Your favorite design by the person above!

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I thought about how there are games to pick your favorite characters or art from the person above, but not one for designs specifically!

Like those other games, for this you'll go to the profile of the person who posts above you, but click on their "Designs" tab INSTEAD and pick your favorite-- based ONLY on the character's visual design, not their profile or personality. For this game, it's fine to pick designs that the person created but don't currently own. Then talk about what you like about the design!


  • Claim first to make sure you don't get sniped.
  • Make sure you click the person above's Designs tab and NOT their Characters tab, and check to make sure they actually designed the character you want to praise. The idea of this game is to compliment the person above's design skills, not their taste in characters. There are other games for that!
  • Please write a decent explanation of why you like the design! "Because I like the color blue" isn't a good enough comment. You want to make the person feel good about their design! What about it did you like?
  • All comments should be positive and complimentary. Unsolicited critique and passive-aggressive comments are not allowed here. If you would like to participate in critique of characters and character designs, two threads for that are here: 
  • There is no specific post limit, but let a few people go before posting again.
  • You can bump the thread as often as you like; I don't mind.
  • Be nice and have fun!   

Have fun guys! The first person can just claim and get a free response.

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Emerson quickly caught my eye! I'm really into like, glitched-out, things-that-shouldn't-be, demonic kinda vibes and they really hit that on the head, even in just their icon. This pic was what really sold me, though. It's creepy and cool and eye-searing and that's my jam.


Goodness, you have so many wonderful designs, it was difficult to pick just one favorite! Would it be a little silly to say Sianas?

I enjoy the calm, gentle aquas used in her palette, and the applications of that darker tone in places such as her limbs and part of her ears and tail looks very nice, flowing naturally and cohesively with the design. Admittedly, I am a bit of a sucker for celestial themes in designs, so I was drawn to her when I saw the stars on her head, but having a full look at her, I find the motif to have been applied quite exquisitely. I particularly enjoy the subtle, lovingly detailed cloud patterns, the places where they meet the white and yellow stars just "click" very nicely in my mind.

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crustysplinter very soft. i love the little tail : ). the colours are very pleasing


probably this unnamed character! they r very pretty and i love their colors, the soft blue plus the blonde just works so well together! the clothing is also very nicely designed and is really beautiful !! they give me really soft, but highly sophisticated like vibes (maybe im wrong lmao).



I think my favorite is Oyama ^^ I like the difference between his aloof face, and the cute shirt he wears <3 It's a simple design, but it works very well, and all the elements work together nicely. His design seems to show some of his character, which is great. 

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I absolutely love the design for Jessabelle and Athena! She's just so wonderfully designed in such a subtle way that she's beautiful beyond how I could explain, I love the markings on her face too ^^

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Bonnie is absolutely adorable tbh?? the greens blend together really nicely, and the design is pretty yet not so complicated that it'd be hell to draw!! also, that flower?? absolutely makes everything... not sure if this was your intent, but it also gives off earthy/nature vibes that complement well with Amieah's design. (I'm also not sure if the characters are meant to be related though, so feel free to correct me if they're not lol-)

crustysplinter adorable! i've always loved snivy and this is such an adorable take on it? she just radiates such good vibes, i love her

Daruby has the design I really adore! Everything from pastel palette to the clothes and coral parts on top of his hair :"") He seems like a really interesting character over all, and I hope that he will get some kind of a bio in the future!

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aAAAAA THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! THAT WAS SO FUN TO READ OMFG... spider dad would approve

I have so much more motivation to rework his bio and make more art of him, thank you again!! ;u;


I LOVE Carly! Her design looks so fun and quirky! I also love the colors(anything with pink is an instant fav). I also love Sprinkles! IDK! THESE DESIGNS I WOULD LOVE TO DRAW! THEY LOOK SO FUN! I love the stars in sprinkles hair. I also love his bio. It just made me laugh reading it lol. That was a nice touch. 

Then there's RUBY! I love urban ocs and character with snapbacks is also another instant fav. I love his colors. The red expresses his design thoroughly and reading his profile, I love seeing the correlation with the design and the description.

And even though the title is "Worlds", I laugh at the Squidward image.


Y'know, maybe this is a weird choice but I'm a big fan of Grimm here! She's only got the two colors but she's still a striking design! I'd admit I have a soft spot over designs that use a lot of black in them. I especially love the multiple eyes, which is a favorite design trope of mine. I like her lil dress and how it contrasts with her general "spooky" look.


ohggh i love orion!! the design reminds me of gothic vibes.... the color combos goes well with each other!! 


You have a lot of really creative designs, but the one that stood out to me is Azul! I really like the simplicity of their design, combined with the fantasy-esque outfit they have. Their colours are of neat dark shades, though not too dark, and the dark blue combined with the blacks, greys, and golds blend well together. I also like the hair, like it's nice and straight, but not too messy. Lastly, the monocle is a great touch, and it fits really well with the rest of their design.

crustysplinter i love the idea that he's inspired by RPG archetypes (and the fact that his name is just "Prince")

his design is also adorable! reminds of of the Little Prince