How Well Known are You on TH?

Posted 2 months, 18 days ago (Edited 2 months, 18 days ago) by Bugdaze

Yes, I stole got inspired by somebody else on another site *Cough* CS *Cough* I don't know if something like this exists yet, if it does, I'll close this.

So this game is kinda self-explanatory. You rate the person above you from 0 (Who are you) to 10 (You must be God because I quite literally see you everywhere)  For example:
First Person: I've seen you around. 5/10
Next Person: I don't know you. 0/10

Here are the rules:

• This thread is not made for chatting. If you want to chat, do it via PM.
• Don't double post
• No fighting
• No advertising for stuff like trades, commissions, or sales.
• Anybody who breaks the rules will be warned via PM.
• You're banned if you break the rules three times.

You can start off with me! I just joined a couple months ago, not really expecting that high of a rating.

I'll say 5/10! I know you're new, but I've still seen you posting a lot, especially in the forum game section! I'm sure I'll see you more in the future, too~

9/10 i personally see you a lot mainly becaused im subbed, but i know you host a LOT of important threads and games

2/10 I'm actually really surprised I haven't really seen you around? We probably inhabit different spaces on the forums   I recognize some of your characters from forum games though & have faved now two at least 

I'd say a solid 8/10! You're highly involved in the game forums I've been in, and I could recognize your characters anywhere! You have a really signature style and theme.

5/10 Have seen you some times  but not that often ;/

3/10 i know for a fact i've seen you at least once or twice as some of your characters look familiar but not more than that

8/10 id say! i definitely see you around like... daily

to below my name used to be 'max' here if that affects it!

0/10, i don't think i recognize you but to be fair im not terribly active in the forums on here so i don't recognize anyone hahaha

0/10 Sorry I guess I just don't run into you enough Q_Q

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9/10 i like, really recognize you LOL. even when your icon was a pixel of one of your characters!!
i didn't do a 10/10 because i'm not entirely sure if i've seen you in the same places on the forums, or allllllll over the place. :o

baahahahahahaah bloop!!! and here i was trying to cut back recently.....!   

9/10, i swear the forum games section is like your Territory lmao

0/10, I don't think I've seen you before?

(I recognise your art though, maybe I've seen you in the forum games IC without realising :'D )

3/10~ I I've only seen you around a bit <3 Nice to meet you though :) 

(Lmao I'm not active on TH regularly so I'm interested to see if anyone knows me)


I've never seen you around either :O I think that's because I stick to design threads~

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