Favourite artwork from the person above

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The rules of this game are pretty simple, just look through the art of the person above, pick the one that is your favourite and write a bit about why you like it. Whether it's the colours, the composition or just the feel of it, anything works. But remember this isn't a criticism thread so make sure what you are saying is nice. 

If you have most of your art on a different site (e.g Instagram or DeviantArt) feel free to include a link to your account. Instagram doesn't allow you to insert an image's address so simply linking to it is fine if you are claiming for someone

If the person above you doesn't include a link you should be able to see their art in their toyhouse gallery. 


since there is no one above me I'll just pick my favourite


I spent a lot of time on this painting and I think the colours turned out nice

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Ohh this is a super cute idea for a thread!

FellowPigeon This is my favorite of yours for obvious reasons lmao:


But your painting is really soft and lovely, and I admire the hedge texture! Nice work. c:

EDIT: oops 2slow. @freeroses I really like the colors of this character and the character design! It's a nice combination c:

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heeeey I like this one. The colors are crazy and uhh I like dinosaurs reptile stuff :D. The lighting is pretty cool, reminds me of a style I really wanted when I was like 10 and was never good enough to get so now I'm stuck with the line tool and a mouse haha

sorry I didn't insert it here, uhh, go to the link lonk 

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I really like the way you did the shading on this one, plus the character design and colors are all just great! This one would have to be a close second, though- the pose, expression, and aura really work to give the character that creepy vibe! 

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I really like these two pieces! this one because i love the expression and the spooky eyeballs under the tie OwO


And this one; because of how raw and alive it feels

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Good thread OP

Rondonu There is a lot of good content there but sadly picking all of them is not possible haha 

I was personally really drawn to this piece though because of how intense and dynamic it is! The angle of the face and especially the way the character looks up with a confrontational expression are really powerful somehow, and the limited palette of gray scale colours combined with the bright purple of the eyes and the glow around them is very eye catching and eloquent as a technique! Also the purple spark in the other eye is a nice addition, I love it! You also have a really good sense of facial proportions and there is nothing that comes across as awkward or odd to me, and I admire that a lot because I tend to have great trouble with this one myself!

Shout out to this piece as well because three characters + a scenery is a LOT of work and I really admire the effort put into it!

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Drfinitely this. The first thing that stands out is that the background is GORGEOUS. It's so minimalist, but so soft and elegant at the same time. The snowflakes have a similar effect, and the faded white effect finishes the look. Wi-uk also looks really good. The lines are very clean, the anatomy looks great, the pose has a lot of energy to it, and the shading looks very natural. Overall a great art piece.

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I think my favourite of your stuff is this person. The neck is a bit too thick but I like the yellow-and-purple color scheme, and how the eyes pop up. Reminds me of Order of the Stick somewhat. :)

I've got a bunch of stuff that's not on Toyhouse on dA and also a bunch of stuff that's not on dA on Toyhouse.


i wuv this image,,,,, im,, high key Weak for body horror,,,, 



htespagheti i really like this one!


it's super cute :D the colours are rly bold and work well together too!

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