Favourite artwork from the person above

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The rules of this game are pretty simple, just look through the art of the person above, pick the one that is your favourite and write a bit about why you like it. Whether it's the colours, the composition or just the feel of it, anything works. But remember this isn't a criticism thread so make sure what you are saying is nice. 

If you have most of your art on a different site (e.g Instagram or DeviantArt) feel free to include a link to your account. Instagram doesn't allow you to insert an image's address so simply linking to it is fine if you are claiming for someone

If the person above you doesn't include a link you should be able to see their art in their toyhouse gallery. 


This one! I was drawn to the effects used. They stand out a lot and look very pretty. I also like the detail of the effects on the clothes and hair. Speaking of detail, I like how the fire effect thingy is circled around the character and placed with thought. I also love your stye! It’s cute and easy to spot in a crowd. Sadly I am not all that familiar with Fire Emblem but the character looks pretty! The pose you drew her in is pretty cute too :3 





OK the lineless style on this I way to cute! I love the whole 70's vibe. The simplicity is another great thing. :) 




Fell in love at first sight with this one! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz2wWGLjrJG/ The color choice and combination are so lovely! 

My art should be here: https://twitter.com/hidamaripastel or https://hidamarirecord.tumblr.com/ !


14830053_hc3k0PhigFhpdgY.pngThis one is soooo cute!! The pose and the background combined is just maximum adorableness. I also love how you did the eyes; simple but layered.

I don't have a lot of art up yet, but feel free to look through my DA! https://www.deviantart.com/ruery/gallery/



I really like the pastel blues and pinks. This particular colour combination creates a calm atmosphere.I also like the soft and smooth lineart for this piece that goes perfectly with this drawing.


Feel free to look through my art tab here on TH.


Ooh, it’s this one! 15065554_qIDodz17C.png?1562426078

I love how you managed to make the whole piece eye-catching, and as if it came from a movie! I love that the attention (for me) is brought to the adult’s snippet of blue eyes and white antlers.I don’t personally know who or what the bird-like creature is, but I’m getting good and bad vibes from it, like it’s a creature yet known- that brings a mysterious allure to the piece! I also noticed that on closer inspection, this seems to be a pixel-paint drawing, as I call them. That means that it was a painting, but if you look closely there’s some details that are pixelated, which I personally adore!



This one is really cute! Her expression is adorable. I really like how you did the eyes and hair, it's great! They look shiny hehe ^ ^. The colours used are nice. It gives a very cooling calming effect. Now that this pic is big, I can see some subtle blush on her face. It adds to the cuteness! I also like how smooth the lines are :0



aww thank you! ;w;


ik it says in the description that u don't like this one v much, i rly do! i think it's super cute and the action in it caught my eye immediately :3 having a dog run off can be p stressful, so i guess i can feel the character's emotions toward the matter - they look p worried
the dog is just excited to run by the looks lmao :"3 it's a good piece haha
i also love the colours used - they're quite pleasing to the eye and the characters' palettes work rly well together!



my TH gallery is a mess atm, so pls look @ my DA!


Big fan of this piece. The composition is great,I love how the wings frame the character and how the colours of the background guides your eye to the characters face. The soft glow in the eyes and the shading values are really good. 



hi fizz ! i remember seeing your work in an art discord server and being really intrigued by your neat shapes & painterly coloring style !! i picked ^ that one because i just love the feel of it !! the eyes stood out to me the most, but the shape of the hair is also really unique and fun to me hehe : D limited palettes can be tricky to work with, but you have a great grasp on values and i think you handle them really, really well !



Firstly, you have no idea how badly I want your art. It fits an aesthetic I literally cannot see anywhere else and it's so perfect, I legitimately love your style so much. I'd pay hundreds if I had the money for it.
That being said, this one is definitely one of my favorites. Not only because I'm a sucker for cyberpunk-like designs but I love how non-straining the neon is. There are a lot of designs where the neon is too much but it's so perfect here.
This one is another favorite too, mainly because I go nuts for compositions that include religious themes