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The rules of this game are pretty simple, just look through the art of the person above, pick the one that is your favourite and write a bit about why you like it. Whether it's the colours, the composition or just the feel of it, anything works. But remember this isn't a criticism thread so make sure what you are saying is nice. 

If you have most of your art on a different site (e.g Instagram or DeviantArt) feel free to include a link to your account. Instagram doesn't allow you to insert an image's address so simply linking to it is fine if you are claiming for someone

If the person above you doesn't include a link you should be able to see their art in their toyhouse gallery. 


11988515_BmZnrcIxapUUBDn.pngI found this drawing specially cute. In the first place, I love that paper texture you've given to some of your latest drawings! And that added to the background's and the pattern in the back gives it kind of an artesan/handcraft feel, like if it was a photo made with papercuts ;w;

It just melts my heart aaa-

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this 1 is rlly simple but rlly cool?? i like the red details on the hand and hair(?) and the background is totally hella i luv bright colors lmao. the black silhouette rlly stands out on the bright ass yellow bg but it still doesnt draw away from the red details. also the words are still legible without being distracting. overall this is rad as hell and you pulled it off rlly well and its coolbad_apple_by_telescopic909_dcyatxy-pre.j



yo i dig this one because the items they're holding is so??? cool?? this is some master weapon right here man

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This one has to be my favourite! I love absolutely everything about this artwork I swear FGASJD The anatomy is so well done, and I love how beautiful and detailed the coloring is??  I admire a lot how you were able to paint water so nicely too! I have no patience while drawing, so, as someone who never puts attention to little details, at amazes me how you put attention and took care of everything, as little as it seems!


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oh my GOD I love this artstyle!


This is my favorite! Im weak for pretty boys in high contrast backgrunds, i dont know how to word it LOL! but i love it


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Firstly, your "Clown Vomit" drawing has me SHOOK. How is it possible to make a character with bright, neon colours that's so pleasing to look at?? The use of colours is so strong in this drawing and it's powerful. I also appreciated your other drawing "The Blood Moon" for the absolutely pleasing colours! I love the colour combo used in this one, and it's so beautiful! :D Lastly, your older drawing "Mortis, the Star Cluster Celestial" Is sooooo cool! I like how the lineart is golden, and once more, how well you use colour! I think in general, you have a full understanding on colour and it shows.


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First of all, I really enjoy the style you use for your character references!! You instantly get a great sense of what the character is about from their poses and expressions, and I liked looking through their different outfits! Seeing how the characters would dress tells you a lot about who they are.

This one stood out to me the most: I love Madera's pose and face here; she looks like a woman I wouldn't want to mess with. The lines are very clean and crisp, and her colors complement each other well. It's very good character design: I could picture her in an animated series.


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