The OC Above is Too...

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How this works: Post IC and state what the OC above is too much of/does too much. This can be based on looks, personality, etc. Anything is fine as long as it isn't hurtful, offensive, or unsuitable for minors.


Person A (the OP): Let's start this off with Character A!

Person B (IC as Character B): Character A is too tall.

Person C (IC as Character C): Character B is too pastel.

Person D (IC as Character D): Character C is too rambunctious.

You get the point, right? So let's start for real with Dr. Fire!

♔ Cherche ♔ kiiboo

"Well your hair is too red for it to be natural? If you were in a crowd of people with only natural hair, you'd stick out like a highlighter.."

Salvador Wapenburg fizzelston

"You're too.. too.." he frowned. He akwardly rubbed his hands together, before cleaning his throat. "plantsless. Sir. You're.. Too pantsless."

Munin haiiroko

"Sir... pardon me for saying this... but eh... you're too short. You're... what, 4'11??"

(dont listen to munin sal,,, theyre like 11'11 so they cant judge theyre taLL)

Weenus (Arche Borkowski) _exxus_

"I do not even know where to begin with you- it's hard to even get a good look at you with how tall you are!! But aside from that... You are too... Monochrome. Maybe a makeover could help you look less... Err, nevermind. Do you want to go to a goodwill, perhaps find a new outfit thats a bit more... colorful..?"

PC (Pollux) StrawberryLunala

"You're too tall! Even considering I'm tiny compared to a normal human."

Dmitri issakidnamedFlo

Dmitri smiles his serene, detached smile as he kneels to look Pollux directly in his defiant face.

“So honorable, little one. In fact, it’s almost... too honorable. The defender of those you love. You’re so small, yet you fight with everything you have. Admirable. Annoying.

(I love Pollux though! Fight on, little one. Fight on.)

(Ah, thank you!!)

Sekran Alcmene zentatta

Sekran looks the undead over cautiously, not daring to lower his gaze or show any sign of submission. "You're too wasteful.  Like most of your kind.. Reaping the the best of the flock will leave you with nothing."

(Dmitri seems like a very interesting character! I love the story you have going  ^^)

(LOL I'm glad you like him <3)

⭐ M E R C Y ⭐ Checkers

"Ya seem a bit too impatient, for a wolf... Thought you'd be more suited to waiting, right?"

(ok but can I steal that dude I need)

Jake Hill clownpillz

"Too intimidating... I'm sure you don't mean it though! I bet you're a cool guy!"

Terry Lovejoy PicklePantry

"Ah, I remember you," Terry murmured as he stirred his coffee. How could he forget that blue hair? "Jake. Too innocent back in the fourth grade, and still too innocent in high school, I see." He paused to drink his coffee, savoring the flavor as well as the energy slowly flowing through his veins. He glanced at Jake. "You've got the eyes of someone with a broken heart," he chuckled then motioned towards the coffee pot at the end of his classroom. "Well, welcome to adulthood. Grab some coffee and pull up a seat. I can't help you with your homework, but I can at least teach you how to drown the pain away with caffeine."

Creme Nanamimo-Kun

"Your food choices are too boring! hot chocolate is obviously better than coffee! it's so much more delicious and sweet! hmph!"

Harahel Judas-la-Carotte

"You're too categorical. One can like coffee and hot chocolate equally. Living off sweets only isn't a good thing, either." 

Trishelle Maxius iLyrica

"You're too damned grumpy. Given, I'm not one to talk with how abrasive I can be, but would it kill you to smile once in a while?"