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We have lots of threads to ask questions to or about characters, but what about the users? In the vein of the Say something to the TH user above you! thread and the I want to see a TH user who... thread (and serving basically as a non-anonymous CuriousCat), this is a thread to help you get to know your fellow TH users better by asking the person above you a question. In return, the person below you will pose a question to you. After you're asked a question, edit your post with your answer! 

If you're uncomfortable or don't want to answer the question you were given for any reason, just say so and leave a fun fact about yourself so the game still serves its purpose. If a question is truly problematic, message me with any concerns.


  • Don't ask questions that are very personal or could be uncomfortable, and bear in mind that many TH users are minors, so while I encourage you to look at the profile of the user above you and ask about something mentioned if you like (like their pets, their hobbies, or their current project), please don't ask very personal questions like exactly where someone lives.
  • Try to ask something fun or interesting, but it's fine if you don't know the person above you at all-- getting to know each other better is the point of this thread! It's fine to ask something general like what their hobbies are, who their favorite fictional character is, how they came up with their username, which of their own characters is their favorite, or how they found ToyHouse.
  • Of course, it's great if you ask something more specific, too! If you know they have a lot of fandom characters, you might ask how they got into that fandom, or if they have a unique art style, you might ask how they developed it!
  • There's another thread for specific questions about characters, and another for worlds, but you can ask general/broader questions about a person's creations here, like how long they've been working on their story, or what inspires or influences them. I'm not going to keep writing examples, but you get the idea. Just use common sense and try to get to know your fellow TH users better!
  • You can ask multiple questions in your comment if you want to, but only one is fine, too. This can be as in-depth or as casual as you like.
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Edit: my answer

"Hedgemaze Expo" is the name of the main characters' band in my comic! I've been using either HedgemazeExpo or Hedgemaze as a username ever since, which is to say since 2003! Most people just call me Hej for short now.

The name itself doesn't mean much of anything, other than that I liked both words and liked the sort of paradoxical nature of an exposition dedicated to huge structures that can't be moved (what do they exhibit, photos? bush samples? tiny mazes?). In terms of the comic, it's just supposed to be a unique, kind of awkward, and silly band name, because in-story, it's an inside joke between my characters Jill and Amber.

All my forum games and threads


Curious, how'd you get the username "hedgemaze"?

I've got nothing book wise published yet, but I'm working on it... I'm working on a historical novel with very light fantasy and a bit of queer romance in it. It's in teh first draft stage and will get published. Actually, my two OC's Hayato and Jeremy are the main characters. That's just my interest... anthropology and religious articles and papers aren't everyone's cup of tea, and I'm not sure if small uni 'publications' count at all but it's something.


on ur profile u say ur an author - so what kind of things do u like writing about/are u working on any story projects at the moment? have u ever managed to get anything published (if not, do u want to in the future?)


i got my first tank around march last year so i haven't been in the fish keeping world for that long (only a bit over a year tbh) and it was a small barely 2.5 gallon and i knew it was too small and was quick to upgrade to something larger once i had the money (my mum's friend insisted i have her old tank, and being poor i wasn't gonna pass up a free tank)
i wasn't too knowledgeable about fish and i bought two black moor goldfish (bad move for such a small tank) but they unfortunately got NTS despite my best efforts for cycling the tank and passed that same night (i do want to get black moors again in the future they're my faves) - i then got sammy about a week later and he was technically my first fish (even tho i did have a betta i vaguely remember when i was really young named rainbow, but i can't say i remember what he looked like it was so long ago) and i've specialised in betta care ever since! tho i have a lot more fish and have grown to love corydora and tetra - some of our tetra are nearing on a year old - and i have three tanks! i'd like to upgrade another one to be a bit bigger again too bc it's only a 5gal, but the other two are 2ft tanks so they're decently big

i grew up with fish bc my mum always had a fish tank but she always frustrated me bc she'd house coldwater and tropical fish together and she'd never clean it - she mostly had comet goldfish, sharks, tetra, and guppies - not all at the same time but those were the ones she owned the most
i've always loved fish tho and i'd love going to the pet shop to look at the fish and always wanted some of my own - when i was younger i loved electric yellows but now i'm not sure how well i'd be able to care for cichlids ;^^

sorry i probably went off topic and rambled but i just love talking about fish ahahaha thankyou for the question!


