Describe the art style above!

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[Edit 2/26/19 to make the rules a bit more clear!]

As the title says simply describe the art style of the person posting before you! Feel free to describe what you like about it, if it reminds you of anything in particular and anything in particular you notice in terms of technique and style! This game is meant to be fun not critical, unless the user asks please do not make negative comments or try to critic their work.
If you are looking for critiques on your art or you would like to critique someone else's art there is a thread for that here!

Here's an example-

Person 2: [response to person 1] Here are examples of my art: Link

Person 3: Wow, person 2 your art is super unique however it also reminds me of _____. It's very western and I can tell you take a lot of inspiration from tv shows such as _____ or techniques from ______. Your go to color are also very saturated, you use a lot of ___ which is super rad! Here are examples of my art: Link


  • You must respond with atleast more then one sentence or two short sentences something like. "You're art is cute!" or "You're art is cute! I like it!" breaks the rules of this thread. You are here to describe not comment. 
  • Do not critique the art style above and try to stay away from negative comments such as "Your anatomy is  a bit strange" or "I would work on shading". That's also not the point of this thread!
  • Please warn the user below if your art gallery has nsfw or gore art in it. Even if it's censored that something you should warn people of!
  • If you see any problems in this thread please pm me! I sometimes miss things so it really helps out a lot!
  • If you need help thinking of ways to describe their art style feel free to compare it to other styles you've seen (big name cartoons, artists, or other people on the Internet works just fine), if you notice any common themes (color usage, subjects) feel free to mention them or general academic terms you can tell they use (hatching, stippling, 3-d models, triangulation, etc etc)!

You have very soft shading, wonderful knowlage of colour schemes, its so cutesy and wobbly AA. Your cat photo is really well done. I love that you experament with backgrounds and scenes too.

MyDeviantArt please click "All"


It's a very nice cartoonish (and some have a cute vibe to it) art style with flat colouring with shading, but you do gradients very well. The colours give the characters a very nice tone, the expressions and postures that you apply to each character gives off an aura of the character. You put a lot of effort into their eyes and the way it is coloured is very bold and pops out. The eyes are gives off so much of the personality. It's simple and is easy on the eyes. It's those styles which are simple, but convey a lot. I love it!

both deviantart and my toyhouse gallery would provide a better insight, but either is fine


Your style seems to generally be influenced by anime and overall fairly cartoony. Though, with the last handful of posts on deviantart, it looks like you have branched out into a semi-realistic style as well. Both styles (excluding the two traditional pieces on your deviantart) you use blended blocks of colour that gives your art a nice paint-like effect since you can still make out the pen-stroke. As well, your art tends to be rather colourful with vivid colour palletes.


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