I made one for abilities, so time for a moveset.

MOVES MASTERLIST FOR YOU TO CHOOSE FROM. It's ordered in index number!


You tell the OC above about which moves fit them, and the person below will tell which fit them!

Rules are always the same:

  • Don't be a dicc and respect. 'Nuff said.
  • Signature moves are also allowed! (e.g. OC above is a pumpkin, so it gets Gourgeist's Trick-or-Treat)
  • Wait for 3 people before you could post again, unless 24 hours has passed and you can post regardless of the limits.
  • This is strictly only for Pokémon moves. No moves outside the Pokémon franchise.
  • You must put four moves, no more or less!
  • OPTIONAL: You can state if you prefer an all-out attack moveset or a supporting one, just whatever you prefer!
Darling “Fawn” Mon-Cheri

Dragon claw: I think this move would be fitting for Ezra because of his arm that is covered in dragon scales! His hand in that arm appears to have claws that look like they could scratch at their opponent and cause some damage!

Iron tail: Since Ezra’s tail is rather large and looks rather hefty I think this move would represent it well as an attack!!

Dragon Breath: Since Ezra is part dragon I thought this would fit him rather well!!

Endure: I thought this would represent how well Ezra seems to be able to handle things (I hope this makes sense!)

I hope this is ok! If I need to change anything please let me know and I’ll try and fix it ASAP!!

Taiva Halla SkywardtheDragon

Double Team: Darling and Mimic would constantly switch places, acting as a distraction and keeping an opponent from telling where they are.

Recover: Represents her ability to regrow her own limbs.

Bite: Should be self-explanatory

Thief: Because she’s an Urchin, and steals stuff.

Gild SnowySnowyPhoenix

First off, 100% a Water/Poison! 

Aqua Tail: While Taiva has fangs, I imagine that the size of her tail means that's a method of attack too, most likely as an opening when on the hunt. Because of Taiva's charm, it would, therefore, make sense that such a move would hold priority due to an element of surprise.

Charm: This is relatively self-explanatory when looking through the bio. Deceptive appearance, so Taiva would use her cute looks to lower defenses as an alternative so something like Aqua Tail if the opponent is bulkier.

Poison Fang: This is for finishing blows, as Taiva is poisonous after all! The move can poison the opponent, which will help out if the battle is prolonged.

Surf: Also relatively self-explanatory when looking through the bio. Taiva can summon large waves, which is the jist of Surf. I imagine she'd use it on the hunt against something like a school of fish.

Alexandra grookey

Mirror Coat- since Gild’s scales and coat would fall off in lava, I think that mirror coat would be handy in a pokemon battle, if that makes any sense!

Taunt- since Gild is a bit of a mischievous prankster, I think they would use taunt on enemies in battle, which would fit their mischievous nature?

Last Resort- since Gild isn’t much of a hostile creature, if they were at very low HP, I think they would use last resort as well, a last resort if nothing else, to defend themself!

Gunk Shot- Gild looks like a poison type, so I think for an offensive move, they’d use gunk shot, or a poison move of the sort! they’d also probably want to poison their opponents to get out of battle quickly too

Polaroid JUICEB0X

Glare: I was imagining it similar to how in some anime, character's with glasses tend to have them glow or "fog up" when the character is being serious. It was the first thing that came to mine.

Bide: You mention how her body is weak but she perceives. A Pokemon who bides holds on and hits back harder.

Destiny Bond: This may seem dark, but between her almost dying and her father's death--maybe they both take the foe down together.

Iron Defense: Her arm and spine are made of metal after all.

Also, this is such a niche moveset. Full support!