My family used to have a fish thank when I was small so I'm really curious to know when you got your first fish tank! Were betta fish the first fish you had, or have you had other types of fish in the past / now? 

I am, and thank you!! Right now I have the first demo out and the next demo is in making, although I have tried to slow down with it because I want to upload demos at a steady speed & make sure the waiting time between last demo and the full game is not gonna be like forever. But it's coming together and I'm having a lot of fun & I'm still super excited about it despite the original idea being made in December 2016 and I'm notorious for not being good at long projects at all.

In terms of writing I have the full demo script done with a bit over 100 pages with my super tiny font, so that in itself is already a Lot of words and I'm making pretty good progress with the full version's script too! I have separated my in-game scenes to days and weeks, and I'm done with weeks 1 & 2 and I'm now working on week 3. Admittedly the game has like.... roughly 8 weeks but the length of them depends a lot and I'll definitely go back and forth adding and removing stuff as I go! The detailed summary of the game is done though with only a few holes I need to fill, but they can wait for later so they are a smaller priority. 

As for the assets, all my music and backgrounds are from free to use places so I don't need to compose or draw bgs on my own, I just need to edit! Admittedly I have had some talk with a friend who is a musician about doing some art-music exchange but I'll get back to it only when the full game is actually done. For sprites I'll probably edit or redraw them for the FULL game but for now I have the most important ones done & will do the sprites for less important characters later when I'm done with the script - I know I'll probably improve so I want to make the assets as good as I can. Same for CGs, I know what I want for them but I'll get to them only later, although I have intended to start doodling the concepts for them to ease up my later workload. 

Honestly working on a VN all by yourself is a LOT of work because suddenly you need to know how to write, draw, edit, choose the right music & sound effects, understand timing and VN conventions and also code to some extent (I use tyrano so it's not as code heavy as renpy). And it's honestly tiring and slow because I'm only one person who already suffers from chronic illnesses, but it's a tons of FUN so that's the most important thing to me!


it says on your profile youre working on a visual novel! that sounds exciting! i tried my hand at that back when i was younger to pretty cringeworthy results lmao... but id like to know how its going for you! hows asset making and writing and also do you know anything about music composing or is someone helping you with that?

ive enjoyed working with bright colors since i was a young child actually! i dont really consider it to be a specific aesthetic tbh... its just what i like drawing and theres no label i can see to put on it other then Audio's Sillyboy Art. i had a phase where i stopped using bright colors because i thought nobody would like it, but two years ago i had a phase where id exclusively use bright eye-searing neons to various results. branching out like that though helped me immensely in with knowing how to use colors, and right now i just like playing with mainly bright colors in my art! color theory has been something thats interested me a lot, and creating palettes that reflect the mood im trying to convey in a design is always something i enjoy doing! my toyhouse has all of the ocs i still use, my oldest [the lte crew and floppy] being from 2016! everything past 2016 is characters ive abandoned due to lack of interest... rest in peace. so, to answer your question, i dont really intend to design my characters to all be in the same "aesthetic" and more its just i draw what makes me happy and using colors like that is something i enjoy doing!

my favorite operating system and the one i currently use is windows 7... ive been told i should upgrade to windows 10 but IDK i like windows 7 it gets the job done and windows 10 seems very... hmm... unreliable.


(hej: What a great thread idea lmao, tbh it crossed my mind too but I was too lazy to make it so I'm glad you did! c: )

@windows98 : Your character are super fun and most follow a specific aesthetic (I don't remember how it's called specifically I'm sorry lmao) -- I was wondering, since when do you design your characters this way? If it's pretty recent, are your characters newly created, or did you redesign them in order to make them fit this aesthetic?

