I want to see a TH user who...

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago (Edited 10 months, 11 days ago) by ElithianFox

Similar to the I want to see a character who thread, except this one's about Toyhou.se users! This thread can be interesting to find other users with similar interests and discover new people in our small community.

Some topics you can ask for:

▶︎ OC related: I want to see a user with over 400 characters; I want to see a user who collects demon OCs; I want to see a user who writes very detailed character profiles.

▶︎ General interests and hobbies: I want to see a user who likes aliens; I want to see a user who spends a lot of time combing through random Wikipedia articles; I want to see a user who is a polyglot.

▶︎ Fandom interests: I want to see a user who's a hardcore gamer; I want to see a user who's an anime fan; I want to see a user who watches all of their shows in one long sitting.

▶︎ Art related: I want to see a user who draws traditionally; I want to see a user who isn't an artist and who just likes to collect OCs; I want to see a user who draws for a living.

▶︎ Miscellaneous: I want to see a user who's Swedish; I want to see a user who works with animals; I want to see a user who owns more than five pets.

I suggest trying to keep topics fun and lighthearted; asking for someone who experienced a certain trauma or someone who hates a particular thing others may like would be out of place. Also, feel free to talk a little about the topic you claimed! Tell us about those alien mythos you like most, show off some of your artwork, post a picture of your pets, as long as it's relevant to the prompt you responded to I'd love to see it all! <:

Should 12 hours go by, you can change the topic. You can say your relationship with the previous prompt ("I always wanted to buy a puppy but never got to it :(") but stating your dislike for the above user or their prompt is uncalled for. If you dislike the previous prompt, please don't draw attention to it and just move on with the next prompt. Failure to this rule can lead to a warning and in the worst case, a ban from the game.

To keep this thread separated from the character thread, please do refrain from being too specific about character-related ones! "I want to see a user who owns a character who's a mermaid" is more fitting for the other thread than this one.

If no one has responded to a claim after 12 hours, feel free to post a new request!

To kick off this thread: I want to see a user who's currently in college!


oh yess, love me some of them supernaturals <3

I want to see a user who really likes teeth and fangs in a character :B


Me! I really love seeing fangs on most characters, especially cute ones.

I want to see a user who uses a phone to access Toyhouse! (As in, a mobile user!)


I do! It's a hassle but when ya wanna write info on a chara you gotta do what ya gotta do

I wanna see a user who makes dresses!


18 hours passed, sorry eue

The only dresses I ever create are outfit designs for my characters to wear lol, I can't sew that much eue

Btw seems like I'm getting too many of those prompts that passed 12 hours lol

Time for a new prompt: I want to see a TH user who rarely or never watches TV! (Netflix included lol)

If six hours pass, anyone who prefers to read or listen music over watching TV is accepted ~


I pretty much never watch TV, although sometimes I'll watch clips/highlights of TV shows I do like on Youtube. I used to watch a lot of TV as a kid, but I guess it just doesn't interest me anymore.

I want to see a user who likes Doctor Who.


I love Doctor Who! David Tennant's my favorite, and I was lucky enough to get to meet him at a comic con last year   Loving the newest Doctor a lot, too!

How about someone who likes Pokemon?


Hell yes!! Bulbasaur, Gengar and Dialga are my bois <33

Someone who has a ‘weird’ habit they do a lot? 


I often double check the toilet seat before i sit on it (I don't even know why I do this but I just do?)

I want to see someone who collects dolls!


Over 12 hours passed, sorry.

I want to see a user who likes thunder/lightning storms! (I love them. Unfortunately we don't get many storms here.)


I love thunderstorms too! It's rare where I am since we tend to miss the brunt of any incoming bad weather. I do like to chase them when I'm able to and I have been on a 3 hour storm chase before now, 3 storm systems ended up combining to one big lightning storm. It was awesome and went on for quiet a while. Also seen waterspouts and a dramatic shelf cloud from a supercell coming in at work before now which was pretty rad!

I'd like to see another user interested in meteorology or strange weather phenomenon? It fascinates me but seems to be an uncommon interest!