Your OC is forced to marry the OC above!

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EDIT: PLEASE ONLY BUMP THE THREAD EVERY 2 HOURS PER PERSON! Also, refrain from posting characters under 18!

I've thought of this weird idea after listening to some love songs and even wedding songs. This is probably the forum game we never needed, but I'll still post it for the heck of some giggles. So, how the heck does this work?

This is like Persona Q's Group Date Cafe dungeon, except it's completely random.

As you entered the place you were supposed to enter, you encounter something else. You are surrounded by sculptures of angels and adornments of white ribbons and bows with roses at the middle. The warm sunshine pierced through the colorful stained glass, emitting kaleidoscopic reflections. As you look up, you see the sacred illustrations at the ceiling.

You're confused. Tried to move, you noticed something off... Your clothes... Instead of what you last wore, your clothes changed to that of a bride/groom's due to some unknown phenomena. As you look straight to the altar, someone is waiting for you.

In short, you're getting married prior your notice.

Now I've explain what the heck's going on, let's proceed with the rules:

  • Your character must be above 18 years old.
  • Unless 24 hours have passed, you can only post every after 3 posts.
  • Please have at least 3 sentences in your reply. Although this is a crack roleplay thread, please be literate and legible with your replies.
  • Claim a post when you have a rad idea for a reply.
  • Please tell if you want your OC's sexuality to be respected. Though since this is a crack thread, I don't really mind for myself, surprise me.
  • Please, make your bio readable to logged in users, at least. If you were to post a locked character, you will be skipped without your notice.
  • Remember, this is just a crack thread and this is an AU, and this will never be canon. OCs who are taken can also take part, if you don't mind the cursed NTR.
  • Though if you really want to marry the OC above you, might as well ask the user about it before actually marrying them.
  • Rules can be changed anytime.

How does this work?

It's hard to explain it with words and I can't type as much since my back hurts, but let's do it like this. Don't imitate my examples, though.

  • 1st guy
  • 2nd guy: "Y-You've got to be kidding me. There's no way I'll marry someone as sacrilegious as you! In fact, I am already married! Well why would you...?!"
  • 3rd guy: "W-Why am I marrying this guy?! I mean, we're both guys and I only like pretty girls! He reeks, too!"
  • and so on...
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@Tak0yama "A fellow ghost, huh? And a totally cute girl at that! I'm not one for marriage, since I wanna sample all the hot babes afterlife has to offer, but I wouldn't mind smooching Belladonna if she'd be up for it." *wink wink wonk wonk*

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