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We have lots of threads to ask questions to or about characters, but what about the users? In the vein of the Say something to the TH user above you! thread and the I want to see a TH user who... thread (and serving basically as a non-anonymous CuriousCat), this is a thread to help you get to know your fellow TH users better by asking the person above you a question. In return, the person below you will pose a question to you. After you're asked a question, edit your post with your answer! 

If you're uncomfortable or don't want to answer the question you were given for any reason, just say so and leave a fun fact about yourself so the game still serves its purpose. If a question is truly problematic, message me with any concerns.


  • Don't ask questions that are very personal or could be uncomfortable, and bear in mind that many TH users are minors, so while I encourage you to look at the profile of the user above you and ask about something mentioned if you like (like their pets, their hobbies, or their current project), please don't ask very personal questions like exactly where someone lives.
  • Try to ask something fun or interesting, but it's fine if you don't know the person above you at all-- getting to know each other better is the point of this thread! It's fine to ask something general like what their hobbies are, who their favorite fictional character is, how they came up with their username, which of their own characters is their favorite, or how they found ToyHouse.
  • Of course, it's great if you ask something more specific, too! If you know they have a lot of fandom characters, you might ask how they got into that fandom, or if they have a unique art style, you might ask how they developed it!
  • There's another thread for specific questions about characters, and another for worlds, but you can ask general/broader questions about a person's creations here, like how long they've been working on their story, or what inspires or influences them. I'm not going to keep writing examples, but you get the idea. Just use common sense and try to get to know your fellow TH users better!
  • You can ask multiple questions in your comment if you want to, but only one is fine, too. This can be as in-depth or as casual as you like.
  • Please ping the person above you so you make sure that they see your question! If you're not sure how to do this, you simply type @THEIRUSERNAME, and they will be notified! This will not work if you edit the ping into your comment later (like if you wanted to claim and then edit your question in); you must put it in when you first submit the comment.
  • There is no specific post limit, but try to let a couple of people go before posting again. If the thread is stuck for >3 days, feel free to post again even if only one person has posted after you.
  • Edit your original comment with your answer to keep this clear; please DO NOT add new comments to the thread just to answer someone's question. This gets confusing. Take it to private messages if you want to have an ongoing conversation.
  • You can bump the thread as often as you like; I don't mind.
  • Be nice and have fun!   
  • Want to play the game in reverse? Answer a question from the user above!

The first person can either ask me something or just claim a spot!

Edit: my answer

"Hedgemaze Expo" is the name of the main characters' band in my comic! I've been using either HedgemazeExpo or Hedgemaze as a username ever since, which is to say since 2003! Most people just call me Hej for short now.

The name itself doesn't mean much of anything, other than that I liked both words and liked the sort of paradoxical nature of an exposition dedicated to huge structures that can't be moved (what do they exhibit, photos? bush samples? tiny mazes?). In terms of the comic, it's just supposed to be a unique, kind of awkward, and silly band name, because in-story, it's an inside joke between my characters Jill and Amber.

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Swissy why do you like making planet ocs so much? They are awesome btw!!

Well idk really, a lot of my characters have stayed the same personality and design wise. Yes I have made worlds (not on here) and yes a lot of them have stories !! I got into LOZ when I was really little and ive played all the games, and botw is just,,, AMAZINGFDKGFLDG



I just wanted to ask you, since I've been seeing you around in the forums, but how have you shifted focus regarding characters and/or their designs? Have you ever made worlds for your characters? If so, then would you be able to write a story for these worlds? And, lastly, I've known that your icon is of a character from Zelda, but how have you gotten into the series itself?

Character-wise, I really like Spike! He's a pretty interesting character, and he's really chill imo. Episode-wise, Episode 24 is my favorite, because...

... It's really emotional, and the bit where Ed left the gang together with Ein is pretty sad too. Also, Faye finding the location of her home (which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore, since apparently it got destroyed when she was frozen for 52 years) kinda felt very sad as well.

Also, about the live action adaptation, I'm kinda mixed about it? I'm kinda scared that it would probably ruin what made Cowboy Bebop a really good anime in general.



Hey, I've never had a reason to talk to you about it before, but I love Cowboy Bebop too! Who's your favorite character, and/or what's a favorite episode or moment for you?

And what do you think about the live action remake they're doing? I'm... dreading it, but I hope it's alright.



What originally made you decide to create Catband? I know it's a project you've been working on for a long time, so I was curious about how it got started in the first place.