What fandom you think the above OC fits?

Posted 11 months, 9 days ago (Edited 3 months, 21 days ago) by Arisa

I think there was a forum game for only videogames, but we'll expand this to other mediums such as TV shows, anime, comics, etc. since I can't find one!

The rules of this thread are very simple! It carries the rules of my previous threads!

  • Unless 24 hours have passed, you can only post every after 3 posts.
  • Try not to post too much in one page, too! Give chances to other users. Unless 12 hours haven't passed, you may only post twice a page.
  • Please, always elaborate why the OC will fit in the fandom. Anyone who does not comply to this rule WILL BE VOIDED AND SKIPPED WITHOUT NOTICE.
  • Claim a post when you have a rad idea for a reply.
  • Rules  can be changed anytime. If you do not want how this thread is currently  running, please contact me at my main, @/wanco-alien!
  • Have fun!

How to Play

Like any of my other threads, it's very easy! Just check the design and the profile of the OC above, and see what series they can fit in. By the way, my examples are babies so please try not to make it as low effort as that.

  • OC 1: *is a demon overlord*
  • OC 2: I think he could fit in Disgaea because he's a demon overlord! *is a yandere*
  • OC 3: She would be in School Days because nice boat *is a cat*
  • OC 4: I think she fits in Nyan Neko Sugar Girls!
  • and so on...

The first user starts!

♛Jacek♛ LifeInCartoonMotion

Bunni gives me big Adventure Time vibes! I can't pinpoint why exactly, maybe the general style of the design?

Yvonne Bernard Judas-la-Carotte

I think Jacek could fit the Legend of Zelda series, especially given the more "modern"/"mechanical" aesthetic of the newest games! He also makes me think of Sheik somehow so I think that helps haha

Chaos Sekou & Penne haiiroko

Yvonne definitely seems like she could fit in Harry Potter !! She could probably fit into That French School I Can't Remember The Name Of,, and her design+bio seem like they could fit very well into that universe!!

Cyanide ZodiacCloud

hmm i don't wanna say it but undertale qwq the eyes and mask along with some other lil details of their design fit the characters in undertale perfectly! as well as their personality, it wouldn't be out of place at all!! uwu

Akira Angelus Forever1994

First of all, just wanted to say that Cyanide has an awesome design! I can see her fitting in with Dangan Ronpa? At least visually anyway! (Maybe she'd be SHSL Graffiti Artist? Or... SHSL Petty Criminal gdhfgudsfhgdf) 

Seraphina LadyTibby

Maybe not all of his outfits would fit, but Black Butler was the first thing I thought of when reading a bit about him. He'd probably be a reaper (People who collect souls from dead/dying humans) but his 'incomprehensible true form' totally fits in with some of the stuff already in the series.

Vinegar mellostopheles

From what I gather from her profile, I think she'd be a good fit for Persona, if you split her character and her powers into human and persona respectively. Her personality and design would fit into that world, and she has the right kind of supernatural elements from what I can tell. She'd probably have a fun social link as well.

Meredith LynxBound

God- he almost gives me a Monster Prom vibe oddly enough? Like I could totally see him in a visual novel, so Monster Prom would be my pick! I imagine him being particularly difficult to romance in the game, but I could be wrong!

Saber Gipsy_Danger

For no reasons Meredith does giving me a lot of Steven Universe vibe, a human character in the series btw not the gem. I meant she could be a badass human character i nthe show and I will not surprised if someday they did mentioned her in there >w<