Opposite characters!

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I thought this would be fun-- like the Similar OCs game, this is the opposite!

Look at the character above you, and post IC as a character who is their opposite! Maybe the character above is outgoing, and yours is shy; they're a tiny fairy and yours is a hulking brute; they're a succubus and yours is an angel; they love pineapple pizza and yours thinks it's an abomination-- have fun with whatever differences you can find!


  • It's fine to post characters who have no description (and let the person below compare only by appearance), but try to pick a character you think someone can find something to respond to.
  • It's ok to do comparisons like "Bob is male and Jenny is female" or "Spirit is a wolf and Craig is a human," but try to add in more comparisons than just those, if you can!
  • You can post as little as one simple comparison, but it's fun if you can think of several, or if you can think of something a little in-depth (comparing personalities or backstories, etc.)!
  • Let at least two people post before going again. Try to vary the OCs you post, if you can.
  • Be nice and have fun!   

I'll start with this guy. How is your OC unlike him?

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Light Patriarty

ooooh sounds fun!

Light's shy and hates loud noises!

Lachlan Au Yeung AlleycatIrony

laklyn's really outgoing, extroverted and is always working in really loud raves - he's also famous!


Grace is introverted and prefers to be away from the noise.

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Ryn Aarix

Ryn didn't exactly have a comfortable upbringing, and he has little interest in academia!

Evaan Felicty BroodingBungalow

Evaan can't cook to save his life. He also has an obnoxiously high pitched voice + likes having nothing to do because he's lazy as heck.

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Higgy Nardin bulgariansumo

Higgy is considered a great cook, has a deep voice, and tends to be strict about spending his time efficiently.

Cornelius colorful

He prefers his real name over his strange ice cream nickname, he smiles and lies a lot that even his whole form (and smile) is a big lie.

(am i doing this right OOOOH)

Cedric Raddishes

Doesn't use his real name, rarely smiles but is very honest about his feelings. Also just a regular human, haha.

 eikyrona Hanae

He's not human and smiles all the time. He may smile a lot but there are times when he pretends to be happy to hide his feelings. Mostly to not worry any of his friends. Additionally, he loves to make friends and tends to ask them lots of personal questions to get to know them better. 

Monster ethanol

Monster does not want to be anyone's friend.  He's not insecure or cheerful or even particularly reckless.  He's just a giant, angry demon creature who desires nothing but to punish the wayward souls that are his charge.  Also, while he can visit the human realm like Auriel can, he never does.  There's no point to him as it's just a waste of precious soul-torturing time.

Drakie Polymorphus

Frightening monster? Yes! Hates people? Absolutly not. While Drakie is a wendigo and does have to eat people on occasion (otherwise he gets , you know... Hangry,) he hates it, and when he's not out hunting he can be found volunteering in the schools and helping little old ladies across the road!

Jubil Avarilen SymeSynth

Well, for one, Jubil does not eat people, and most definitely not by force, nor is he a monstrous being. He's simply a well-known zoologist.

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