Opposite characters!

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I thought this would be fun-- like the Similar OCs game, this is the opposite!

Look at the character above you, and post IC as a character who is their opposite! Maybe the character above is outgoing, and yours is shy; they're a tiny fairy and yours is a hulking brute; they're a succubus and yours is an angel; they love pineapple pizza and yours thinks it's an abomination-- have fun with whatever differences you can find!


  • It's fine to post characters who have no description (and let the person below compare only by appearance), but try to pick a character you think someone can find something to respond to.
  • It's ok to do comparisons like "Bob is male and Jenny is female" or "Spirit is a wolf and Craig is a human," but try to add in more comparisons than just those, if you can!
  • You can post as little as one simple comparison, but it's fun if you can think of several, or if you can think of something a little in-depth (comparing personalities or backstories, etc.)!
  • Let at least two people post before going again. Try to vary the OCs you post, if you can.
  • Be nice and have fun!   

I'll start with this guy. How is your OC unlike him?

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Vossen (Ice!Vossen AU) Mashter-Potato

Ice!Vossen keeps quiet, reserved and to herself, whereas Kaleido is loud and obnoxious. His colours also change frequently, but that's a given. Similarly, Ice!Vossen likely has a much colder body temperature.


Svetlana is a short woman who prefers the heat. She is also not asexual and much more extroverted and social than Ice!Vossen. Her primary colour scheme is red and gem-like vs Vossen's white ice. 

Kaisley unikels

kaisley is an animal who would rather be in snow and is asexual !!

Toon hnai

Toon is a pokemon and doesn't even have a gender

Or do they? No one knows

They also live in Alola, the hottest region in the pokemon worlds, and they love the sun and hot climates!

And to add, they don't have a family or age at all c:

Finch Finches

Finch is an anthro fox who lived in modern America. They live in a mountain area where it snows and summers are not super hot. 

Duck Raddishes

Finches likes being alone while Duck loves being around other people!

Ward Everett Lufuu

Duck's got a strong sense of justice and loves people, on the other hand Ward's morally gray for the most part (literally a thief for a while) and would love to be left alone forever.

Augustus von Langenstein Guardy

Ward's in a polyamorous relationship, Gus is asexual and has never even had a relationship

Leocadia Muse SublimeLuxuria

Augustus is a harmless vampire who's afraid of blood, while Leocadia is a vampire who consumes way more than average and is viewed as dangerous. 

Asher kittyee

Leocadia is an introverted loner who isn't good at expressing his feelings and is considered dangerous, Asher is a social and open extrovert who'd probably struggle to seem dangerous to a mouse


Asher wants people to be happy and cares deeply for them, whereas Damien couldn't care less. Asher is always putting others first and Damien can't think about how others feel. Asher is a Sweet Bean tm and Damien is a mean grump stupid pants.

Brynna Rice MxMartyBellvue

While Damien has difficulty with empathy and “can be classified as cruel and uncaring”, Brynna is wildly hyperempathetic and is always thinking of people’s (and often, inanimate objects)’s feelings.

Herutaz Guardy

Brynna is (presumably) human, while Herutaz is Not.

Alternately, a mostly dark color palette for Brynna, mostly light colors for Herutaz. 

Sirius Historia

Unlike Herutaz, Sirius is an angel, and has blue hair. He is also mischievous, while Herutaz is friendly.