Describe the art style above!

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As the title says simply describe the art style of the person posting before you! Feel free to describe what you like about it, if it reminds you of anything in particular and anything in particular you notice in terms of technique and style! This game is meant to be fun not critical, unless the user asks please do not make negative comments or try to critic their work.
If you are looking for critiques on your art or you would like to critique someone else's art there is a thread for that here!

Here's an example-

Person 2: [response to person 1] Here are examples of my art: Link

Person 3: Wow, person 2 your art is super unique however it also reminds me of _____. It's very western and I can tell you take a lot of inspiration from tv shows such as _____ or techniques from ______. Your go to color are also very saturated, you use a lot of ___ which is super rad! Here are examples of my art: Link


  • You must respond with atleast more then one sentence or two short sentences something like. "You're art is cute!" or "You're art is cute! I like it!" breaks the rules of this thread. You are here to describe not comment. 
  • Do not critique the art style above and try to stay away from negative comments such as "Your anatomy is  a bit strange" or "I would work on shading". That's also not the point of this thread!
  • Please warn the user below if your art gallery has nsfw or gore art in it. Even if it's censored that something you should warn people of!
  • If you see any problems in this thread please pm me! I sometimes miss things so it really helps out a lot!
  • If you need help thinking of ways to describe their art style feel free to compare it to other styles you've seen (big name cartoons, artists, or other people on the Internet works just fine), if you notice any common themes (color usage, subjects) feel free to mention them or general academic terms you can tell they use (hatching, stippling, 3-d models, triangulation, etc etc)!
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Please skip me and write a reply for ducclord on the previous page! Their art is awesome and deserves some comments :0



Your art gives me a really toony vibe to it, and it reminds me of something that could come from a comic book or graphic novel! The shading makes your work pop out, and the colors you use are really abstract. In addition, your lineless works give off a cute and quirky feel to it, and the way you draw chibis are simple but really clean. Your style also feels super dynamic, and the background choices you use makes your artwork pop!

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I really like your art because I love your cartoony style that can be super cute or portray a serious theme! I like how you use color to set a mood in your pieces with a complete background and tbh im just a big fan of your art. I also really like that you use crumbled up paper as your background in some of your drawings, its a small detail that I think really makes it stand out

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CosmicJellie Your style is very soft looking, and I think it has a lot to do with how you color it! All your color schemes are colorful but on the more gentler side in tone, usually in lighter, slightly grayish tones I actually tend to use a lot myself too, and personally I find them very easy for the eyes! They still have a strong contrast against your white backgrounds but in a way the white background seems part of the image rather than "oh I was just lazy" in a way that usually becomes very ill-fitting and unfinished looking, but yours I think really benefit from the white bg! Your line size seems to be pretty even, with the exception of usually hair and nose details where the brush shows thinner lines as well. 

In addition, the textures you use in some of your art imo really compliment them! Especially in pieces that aren't necessarily shaded the textures really delightfully bring depth into them ;v;/ 

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Your style gives me vintage anime vibes! I'd say theres some 80s anime/shojo influence to how you draw faces- but I find that the way you draw hair is distinct to you! you don't draw particularly voluminous hair and instead tend to stick closer to the head with a softer, more wispy look. I think your general compositions represent this too, theres lots of florals, soft tones and a romantic, vintage feel! You tend to lean towards really simple shading if you do any at all with the exception of a few more scenic pieces! Even in those the shading shapes are simple and sharp, it gives your are a very clean feeling! I'd almost call framing characters with florals or even literal frames a trademark of your art and something I see in a lot of your pieces! The frames always give a little hint at the characters personalities which is fun too!! 

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first of all, i lovr your coloring a LOAD. the lineart is precise and smooth. its easy to look at your art - everything is clear and it sort of guides viewers' eyes to where should they look. i certainly can see anime influence. although ypur art is very cute, anatomy isnt any weaker becuase of it. and the colors ohmysysydh

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Olsomm first of all, I love your art style so much holy shit!! it's super cool and very unique :D!! i also adore the way you color, everything looks so nice, clean and professional! even your art that's a little more sketchy is still amazing! (I love sketchy styles ^^) keep up the amazing work and great job! 

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You use a lot of bright and vibrant colours. There is some definite influence by both the Gorillaz and 90's/ early 2000's anime in the way that you draw people. This feels especially prevalent when you look at their faces and manner of dress. Your use of photos in your art and the colour choices remind me a lot of the kidcore and 90's nostalgia aesthetics. You also have some very smooth and nice lineart. 

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I REMEMBER YOU, I drew that one cool creepy angel thing over at the monthly art trade thing on DA for you once lol.

The first thing I think about is tumblr webcomics! I get the impression it's a style you've worked hard on to make into your own and it shows. some pieces are very aesthetically pleasing and has strong atmospheres and moods, nice job! It is also very little angular and sharp angles in your art, it feels very uh.. Modest, natural and naturalistic. You don't exaggerate specific details and parts on a character's body that others would do, and in turn makes it easier to see the character design in its entirety without focusing on just one thing. The style is gentle, but has a point to make and is not afraid to do so. c:

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I am also not afraid of any harsh critique either, tear me a new one of you want to lol.


Sooo... I saw this piece first and Instantly thought of K/DA and it's probably due to the way you shaded. I love how the use of pinks and purples look with it. It's so smooth and the glasses are the main focus of it so it draws your eye.  A lot of your shading uses pinks and it makes everything look and feel warm~ Your art also reminded me of the netflix adaptation of castlevania? Like just something about how your guys look and the vibe i get screams the adaptation. It looks good. I love how you keep the backgrounds minimal so all the focus is on your figures. it's great. Like how fashion photography is focused on the models. 

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I really like your art style!! I also love the color palettes that you use are so harmonious and work together very well. What really stands out are the really nice curvy and wavy lines that really accentuate the character's curvy and full figure as well as their clothes. The poses you put them in just burst with personality and sass. I just really like all your works. Keep up the great job!

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You've got a nice anime style. Not my cup of tea but you have a good grasp on the technique (especially colouring) and proper anatomy. Kudos for working on it, human anatomy is a real pain in the butt to work with. I also really like your sketchbook sketches on IG, and your mix media things. They're very pleasing to look at.

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Ah, i like your art! I would say it's cartoony based with a slight touch of realism i'm guessing? The color palettes you mostly use on your colored work, work pretty good alongside the cleaaaan lines! (sorry for being so short, i tried aaaa)

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