(Also, what's your favourite operating system? Your username makes me curious haha)

@wanco-alien  Thanks for the question! I don't consider it too personal, don't worry haha! Life rambling warning lmao, also idk if the themes I'll talk about or if the way I'll write can make people uncomfortable, so I'll put a spoiler just in case (there's nothing NSFW, just religion and belief-related stuff) 

How did you develop an interest on theology?

So I guess all of this kinda started because I wanted to "protect" myself from my father's side of the family (my parents are separated and I've always lived with my mother)... I'm an atheist and they're super religious, but I didn't have much a "religious" education growing up. Still, they were forcing me to go to church when I was going to their place, it was making me super uncomfortable and I wanted to "come out" to them, but I was super afraid to because I didn't know shit about Christianity and stuff at that time... So I finally decided to look up stuff on the Internet in secret, so at first it more "arguments against the existence of God" stuff than anything? I was following tons of militant atheist stuff and this was basically my "religion sucks" phrase haha - I still enjoy it but I also kinda grown out of it hopefully lmao

But finally some time passed and I found a new interest in the stuff I was learning about for practically reasons only? I found some religious stories and characters kinda cool, a bit like you can grow an interest for mythology... And me having Asperger Syndrome, when I have an interest for something, I usually want to know all about it. Kinda the opposite of my initial situation lmaooo

So theology is one of my special interest since 3 or 4 years now, that's why it's literally everywhere in my works. Guess you can thank my closed-minded family lol

TL;DR: My atheism VS my religious family, feat. autism

How did you have an idea for your current projects?

The Paradoxal Collection started around the end of phase I was talking about, if I recall well. As stated in the folder description, all of this started as a private joke between my middle school friends and I. We were all militant atheists and this was the school year when we had to study WWII in history class... So there's the result. Also it was the year of the Charlie Hebdo shooting and I was so fucking pissed about it for obvious reasons, not only as a human being, not only as an artist, but also as an artist who specifically does satirical works based on religion.

Le Club des Treize started a few months later, actually! It was the time were I was still growing out of said phase and I started to get specifically interested in the stories of the New Testament. At first I just wanted to do a illustration of Jesus and his apostles as modern children (I don't remember how I got this idea tho, I just wanted to draw cute stuff based on my interest I guess), but I finally liked the designs and concepts so much I wanted to keep the characters and make it a full comic!

Flying Popcorn is way older: it started when I started to get into the phase... I knew less stuff about religion, so that's why the cast is kinda religion-inspired without being literal rewritings of already existing religious figures. Even during my childhood, I've always had an interest for stories about angels and demons for some reason, and I think that FP is my fourth one or something... But now I think that angels have way more interesting if you keep their link to religion, otherwise they're not angels, just humanoids with wings? (And yes I'm aware of the non-humanoid angel stuff ofc but it's not really my thing to work on) Originally it featured humans, angels and demons only, I got the idea of aliens a bit later and they were supposed to appear in a chapter only. Lmao.

TL;DR: Still atheism and autism, feat. French culture I guess


Judas-la-Carotte if it's nothing too personal, how did you develop an interest on theology and have an idea for your current projects?


@wanco-alien Since Aros was prototype Netto, how did you come up with Netto in the first place and how did his personality become so different from Aros? Also what are your inspirations for cardinal decree? 

Lastly, what is your favourite type of food? 

Oh boy, how long I've been drawing? Technically I started in 2013 but I wouldn't say that I've been drawing (seriously) for five years. There were a lot of periods when I would simply just not draw at all, with the longest being one year. So I guess I've been drawing for 2,5 years, haha.

Regarding art style...I have no clue, if I'm being honest. I personally always see it constantly changing and find it hard to see anything consistent myself (which kind of annoys me to no end, haha). I originally wanted to have a really cartoony artstyle but now I don't really care lol. I think that last year's summer was the time I really started to get a solid artstyle. 

