Describe the art style above!

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[Edit 2/26/19 to make the rules a bit more clear!]

As the title says simply describe the art style of the person posting before you! Feel free to describe what you like about it, if it reminds you of anything in particular and anything in particular you notice in terms of technique and style! This game is meant to be fun not critical, unless the user asks please do not make negative comments or try to critic their work.
If you are looking for critiques on your art or you would like to critique someone else's art there is a thread for that here!

Here's an example-

Person 2: [response to person 1] Here are examples of my art: Link

Person 3: Wow, person 2 your art is super unique however it also reminds me of _____. It's very western and I can tell you take a lot of inspiration from tv shows such as _____ or techniques from ______. Your go to color are also very saturated, you use a lot of ___ which is super rad! Here are examples of my art: Link


  • You must respond with atleast more then one sentence or two short sentences something like. "You're art is cute!" or "You're art is cute! I like it!" breaks the rules of this thread. You are here to describe not comment. 
  • Do not critique the art style above and try to stay away from negative comments such as "Your anatomy is  a bit strange" or "I would work on shading". That's also not the point of this thread!
  • Please warn the user below if your art gallery has nsfw or gore art in it. Even if it's censored that something you should warn people of!
  • If you see any problems in this thread please pm me! I sometimes miss things so it really helps out a lot!
  • If you need help thinking of ways to describe their art style feel free to compare it to other styles you've seen (big name cartoons, artists, or other people on the Internet works just fine), if you notice any common themes (color usage, subjects) feel free to mention them or general academic terms you can tell they use (hatching, stippling, 3-d models, triangulation, etc etc)!

Reminds me of cartoon-ish style with some semi-realism sparkled on it! You use a lot of darker de-saturated (muted) colors! Kind of reminds me also of Tim Burtons style in some way!

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Reminds me pastel gore just because you use alot of pastel colors AAAH but overall its a really cute and 'girly'(?) style..
I like that you have that pastel color trend going on, I dont see that really often tbh, so its actually kinda hard to say haha

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You've got thick and sketchy lines with bold, yet pleasant colors. The backgrounds are generally simple, as well. Simple as in minimal detail, since this goes for your more elaborate backgrounds, as well. Heavily reminds me of the Gorillaz art style.



It seems like a mouse-art style-- A more beginning type. It seems very cartoonish and simple. It's nice!

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i think your style is pretty neat! though i can see areas to improve on (like all artists) you seem to have a good foundation down :3 my favourite thing about your art is your colour choices and when you do shading it looks very sleek and cool ^_^

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Your style is really cute! I like the mix of anime and western influence. The anime eyes super super cute☆☆ your designs are all a ton of fun too! That mixed with your nice colour pallets really make your art pop I diG it☆

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Your art style uses a lot of soft and wavy lines, both for body shapes and for hair, and I see you have an affinity for warmer colors. You also draw in a rather lineless-esque way (just colors and shapes, no definite lineart), which is pretty hard to do so I gotta compliment you for that. :> I can also say you have a more cartoon style than anime style. But it's pretty nice to look at! :D

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You use a lot of long, smooth lines in your art style. It really creates a flowing look in the pieces! You use a lot of bolder colors, and it really makes the characters stand out as their own. In contrast, the decoTOONS pieces you do have that cartoony style to them that reminds me of the old Disney style, but with your own style spun in. The pieces are really clean and draw my eyes across each individual piece. I really like your style! ^^

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Your color pallets are what really stand out in your art style! They're very muted and it seems like you often go to natural or pastel pallets which look SUPER GOOD with the fact that they tend to be muted colors. I can tell that you really divulge into aesthetic things from the few full scenic pieces you have, at the same time memes are a pretty big part of your art gallery which is awesome! In general your art tends to be more geometric, even your sketchier pieces tend to be littered with straight, absolute lines. It's very nice!!

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Your art is really good! It looks like you tend to go on the more realistic side but I can see you stray away from it (on purpose it feels like, and when you do it definitely feels appropriate for whatever it is you're drawing). The colors seem a bit more muted which definitely goes along with the realistic part. I'm not really active in looking at other peoples art so I don't have anything to compare your art to, (sorry), but I will say I do like it a lot! 

You can find my art on my DA that I never use or on toyhouse, but I recommend you see both since I don't really update either one equally (so one may have more art than the other).

Thank you! And yeah you figured it out, I do use a mouse and my hands are pretty shaky when I try to do things slowly so I use line tool a lot (I'm trying to break away from using it though!!) Paradogi heads are usually that blocky shape so I need to start drawing other things to get used to not using line tool :> thank you again for describing my art style honestly you really helped me figure out the things I gotta improve on now!


I've noticed that your art style is really blocky? You really enjoy using basic shapes, especially rectangles. I'm getting the feeling that you're using a mouse but are very familiar and comfortable with it! This one looks surprisingly smooth and you wouldn't notice right away that the lineart was done with a mouse. You seem to favour dark colours mixed with very bright ones as accents. This makes the characters look like they're from some sort of sci-fi/urban setting which is something I really dig. 

Lastly, I love your expressions! They're incredibly lively and you just know their personalities by just looking at the artwork. There are a lot of people who are struggling with it end up falling in the uncanny valley. You should be incredibly proud of this talent, haha. It's harder than you think!

Here's my TH art tag! Just a warning, some may be outdated and it's kind of a mess in general.


I love your style! You are amazing at creating genuine and real facial expressions (real as in they don't look forced or awkward in any way) (Also, love the silly ones too aaa everything is just so pleasing to look at) !
Additionally, your fullbody and halfbody poses are very alive too; similar to the facial expressions, they do not look awkward in any way !!
Your use of color is very welcoming as well, vibrant and S O L I D. Everything that is colored looks whole and is very pleasing to look at <3 

Lastly, I really enjoy seeing your variation of facial shapes ;v; / A lot of times it is hard to find an artist who draws more than one jawline/nose/eyes/ect, so this is very refreshing to see ;v; !! It also makes each and every character you draw look unique <3 

Here is an example of my art: deviantArt / Toyhouse


There are lots of fantasy elements in your art style; I see a lot of fantastical designs and backgrounds! Your colouring is clean and crisp, with lots of vivid and bright colours! 

Some of your works are cell shaded while others have a painterly feel, so I think there's a lot of variety. You also have a diverse range of art, from full illustrations and character designs to headshots and chibis! 


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I notice your lines are cery wavy? Like the lineart tou do isnt super clean so everything has a very rough unpolished loo but it works with the variaions in line weight. Another thing is your coloring style reminds me of like oldschool oilpaints. Its refreshing, brings a sort of dresmlike quality to everything. The colors seem to blend amd mix naturally which helps add to your line quality.

I think it’s cool

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Your art style is /super/ dynamic! Al your pieces got this "flow" and "vibe" going on that i cannot lay my finger on. But its awesome!
You really use the color blue and purples well and find the good balance between the two 👌.
Also, you like curvy girls with dramatic arm poses and I can admire that tbh. The anatomy is on point and the way you draw the arms make your pieces so dynamic/fluid! Its really good 👌👌
But the thing I love the most is the way that you draw hair! Its just as dynamic and fluid as all your pieces but has that extra(Tm)

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