I want to see a TH user who...

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Similar to the I want to see a character who thread, except this one's about Toyhou.se users! This thread can be interesting to find other users with similar interests and discover new people in our small community.

Some topics you can ask for:

▶︎ OC related: I want to see a user with over 400 characters; I want to see a user who collects demon OCs; I want to see a user who writes very detailed character profiles.

▶︎ General interests and hobbies: I want to see a user who likes aliens; I want to see a user who spends a lot of time combing through random Wikipedia articles; I want to see a user who is a polyglot.

▶︎ Fandom interests: I want to see a user who's a hardcore gamer; I want to see a user who's an anime fan; I want to see a user who watches all of their shows in one long sitting.

▶︎ Art related: I want to see a user who draws traditionally; I want to see a user who isn't an artist and who just likes to collect OCs; I want to see a user who draws for a living.

▶︎ Miscellaneous: I want to see a user who's Swedish; I want to see a user who works with animals; I want to see a user who owns more than five pets.

I suggest trying to keep topics fun and lighthearted; asking for someone who experienced a certain trauma or someone who hates a particular thing others may like would be out of place. Also, feel free to talk a little about the topic you claimed! Tell us about those alien mythos you like most, show off some of your artwork, post a picture of your pets, as long as it's relevant to the prompt you responded to I'd love to see it all! <:

Should 12 hours go by, you can change the topic. You can say your relationship with the previous prompt ("I always wanted to buy a puppy but never got to it :(") but stating your dislike for the above user or their prompt is uncalled for. If you dislike the previous prompt, please don't draw attention to it and just move on with the next prompt. Failure to this rule can lead to a warning and in the worst case, a ban from the game.

To keep this thread separated from the character thread, please do refrain from being too specific about character-related ones! "I want to see a user who owns a character who's a mermaid" is more fitting for the other thread than this one.

If no one has responded to a claim after 12 hours, feel free to post a new request!

To kick off this thread: I want to see a user who's currently in college!


yup, i do! i have a lot of merch of sora harukawa c: not enough to make a full shrine or itabag, though, since i dont go to cons or purchase online often

i'd like to see a user who's going to celebrate easter!


I am! I’m going to church in the morning (singing in the church’s choir), and I’m probably gonna have a chill day afterwards

(I might go hunting for eggs haha)

I’d like to see a user who also doesn’t like camping! (Extra points if you explain why!)


Used to like it a lot but thanks to a lot of family discourse and tension the idea of going and being stuck with family sucks

I want to see a th user who likes pie


I really like apple pie.

I want to the a th user who has a service animal! 


it's been well over 12 hours - i don't have one, it's smthn i'd like to have but i don't feel i'd qualify for one even tho u can get service dogs that are good for constant anxiety/panic attacks


show me a user who had a good easter! (or if u don't celebrate it, just a good day!)


I did! Me, my mum and sister always do an easter egg hunt in the garden (even though our garden is small and really overgrown and it's kinda hard to hide eggs there... at least if you ever want to see them again).

And now I have a lot of chocolate... which, knowing me, is going to be gone in two days.

I want to see a user who likes dark/plain chocolate.


I like dark chocolate! but I can't really handle more than 60% though ;u;

I want to see a user who love roller coasters~


That would be me~ I fell in love with them when I was about 11. I can remember being 8 and after riding one where I was so terrified that I was crying, I refused to ride anymore at the amusement park my family was at. Flash forward three years and after being so reluctant to ride them, I finally got on one and that was it. I had the best time, and from then on would ride every one. The bigger and faster the coaster, the better. I need that rush!

I want to see a user that is excited for Endgame this week. If six hours pass, any user that is looking forward to a movie/tv show~


I am so very excited about Endgame, Marvel movies are some of the best!!!!!!!!!


I want to see a user that has been to another country other than their homeland. ^-^


I have! I have been to England and I come from Scotland :) ( it still counts )


I want to see a user who has More than 3 siblings :) ( half ones count), if 6 hours pass, any user with 3 or less


I have 4! 2 sisters and 2 brothers!


I want to see a user who's an only child!