Now, onto the's an interesting bunch, I suppose. There are a lot more that really get me but these just come to mind at the moment!


Carl Barks - He did a lot of Donald Duck comics and is the creator of Scrooge


Hiroyuki Imaishi - Founder of studio Trigger, but god I love his art so muchhhhh


Harry Clarke - He was a book illustrator, I just love how all of his work is detailed and yet super stylised


Alex Ahad AKA o_8 - I know he mostly draws cute girls but HOT DAMN THIS GUY HAS AN ART RANGE I'D SELL MY SOUL TO GET HIS ART STYLE


Grace Liu AKA Nargyle - I've been following her for years and damn I love her art style its so lively aaaaaah


Raddishes u have such a unique art style! how long have u been drawing for and how long do u think it took to develop ur art style to where it is now? (bonus if u tell ur art inspirations! it's cool to see who inspires others :D!)


ummm... since about 2013 i guess? yeah maybe around then
i didn't actually read it fully until like the year after tho but i skimmed the whole thing and had no idea what was going on so i re-read it properly in 2015 so i guess then technically speaking?

funnily enough despite having like 18 fantrolls - i'm not actually that big on HS itself u know? i don't really care for it (as in i wasn't obsessed w/ updates and i didn't care for lore or anything which i suppose i make clear w/ my fantrolls bc they literally have nothing to do w/ HS they just have horns and grey skin lmao)

i do like the characters tho - they're all pretty cool and i don't think i really hate any? except aranea, never really got into her for some reason


AlleycatIrony Since when are you into Homestuck? Were you part of the fandom in its golden ages (2011-2013 i guess)? Did you finish reading the comic? If not, where did you leave it?


Thank you so much! That means a lot to me <3!

It's a bit of both... But I make characters on bursts more than when I need to make them... Caffeine and Weslia are a good example, I made the former on an inspiration burst, and the latter because 'i had to'. With ocs like Weslia I try to research more into them before going with anything solid, but I often always have at least a little bit of an idea about how they're gonna look or act, even if that changes in development. The process is a lot like 'I want a character who gives off an X vibe, has Y colors and looks like Z' after knowing what kind of concept I wanna develop.

With characters who come in bursts, which are more common to me, it's more like I get an image in my head & I'm like WOW that is SO COOL (latest one: Pixie) and decide to just roll with it?? It's not that different from the other way, but it sure comes out waaayy quicker haha. 

It's a 50/50 with what comes first, if it was a concept first then I gotta work on the design (i have a couple concepts with no design in backstage x_x) and if it was an image first I gotta work on the concept (much easier, but I must have a use for them)


reinapepiada You have a lot of lovely designs! ^^ What's your process/strategy for designing/developing characters? Do you set out to make a character, or do they come from inspirational bursts? I'm curious to know.

Ooh, series wise, I'm definitely more inclined to western cartoons. I've tried anime before, and it's not really my thing. ^^; I think the last thing I watched that was anime was My Neighbor Totoro, and even then, I only watched a little with my friend. I've just never been able to get into it. I do love western cartoons, though! There's quite a few I grew up on that I still love very much, along with newer ones that I've picked up over the years. To name a few, Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated and Spongebob Squarepants are my two big ones right now.

Ahh, tough question! Everything about Macbeth is really good. Specifically, as dark as this probably sounds, I loved the murder scenes and Macbeth's quick spiral into murdering a bunch of people. Sounds a lot darker than it's supposed to, but it was really well done and it was ineresting to read. Plus, Macbeth's wife slowly going crazy and the use of blood to represent their guilt was cool! Overall, I just love Macbeth.

This post has been removed.

starman I was browsing your profile and I was wondering what kind of series you like? Are you more of an anime person or a western cartoon person? OH and I couldn't help but notice you had a pinterest folder for Macbeth so now I have to ask what's your favourite thing about it! Sincerely, a person who is super obsessed with Hamlet haha 

I've just started trying to get into vintage manga, have you got any recommendations?

