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We have lots of threads to ask questions to or about characters, but what about the users? In the vein of the Say something to the TH user above you! thread and the I want to see a TH user who... thread (and serving basically as a non-anonymous CuriousCat), this is a thread to help you get to know your fellow TH users better by asking the person above you a question. In return, the person below you will pose a question to you. After you're asked a question, edit your post with your answer! 

If you're uncomfortable or don't want to answer the question you were given for any reason, just say so and leave a fun fact about yourself so the game still serves its purpose. If a question is truly problematic, message me with any concerns.


  • Don't ask questions that are very personal or could be uncomfortable, and bear in mind that many TH users are minors, so while I encourage you to look at the profile of the user above you and ask about something mentioned if you like (like their pets, their hobbies, or their current project), please don't ask very personal questions like exactly where someone lives.
  • Try to ask something fun or interesting, but it's fine if you don't know the person above you at all-- getting to know each other better is the point of this thread! It's fine to ask something general like what their hobbies are, who their favorite fictional character is, how they came up with their username, which of their own characters is their favorite, or how they found ToyHouse.
  • Of course, it's great if you ask something more specific, too! If you know they have a lot of fandom characters, you might ask how they got into that fandom, or if they have a unique art style, you might ask how they developed it!
  • There's another thread for specific questions about characters, and another for worlds, but you can ask general/broader questions about a person's creations here, like how long they've been working on their story, or what inspires or influences them. I'm not going to keep writing examples, but you get the idea. Just use common sense and try to get to know your fellow TH users better!
  • You can ask multiple questions in your comment if you want to, but only one is fine, too. This can be as in-depth or as casual as you like.
  • Please ping the person above you so you make sure that they see your question! If you're not sure how to do this, you simply type @THEIRUSERNAME, and they will be notified! This will not work if you edit the ping into your comment later (like if you wanted to claim and then edit your question in); you must put it in when you first submit the comment.
  • There is no specific post limit, but try to let a couple of people go before posting again. If the thread is stuck for >3 days, feel free to post again even if only one person has posted after you.
  • Edit your original comment with your answer to keep this clear; please DO NOT add new comments to the thread just to answer someone's question. This gets confusing. Take it to private messages if you want to have an ongoing conversation.
  • You can bump the thread as often as you like; I don't mind.
  • Be nice and have fun!   
  • Want to play the game in reverse? Answer a question from the user above!

The first person can either ask me something or just claim a spot!

Edit: my answer

"Hedgemaze Expo" is the name of the main characters' band in my comic! I've been using either HedgemazeExpo or Hedgemaze as a username ever since, which is to say since 2003! Most people just call me Hej for short now.

The name itself doesn't mean much of anything, other than that I liked both words and liked the sort of paradoxical nature of an exposition dedicated to huge structures that can't be moved (what do they exhibit, photos? bush samples? tiny mazes?). In terms of the comic, it's just supposed to be a unique, kind of awkward, and silly band name, because in-story, it's an inside joke between my characters Jill and Amber.

All my forum games and threads



Where do you get inspiration for your writing / what inspired your stories? Are they stories you wpuld ever want to turn into published novels?

A bonus: where does your love for dragons and vampires come from, if the interest has any particular source?

To whoever claims me: I have already been asked about my username ^^

My love for web design was sparked when I first started playing Moshi Monsters. That was the first website I ever used, and I thought it was super cool. I was curious as to how they built websites, and I started researching a little bit and learned HTML.

After that, it piqued my interest so much to learn how lines of code were used to a website. I learned how to use "Inspect Element" to view coding, and thought that looked really cool.

In my sophmore year of college, I was able to take a class on HTML/CSS. The final was writing a report on a US president and making a website for that report. I had a lot of fun that year and with the final, and that is when I finally decided to pursue web design.


How did you get interested in web design ? 



Its 10/10 Etecliff! despite him only being made half a year ago i really really love him !! Hes been an oc that i've connected to in a lot of levels, well its kinda obvious lol like have of my accounts unsernames is his name lol. And in hell i will consider trading or putting him ufs 



Out of your OCs, who is your favourite and why? Which character means the most to you in terms of sentimental value?



Apologies if this has been asked before, but what are some of your favourite stories, or works that have inspired you? What about them appeals the most to you?

And this one's less related to character stuff, and might be more personal so feel free to disregard, but how did you meet your partner?

>This is a question I seem to ask literally everyone, but what made you choose your username?

I desperately needed a username on short notice during ArtFight 2017 because I only realised it was going on and signed up halfway through the event, so I just stole one from one of my characters. The character got the name because he's a luciferian fuck who would proudly describe himself/identify as a being a 'beautiful light' (he picked the name in-universe). It's not his main name though so I figured that'd help differentiate things and suggest less self-insertion. Seriously I just needed a name quick.

