The OC Above is Too...

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago (Edited 1 month, 20 days ago) by Orca

How this works: Post IC and state what the OC above is too much of/does too much/has too much of. This can be based on looks, personality, etc.


Person A (the OP): Let's start this off with Character A!

Person B (IC as Character B): Character A is too tall.

Person C (IC as Character C): Character B is too pastel.

Person D (IC as Character D): Character C is too rambunctious.


  • Please put effort into your responses. There's technically no sentence minimum, but please no two-word responses.
  • Your response should not be NSFW, offensive, or hurtful to real people. Let's confine the emotional pain to our characters.
  • Wait until three other people have posted before you post again, unless it's been 24 hours. In that case, only one other person must have posted.

You get the point, right? So let's start for real with Dr. Fire!

Raphael Motherbeast

"I'm tempted to say you're too impulsive. Though that's not to imply its a bad thing." Raphael folded his arms together in thought. He didn't want to hurt the dragon's feelings by saying something out of line. "You have a keen head on your shoulders to look out for others, but sometimes it might be too much for a situation to jump in and change things. Do you understand what I mean? Perhaps being the calm instead of being the storm would help you in the long run!"