Opposite characters!

Posted 11 months, 16 days ago (Edited 2 months, 26 days ago) by Izzy hedgemaze

I thought this would be fun-- like the Similar OCs game, this is the opposite!

Look at the character above you, and post IC as a character who is their opposite! Maybe the character above is outgoing, and yours is shy; they're a tiny fairy and yours is a hulking brute; they're a succubus and yours is an angel; they love pineapple pizza and yours thinks it's an abomination-- have fun with whatever differences you can find!


  • It's fine to post characters who have no description (and let the person below compare only by appearance), but try to pick a character you think someone can find something to respond to.
  • It's ok to do comparisons like "Bob is male and Jenny is female" or "Spirit is a wolf and Craig is a human," but try to add in more comparisons than just those, if you can!
  • You can post as little as one simple comparison, but it's fun if you can think of several, or if you can think of something a little in-depth (comparing personalities or backstories, etc.)!
  • Let at least two people post before going again. Try to vary the OCs you post, if you can.
  • Be nice and have fun!   

I'll start with this guy. How is your OC unlike him?

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Chesria Waltz

Doc is charming but rather unsettling and intimidating, whereas Chesria may as well be a fluffy ball of sunshine, and has never frightened anyone in his life!

ASTROBOT hedgemaze

Chesria is a small, frail, blind golem who is cheerful, friendly, and joking; he has a meister, he works with books, and his design is natural and warm in tone. 

ASTROBOT is a huge, powerful robot who takes himself too seriously and lasers anyone who ticks him off; he's also very independent, and serves no one; he works in sports, and his design is all metal and primary colors, mostly blue.

Matthew Dove kittyee

ASTROBOT is very strong and confident and egotisical wheras Matthew is weak and very anxious and not at all confident.

also ASTROBOT has a really colorful design whereas Matthew is just black and white

Prince Wormwood bogonvogon

Matthew is shy, awkward, anxious, and intelligent, while Wormwood is outgoing, charismatic, overconfident, and (frankly) a total idiot. Their attitudes towards discomfort or their feelings are opposites as well: Matthew doesn't like to advocate for himself or open up, while Wormwood is intent on getting what he wants.

Billy SiannieG36

I see Prince Wormwood Likes sweets , drawing and Garden . Billy Hates all these things . He would rather eat flowers then plant them , He draws like a toddler and Sweets YUCK

Shen Goldenqilin

Well, Billy dislikes sweet things, but Shen likes them (Fruits in particular). Billy has a stocky build while Shen is very slim. Also, Billy is rather young compared to Shen.

SiLk Marclyn

Shen is ancient and wise and speaks very little. SiLk is naive, young and a huge talker, quite the "chatty creature". Shen is all about the nature and organics. SiLk is about the tech and specs. Shen speaks of politics gives advice. SiLk ignores politics and rules and laughs at people's misfortune. Shen is reserved and SiLk is not ashamed to express his feelings very openly. Shen is powerful and almighty. SiLk is very weak. Shen is special, SiLk is just your regular run of the mill human. I think they share almost everything opposite! HAHA, the only thing similar is that their names starts with an "S".

Salvador Wapenburg fizzelston

SiLK is a good smooth talker who's funny and charismatic, while Sal has no charisma. SiLK is good with tech, a real-life hackerman, while Sal lives in a world, where electricity is just a thing. Also SiLK is a long noodle and Sal is a small macaroni