It got ridiculously long and I'm so sorry so it's now under read more haha

Rose of Versailles is an EXCELLENT first vintage shoujo in particular to read, it's a classic and by reading it you'll understand SO many jokes in manga and anime because ROV really is a classic and super often referenced! As for Kazeki I... it's the sort of manga where I really recommend people to approach it with caution. If you feel uneasy on the first volume it will only get more uncomfortable after that, and as much as I ADORE Takemiya's art I personally feel like I probably wouldn't have been able to read it if it wasn't for the fact it's a classic I find necessary for me to know as a part of manga history. Like, it's definitely a story that will move you but even I, a person I consider to be really good at handling taboo themes and dark content, have felt super uneasy reading it. So, yeah, a fair warning so you'll know what you're getting into!

The Heart of Thomas is a manga I SUPER recommend, I own it as a big hardcover and read it basically once a year at least haha it's almost like a tradition! It has a super similar setting to kazeki but it's... way less emotionally exhausting and doesn't go as far deep into the "morally questionable and taboo content" area. Likewise from Hagio I also really recommend 

They were 11: A space scifi / mystery about a group of people trying to survive during a test and figure out which one of the 11 is the mysterious extra person who shouldn't be on the ship. It's a short one and has actually been published in English, although all prints are sold out long ago so it's hard to find legally.

Iguana Girl: A really touching and a very personal story about a girl whose mother sees her as an ugly iguana, and she learns to see herself that way as well. It's only one chapter and a really bittersweet story and is definitely tied to Hagio's own difficult relationship to her mother.  

November Gymnasium: Sort of proto version of the heart of thomas; recommended to read after you have read that one 

R is for Rocket: A collection of Ray Bradbury's oneshots illustrated by Hagio with her own twists to the stories. I absolutely adore this manga and wish it was longer!

Poe no Ichizoku: A chronicle of sort about an immortal vampire Edgar and his partner Allan who both became vampires at a young age and are thus unable to grow any older. Sadly only vol 1is translated BUT it's super easy to find the manga in JPN on ebay & there are eng summaries online I can link if you ever need them!

Honestly Hgio's content in general is  big recommendation, she is super into scifi and horror and the exploration of gender and sexuality, but it's good to keep in mind majority of her works are from 70s-90s so a lot of stuff is misinformed, but it's clear she is doing it with good faith. 

Paros no Ken was my second vintage manga I read and I remember I sort of enjoyed it but honestly if you don't find it interesting in the first few chapters it's probably not worth it? Ikeda's Claudine...! is an intersting read too because it's from the pov of a trans man but it's good to keep in mind it's a tragedy, so it won't have a fun end as it alway is with stories regarding sexual and gender minorities :/ 

if you're into gore then Devilman is my top recommendation, it's great and ridiculous and amazing all at once 

Also it's not actually vintage shoujo, but I super recommend checking out Shounen Note, as the author was super inspired by 70s shoujo and it shows! And it's a manga that makes me super happy and it's easy to enjoy no matter who you are! It's about a small village and its middle schooler who practice for a national choir competition, and it's super heartfelt & there is a relatable character for everyone. And it has some of the most amazing adult characters in manga where the protagonists are kids, Kamatani-sensei is my hero ;_; < 3 

GOSH SORRY THIS GOT SUPER LONG AAAA if you ever want to hmu about vintage manga or ask for anything related I'll more than happily help and chat up!

Also you've got so many really lovely characters and stories, I was wondering what was their inspiration ♥

Thank you so much ; o ; < 3

Honestly I take inspiration from all around and each character usually has their individual points of inspiration! Generally though a lot of my characters are born from traits, tropes and genres I like, because I believe tropes exist for a reason, and the fun of them is to make something new out of things people already know! I don't think I need to invite something new and never seen; I find it much more fun to show people my own takes on things they might already be familiar with. 

