Gift an OC to the Person Above You:Humanoid Random

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Original Thread: Gift a character to the person above you (RANDOM)
Alternate Threads:  Gift a Character to the Person above you | Gift a character (Stricter Thread Remake) | Gift an OC to the Person Above You: Furry Edition!
This game works similarly to the original, except without the forms.

Please be sure to read the new rules! 

If you end up with a character you don't want and don't know what to do with, feel free to send it to Gachapon

I'm making this because I am tired of getting low quality, bucket colored, cheap animal base designs from the other random c:

Alright, it's come to my attention that I need to teach you all the difference between an anthro character and a humanoid character.
TYPICALLY, a humanoid character doesn't have furry skin, animal legs/feet, or an animal nose. 

I've been lenient for a bit about getting so many anthro characters, but please.. this is a humanoid forum game. If you're unsure PM me.


  • Humanoids only, if you're unsure if your character classifies, please feel free to PM me. 
  • Forms are not allowed on this thread. If a user would like to send you a character you might like, they may look at your existing characters to see what you like.
  • Characters in this thread must come with a full body reference. Do not put characters in that only have a head reference or half-body reference.
  • Wait until 2 Posts before posting again.
  • Do not create Drama on this thread. If someone gives you a character you don't like, just send it back in. If they break a rule, please notify me rather than attacking them head-on.
  • Never Sell or Trade the character your receive unless the creator allows it.
  • Do not expect to get exactly what you want from this thread. These characters are being given for free. This is also RANDOM.
  • Do not give a NSFW or Gorey character to someone who said no to these options. This is the only thing you can add to your reply, please do so.
  • Failing to follow these rules will result in a Warning. If you fail to follow another rule, you will be blacklisted. If you wish to get off of the blacklist, PM me.
  • Do not post and immediately hide it. I see users doing this to get free characters and this will not be tolerated. If this becomes a pattern, you'll be blacklisted
  • You have a 3-day time limit to send a character over. If you do not, you may be blacklisted until the character has been sent.
  • PM me personally if you have an issue with someone, don't bring drama to the site!
  • You may NOT cancel a transfer without sending another.
  • Do not send a character that you just made on a generator. If they are made from a generator, they are required to have at least one extra art piece.
  • Do not write a full list of what you like and dislike. This is completely random!
  • Please look in the transfer log to see if the user has already received the character you are gifting. Do not send a user a character they have been gifted before.
  • Have fun~! c:
  • Writing then hiding a post, just to move the thread along will get you banned from the game. 
  • IF YOU GET CAUGHT hiding a post, you will be banned without a warning. 
  • You may NOT send a character that is just a thumbnail image. 
  • You may not ask for a character back once it has been gifted, that's rude and not the point of the game :P 
  • Character must have at least one colored reference! 
  • please try to only bump the thread once per day.
  • Wait until 3 posts before posting again. Slow down cupcakes <3
  • Do not send hastily made MSPaint quality characters. anyone who does so from here on out will be asked to send a new character. failure to do so will result in a ban. No warnings.
  • You may NOT sell or trade a gifted character! 
  • Do not make/use an alternate account to get around being banned/blacklisted. 

Once again, please mention whether you accept NSFW or GORE characters! (Do NOT mention your preference on anything else unless necessary!)
The First Person to post will receive the first character and will not be required to give one since no one posted before them.

Anyone here is not to participate in this thread. They are not to be harassed. If they post, ignore them and send a character to the person above them.
Please follow the thread rules. I know I talk a lot but it really isnt that hard.
I reserve the right to blacklist you if I see if you do not follow thread rules, especially if thread rules are broken repeatedly. The reason for your blacklisting will be stated beside your name. If you want off the blacklist, talk to me. (passive aggressiveness and rudeness will not be tolerated and will insure that you STAY on the blacklist )

Kurubai - Next deleted post will get you banned: x
Plvnt - Next time, I won't remove you from blacklist x: 
ChemmyBlu read the rules <3 
PastelBunnyLover Read the rule

@FluffDogger (sending a character they had previously owned) 
@Keistew (Canceling character transfer) 
@Yellowvine (Sending a character that had been previously owned)
Mofojuju (canceling character transfer)
@TyrianGlitch TyrianCallows  + all related accounts  (Trying to send a character against the "no gore" comment then never sending an appropriate one + Failing to send a character) 
AgustTrades  Do not send hastily made mspaint quality characters. anyone who does so from here on out will be asked to send a new character.
@DeadAndRisen , Failed to send a character. 
@KEiSD Failed to send a character
KillerMakaChop Canceling character transfer 
@NicAndMorty (Failure to send a character within the allotted time) 
@KingxShin (RESALE/PROFIT of characters obtained from this thread)
@ErreD Failed to send a character
KarkatStoleMyHands -Deleted post + retracted transfer 
dootlelovescha Failed to send a character  
First Comment gets a free character! Let's get this rolling ♥


Claim! Both ok!

Sending from Runningwind


Claim, no gore/no nsfw

Thank youu ♥