that’s a relief.” 

 “No,” Andor said, “I was asking you.”

 And possibly my favourite:

"Ara?" Dallas repeated, "What kind of a name is that?"

"You've got an awful lot of nerve asking that, considering that your name is Dallas."