Describe the art style above!

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Hmm not sure if this already exists but I thought it would be fun. Basically, describe the artistic trade marks of the person posting before you!


Person 2: [response to person 1] Here are examples of my art: Link

Person 3: Wow, person 2 your art is super unique however it also reminds me of _____. It's very western and I can tell you take a lot of inspiration from tv shows such as _____ or techniques from ______. Your go to color are also very saturated, you use a lot of ___ which is super rad! Here are examples of my art: Link

Please post examples to your art (can be as simple as linking the art tab on your toyhouse) and try not to give 1 sentence responses! Also, try to wait 2 people before posting again and DO NOT be rude. You don't have to like an art style to comment on it.

(First poster doesn't have to describe my art style but if you'd like feel free to check out my DA)


Your art is really clean and has this really... warm? Feel to it. A lot of your pieces are really just warm feeling and i love it :D 

You're erally good with anatomy and your really good with lineart and gshjkd it seems like theres nothing you cant do! Animals and humans alike.

 I really love the style that you shade in, and everything you draw just works and its really pleasing to the eye and i wanna stare at it aLL DAY

You seem to be more oriented towards lineart which I really like because it helps me focus on what's going on in the piece

all in all i really like it!!!

my art's all on my th! and on Lawnmower


Woah you have a really fun and cartoony style, that is nice to look at! I love the round eyes and the round pupils, i see that the lineart is pretty thin and even (there are some exceptions thought) Your coloring style is really nice and flat with minimal shading which like i said compliments the cartoony feel uwu. I see your style focuses more on drawing ferals and/or canines. I see you try to avoid having voids behind the character which is a good habit for an art style, even if its minimal.

I know this was more complimenting your style but i think it still works!

You can look at my art on my th!


Okok but like?? I love ur art sO MUCH like?? It's so calming!! I love the shiny starry-ness to it (like in the background here or the highlights here) and the overall color choice is very pastel and I love it!! (I'm a sucker for either over-saturated color or super pastels lmao The two are completely different but both so wonderful!) It reminds me sort of like a pastel visual novel like Liar Liar maybe, but more floofy and nice? The best comparison I can come up with is something like Cherubunny's artwork. You both have softer line art and colors with more simplistic proportions, though yours is less simplified than theirs' and you generally have more purples/pinks/blues in your color choice. I just felt that you two have a similar feel to your art, but yours is still very distinctive from theirs'! Also, your art has a very "kawaii" feel to it! (I put kawaii in quotes because I meant it in a reference to the kawaii culture/aesthetic rather than in a desuuu sugoi-nee way lmao) It reminds me of the cute pastel-goth aesthetic and a little like Harajuku fashion, but with softer colors!

(I hope this is good? If I was unclear or rambley, I'm sorry ;w;)

(Just used the art on my TH. There's also a link to my DA on my profile, but that thing is more or less dead)


(Please be v careful while browsing my art bc it has nsfw in it sometimes, check the warning symbols)


Your art has very clean lines, which i love p much <3 I think it fits well with the cell shading and bright colors that you use. I see you like manga/animes and probably gets a little of reference from them by the way you draw mouths, hair and eyes. Which i think is p cool <3

Overall, your art is very cute and clean, and you have some stylish thin lines <3


Your art style is super pretty? Omfg?? And on your deviantART I see Jinx fanart! Which, I instantly love, she's one of my favorite characters ^^ I feel as though your art style has been influenced by Kienan Lafferty/KNKL? Something about the lines and the coloring really has me feeling it : O Overall, beautiful colors! I think your art style could be described as very lively, colorful, and cartoony! 

Really nicely lit, and great color choices :D

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Your art style is so pleasing to see! I see it as a mix of the detail of semi-realism and personalization of anime, and I have to say it looks really cute ;w;

Your color schemes are quite balanced in your drawings with background, and I specially liked how you make textures for the various things you draw :0 (specially the hair!).

Overall, your style is harmonic, lively and subtle! (I don't know how to put this, what I mean by sublte is that the style doesn't have excessive details, and yet manages to give personality and texture to the drawing ;w;)

I don't have much, but here's my art dump!


Your art style is super smooth and pleasing ! I really love how neat and clean it looks and the way you draw faces. It’s simple, but not “simplistic “, instead that you use basic shapes and lines to get the picture across and it comes together really well!

I also really like how you color! It’s just as clean as your lines, but has an almost ‘soft’ look to it. 

My art is here:

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Your art is really smooth yet stylized - it reminds me a bit of vewn's work in its geometry and feeling of constant movement. It looks like something I'd see on a cool t-shirt (which I would buy tbh)

Some examples of my art:
x x x x


Your art looks like how Nero's Day At Disneyland sounds, which is amazing because I adore that artist to death ;0; Psychedelic, brighter colors with trippy complicated backgrounds and simplified characters make it seem, I dunno, more like a comic book style than anything else?? It's hard to explain but I really, really love your usage of colors throughout the pieces and the way you draw characters just mixes well with the backgrounds you put your characters in! Love it <333

Art examples here! You'll have to dig for some finished pieces sorry ;3: Ping me what you say, I'd love to read it! :D



One of the things that first stuck out to me about your art is your use of expressions!  They're very vibrant and vivid.   There's also a general cartoony look to them as well, but not to the point of surreal expression which I personally dig!  Your style generally reminds me a bit of the art in Splatoon tbh!!  Also, your unique way of drawing lineart for your more finished pieces combined with your shading definitely tends to give the piece a nice sheen to it almost. I feel like your drawings of characters would distinctly stand out from backgrounds as a result.  Lastly, you just have a very good use of vibrant, bright colours which really makes it pop out in comparison to other styles :)

To the person below: Art examples on my TH page and on my dA! <3


Your art looks like its an unique mix between early 2000s anime and late 90s American cartoons. It's a really interesting stylization that really emphasis the curves and points of the character. It really adds a good sense of motion even in what would normally be a static pose.

Typically you use very vibrant colours that pop due to the slick cell shading. With the colour and shading combination the characters seem almost crystalline (especially the hair). Your backgrounds tend to be very vibrant as well and have a really neat use patterns to help emphasise the character. 

My TH and dA


OOOOH your art is so neat!! I'd classify your art as semi-realistic with western influences, it has a really distinct vibe from the dull shading colors you use- it gives your artwork a kinda heavy vibe that really seems to suit your characters and style! You seem to have a big interest in drawing more masculine characters along with defined noses which is really fun, as well as leaning towards darker/broody thematic elements. I also spy a lot of really cohesive/almost monochromatic color palettes in your works! My favorite piece is this one the composition and background are so well done and the characters feel so cohesive to the environment!

Here is my dA!


Your art style reads to me as being inspired by anime with some Western stylization in a very even and equal balance! I really enjoy your enviormental art and concepts and would love love love to see more of that! I really like that you have a world map thought of for Nalus but in all honesty I just go Ham over world maps for fictional world's like they are my favourite thing. Anyways.... I also really enjoy your lineart! It's a wee bit Chunkier than what I usually see and I think it gives your art some nice energy! I also think your colour choices are really fun and you (obviously) have a really good sense of design that gives your art a sense of character.