Favourite artwork from the person above

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 5 months, 23 days ago) by FellowPigeon

The rules of this game are pretty simple, just look through the art of the person above, pick the one that is your favourite and write a bit about why you like it. Whether it's the colours, the composition or just the feel of it, anything works. But remember this isn't a criticism thread so make sure what you are saying is nice. 

If you have most of your art on a different site (e.g Instagram or DeviantArt) feel free to include a link to your account. Instagram doesn't allow you to insert an image's address so simply linking to it is fine if you are claiming for someone

If the person above you doesn't include a link you should be able to see their art in their toyhouse gallery. 


For me it's gotta be this piece! the choice of background works really well thematically and colour-wise with the character, and i love how the glow of the moon and the stars are reflected in how you rendered the character's markings on their wings. the pose + expression is nice and serene which really brings the atmosphere of the picture home, and the centred composition is really simplistically striking in my opinion :~) 


my art tab here has the widest + most updated selection of my work i think, but here's my dA as well!


this one !!!!!!! i think noel is my fave character of yours anyway, but ughhh this is SO. so sweet ; _;
everything about this piece just looks Soft from the lines to the color choice..
i love how you draw body hair and freckles, too. your style is just a delight to look at honestly !!


my art tab's probably the best selection n _n


I like this one! I love the characters expression; even though there's no face and only one eye, she's very expressive! I really like how it comes across!


My art is best found on my dA!


i quite like this a lot!!! im a sucker for underwater backgrounds (though i feel like its bcuz i live on an island and im used to the water but-) !!! the composition is really nice with the character right in the center it leaves your eyes to travel all around it after!! not to mention the colors just work really nice together. but once again, im also a sucker for blues and pinks haha

and i know its a commission, but the characters are quite cute too ^^


its best to look at my art here on DA

BHFKDJS Seafoam-Cities i use that picture when im livestreaming spoilery stuff for my webcomic haha but im glad you relate!!


this is beautiful. i relate to it on a spiritual level.



This one. I think the head looks really cute C: I also adore the style how the eyes are drawn.