The Banning Game

Posted 2 months, 10 days ago (Edited 1 month, 26 days ago) by buhu

it's easy! just find a reason to ban the person above you. as a joke. of course. you can use literally any reason. 

also ping them


xxx: you're banned for having a sparkledog oc XD

xxx: well your banned for saying XD

xxx: Banned because your grammar is wrong.


- nothing racist or sexist etc. or anything generally that might be offensive, you should have expected that.

-yo try not to edit your posts

You're banned for making the banning game. (unoriginal unoriginality)

Youre banned for banning B)

Sir-Prince banned because thats an unoriginal ban, despite this thread is unoriginal


am i doing it right? lmao

A pokemon character gif? Banned.

kirakiraprince banned because cilan is a perfectly acceptable pokemon character

buhu banned for having a Tattletail character.

Kitten-The-Rat banned because i love him and he deserves the world. you just dont see how great he is

buhu i ban you because this game was so popular on another forum site i go on that it went on for like 25 parts and the game itself eventually got banned by the staff

banned bc you have a parappa anime icon and not a parappa game icon

Banned for Leisure Suit Larry on a Kids Website on the Internet

Banned for having art that is way too cute

Banned for talking about RPing on your profile and reminding me that I've left someone hanging for a while. Whoops.

banned for leaving that said person hanging on a rp

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