Write a Pokedex Entry for the Character Above

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As the title infers, you will write a Pokedex Entry for the Character above yours.
Pokedex Entries range from 1-3 sentences usually, so keep it short.
Please don't just create a random entry with no real reference to the character.
Your character does not need to be pokemon related, this is just for fun. c:

"When an (Character name) becomes hungry, they let everyone know by wailing loudly."
"(Character name) is rumored to have lived for thousands of years. Just seeing them for yourself is said to give good luck"

Hope I did it right .w.

"Ashki is a Solitude Pokemon that lives near the volcanoes, hence the ash coloration. He tends to avoid interacting with people. When thought to be alone, Ashki is seen talking to inanimate objects, giving them names and personalities."

"Nicolas Loupohl is a half-incubi pokemon. Its special ability is Attraction and it often enjoys the attention it draws. Despite this, it is very hermit-like once out of the limelight, often delving into another world, known to many as anime. It can often be found daydreaming about waifus and the life they could have together if only they were in the same Universe."

Zalimeow (Wrote two dex entries)
"When threatened, Neganon would tuck his limbs and head into the robe it wears, disguising himself as a discarded potato sack."

"Neganon is oblivious to the wide grin is displays when delighted, scaring away many humans and animals alike despite being quite friendly."

(Feel free to do any of my characters that are not in the XWonderlocke, Sale/Trade/Free or ReDesign Folder)


"Cello, the Hug Bug Pokémon, loves to flutter (or at least try, it is very chunky) up to other creatures and follow them around until it receives affection. Fortunately for the little critter, it is very fluffy and round, so other creatures are often charmed by its appearance and give it the desired hugs. One could say Cello is a love bug."


"Poindexter, the Rapier Knight Pokemon, loves to help other creatures in need as much as it loves the attention it receives by doing so. While it can be perceived as overbearing or clumsy occasionally, this Pokemon's efforts allow him the potential to be very brave and powerful."

"Mocha, the Caffeinated Pokemon. This Pokemon is very optimistic, and does their best to keep their fellow Pokemon happy. When others seem to be sad, they give small cakes, which seemingly come from thin air. This Pokemon is generally kept in pairs, as they are happiest around friends. This Pokemon has been known to create strange portals, beginner trainers are advised to not attempt contact with this Pokemon."

ToyhouseDex #726 -- Dollie
Cooking Pokemon    Steel/Fairy
Ht    5'00
Wt    135 lbs

Dollie uses sharp blades that the Pokemon has developed since they were young to hurt and feast on other Pokemon. Wild Dollies tend to wander to new Trainers with the intent of being caught, and will continue to trail a Trainer upwards until a month before giving up and finding someone new. On occasion it can be seen eating cooked Pokemon meat, although no one has seen how Dollies obtain such morsels.

Raphael, the hesitant pokemon. While fully capable of fighting, and extremely dangerous if provoked, this pokemon goes out of its way to avoid conflict. The main it achieves this is by separating and isolating itself from others of its kind viewing that as the most logical way to avoid being pulled into petty strife and conflict."