Occasionally my own struggles might influence the characters, hence the reason I have so many short and/or pretty male characters! I grew up feeling super ashamed for being small in size and looking effeminate (both developmental issues, rip me) so I wanted to portray these sort of things in a much more positive light: I sometimes want to make characters I wish I had been exposed to while growing up, to realize there is nothing wrong with me and that anyone can be great. 


Caine I've just started trying to get into vintage manga, have you got any recommendations? ^^ So far I've seen Kaze to Ki no Uta (very heavy, what an intro to vintage manga) and the Rose of Versailles. Also you've got so many really lovely characters and stories, I was wondering what was their inspiration ♥   ^^^^ Thank you so much for your recommendations! I'll be sure to check them out!

Hello again! ♥

What are your interests? Do they inspire you in any way?
I really love to write! I've been writing ever since I was young, so about eight years. Writing is a really big part of me aannddd I completely forgot about writing my bio oops. I also really love Animal Crossing, it is my favourite game. I'd say it definitely influenced me a lot since I've actually been writing a highly dramatised story world about it (they're all humanised I couldn't ever look at them the same way if I kept them as animals haha.) 

Also, since your universe seems to be very well developed so far, I was wondering since when you are working on it c:
I've been working on the Bridgeport series for about five years now! I've had that one the longest definitely. The Leaf series (is the animal crossing series oops) has been in progress for about two or three years and the SPS series has started early this year in January or the very last week of December. I'm really happy you think it's well developed! ♥


123penguin64 Oh hi again! I consider you a regular on the forums, but I unfortunately don't know much about yourself -- since you don't talk much about them on your profile, what are your interests? Do they inspire you in any way?

Also, since your universe seems to be very well developed so far, I was wondering since when you are working on it c:


Edit: Animal Crossing is one of my faves games series too omfg! Tbh I was wondering if the title of your New Leaf series was purely coincidental but apparently not aaa it's so cool

Maddi-Lion Thanks for the questions! (lmao tbh I was kinda aware that "how did u got into theology" would be one of the first questions people would ask me xD)

From what I've seen and read alot of your stuff seems to revolve around Christianity, but is there any other religion you've researched extensively or want to incorporate into a current or new project?

Mhmm yup I kinda blame myself for focusing on Christianity the most since it's the dominant religion at least where I live in, so it's kinda "my culture" and I can find and learn info about it way easier. However, if you forget about the giant cast of Le Club des Treize, my stuff is more focused on the Abrahamic religions as a whole rather than Christianity only. At least that's the vibe I guess as the author. So I try to research about Judaism and Islam a lot because I want to know my stuff before writing and avoid cliché things... It's not perfect yet but I swear I do my best, it's really interesting to research imo! 

I've tried other stuff but it unfortunately catches my interest less than what I've already talked about... And as for new projects, I don't really want to start a new one rn because I've already 3 other things to finish, haha! It's kinda hard to work on everything at once, for instance some of my characters bio are kinda old now and I'm ashamed of my old shit but I can't edit them rn because I don't have the time aaaa

Also ayy i see ur a history buff, any time-period in specific you like to read about?? 

My fave historical period to read about is World War II, and the stuff pertaining to authoritarian regimes from the 20th century as a whole! I have a small collection of books about it, in which you can find books I bought at Auschwitz during a school trip last year (:

On a brighter note, I also I really like reading and learning about Renaissance stuff and the like, especially because of the aesthetics! Gimme that good Renaissance paintings mhmm 👌



I was gonna ask about how u got into theology too but saw someone else asked that lol whoops. Sooo instead, from what I've seen and read alot of your stuff seems to revolve around Christianity, but is there any other religion you've researched extensively or want to incorporate into a current or new project?

Also ayy i see ur a history buff, any time-period in specific you like to read about?? :>

awe thanks! hmhm for comfort drawings its prolly the characters I'm super comfortable with drawing lmao, so Sabrina and Calcimus of all people really ahahah

as for things i avoid I don't do alot of backgrounds, which sucks cause ill never get better at doing them if i keep avoiding them! :<