>how long have you been working on that project

Since late 2016/early 2017, a couple years now. 'Project', wow, I wish I could refute that, but I guess that is what it is.

>what originally inspired you to start it?

Bored with time to kill and an author whose lastFM I was following talked about how he got started writing, and it was essentially "I saw stories I liked and wanted to do something like that". I didn't consider myself original enough to write or plot things outside dabbling with fanfiction ideas, but seeing that ask made me think "man fuck it I could do that" so I roughly outlined some character concepts and it went from there. Became so absolutely shameless with my influences that they melded into this new thing and shoved a bunch of crap I was separately thinking about into it. Tried to pay attention to what made the stories I liked work and emulate that where I could, largely a structure thing, sort of a puzzle-solving activity...

The 'rawest' inspiration was probably gnosticism, though.



This is a question I seem to ask literally everyone, but what made you choose your username?

Also, I see that you have a project called Gates of Heaven - how long have you been working on that project and what originally inspired you to start it?

Out of the stories listed on my profile, my favourite is Vincent! I'm especially proud of it, not just because it's different from the kinds of things I normally write, but because I somehow managed to get the whole story finished in a weekend (not that I think writing faster is always better, but I still consider it kinda impressive, haha). Favourite character from that story is the protagonist, Vincent!

I also really like The Hunters; it's something I've been working on for several years and I've become very fond of the characters and the dynamic they share. I can't pick a favourite out of those characters, I like them all so much for different reasons.

I don't really know how I got interested in writing in the first place. I read a lot of books as a kid and always had fun making up my own stories. My inspiration comes from a variety of different places, from other peoples' stories, to real-life events, to videogames. Sometimes I have no explanation for how I came up with a certain idea.

Thanks for the questions!


I see you have a lot of stories - do you have a favorite story? Favorite characters from your stories?
What made you start writing? Do you have any inspirations?

Sorry for how long this took!! Haven't been on my PC and it was hard to reply on my phone OTL

I say the first thing that draws me to a character is a unique, creative design, something a bit off the wall that may not have anything like it! I love drawing characters that are oddities, from anatomy to species to design. I have been interested in such designs for a long time now, a good example is my characters, haha! I also tend to like either bright designs, or muted designs. There's some in between, but colors mean a lot to me in design. Before I go to get/make a character, I also want an idea of who they are and where I can fit them in story-wise, whether in an already-built story of mine or in their own. I want to know that, if I get a character, I feel comfortable developing them and I have ideas early on!


EXxiilED you have awesome taste in ocs! What would you say is the first thing that draws you to a character? Like, what makes you like them or want to get them? Do you have any collection goals?
Ooh I love this question! Actually one of my biggest inspirations is a game called Ecco the dolphin: defender of the future! It's a stunning undersea-themed game from my childhood with some absolutely gorgeous music that I listen to to this day! At the time the story and narration blew my mind and I've always wanted to kind my own world as grand as it! I also really tend to love heartbreaking manga/anime and games for character development, stuff such as Bokurano(ours), the LISA rpg series. Just a ton of different types of media! <3
I am also inspired by the artist Christian Riese Lassen that makes some incredible undersea art, he's what got me interested in learning to use colors ;v;


Kessler In your profile you say you're inspired by various games and other works, what are the ones that inspire you the most and how so?

Totally!! Feel free to message me anytime! I love chattin with people



Would you like to chat somet8me?



Since there isn't anything on your profile to ask about, I'll keep it generic: who is your favourite character out of all the characters you own, and why?

I just think they're cool, and it allows me to draw characters who I otherwise wouldn't draw much because I'm not confident at drawing certain species, like humans. Plus, it's a fun ability for characters to have in RPs and stories.


RadiantRaindragon So er... You like dragons hm? Seriously though, I see your profile says you also like shapeshifters so I'd like to know why that is.

"what got you into doing personifications? it looks really interesting tbh :O" Well it's not an exciting story, it's just due to meeting my friends over on dA who were also doing it and I decided I wanted to as well. (also thank you! ^_^) 


what got you into doing personifications? it looks really interesting tbh :O

definitely my mains (+ angie)! they were super different back then. i was in my mlp:fim phase at the time so they were originally ponies,, :"^y their interests haven't changed (their current occupations/skills come from their original cutie marks) but i completely revamped their backstories when i lost interest in mlp. they became people bc i used their humanized designs and i developed them from there to who they are now! as much as i tend to cringe from my old stuff back then, i'm p glad that things happened the way they did. if it weren't from my ms paint doodles, i probably wouldn't have taken art as seriously as i do now :^)



XD Ok, I've got to ask, what are some of your oldest characters (The ones dating back to 4th/5th grade), and what were those characters like back then? How much did they change? X3