Find an Aesthetic Image for the OC above

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Find an Aesthetic Image for the OC Above

How to Play
  1. Claim a post (If you'd like you can list a vague preference: I.e. Food based aesthetic)
  2. Look at the OC's profile, images and the listed preferences (If applicable)
  3. Go to Google Images or Pintrest or another site to find an aesthetic image
  4. Edit your post and link it here <3 
  1. Please be respectful of players and their OCs. Hate towards OCs will not be tolerated.
  2. As long as you don't claim for yourself, it's fair game, but try not to spam the same character more than once in a row within a short period of time~!
  3. Hateful / Rude / ignorant posts will be auto-banned (Homophobia, transphobia, Sexism, etc.)
  4. PLEASE be careful when posting an image focusing on difficult / serious parts of a character (example: my OC has bipolar, so images calling her a 'yandere' or 'crazy' will be autobanned)
  5. Please do not post sensitive images directly on the thread. They can be posted via link with a bolded warning beforehand. (Sensitive topics include blood/gore, medical related things, alcohol / drugs, adult language etc.)
  6. Try to keep drama to a minimum
  7. This is mainly a way to help others build mood boards <3
  8. Please do not over specify. Please keep specifications general (i.e. "Food", "Space", "Flowers" etc.)

Let's say I post my OC Kei!


His element is fire, and he's a vampire / demon so you would find something like this:


Ban List

None! Let's keep it that way please!

Update #1:

Please remember to warn about any sensitive content when posting images-- that includes things like alcohol, needles, medical items, drugs, weaponry, adult language, death, injury and violence. Starting from now, if you don't give a warning, you will get a warning and repeated offenses will be banned. (Ofc some lenience if it's a genuine mistake )

This isn't a joke or just a suggestion. This is a rule of the thread. 

I personally cannot look at pictures of alcohol-- Please be respectful of other people when posting images. Obviously, all images must be PG-13 AT MOST.

claim~ edit: i lov them omg



Here ya go!! Biscuit_Whale




Boop here ya go!



firebw.jpgLinks to images since for some reason people keep saying they can't see it.