What fandom is the above art style/designs?

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Oh look, an unholy mix between Beefy's Describe the art style above! and my What fandom you think the above OC fits?

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How to Play

Like  any of my other threads, it's very easy! Just check the design and the  profile of the OC above, and see what series they can fit in. By the  way, my examples are babies so please try not to make it as low effort  as that.

  • User 1: *draws a lot of girls wearing frills and hats*
  • User 2: I think your designs and art fit Touhou Project! *draws a ot of monsters*
  • User 3: I think yours fit SCP! *draws cartoony anthros*
  • User 4: I think yours fit The Amazing World of Gumball!
  • and so on...

The first user starts!


Skullgirls is the first thing that comes to mind-- you also use thick black lines and spot blacks and dynamic, curvy cartoon stylization, bold colors and minimal shading/lighting. There's also something about the feel of your character designs that reminds me of it that I can't quite figure out how to word-- I don't mean that it's at all the same, but there's that feel of your designs being fantastic but slick and stylish and still somehow grounded/plausible. You have a strong sense of distinct character design even though your designs aren't for a game or other project (but I bet you would make something great if you wanted to)!

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Your style is so smooth & elegant it strongly reminds me of BJDs??  Which I know is a kind of wide pool w/ many artists doing their own things but there's kind of a coherency to it?  Like they're just,,,,PRETTY?  Just a super delicate, perfect, ethereal vibe, like a faerie,,  


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EDIT: vvv ngl, SU is a big influencer on my style lmao,,  I love the simple shapes & it helped me figure out you don't actually have to like every element of a character's design(which makes designing characters....so much easier....just pick a key feature & try to make everything else into a nice frame for it)


The way you use shapes for the characters and draw lips makes me want to say Steven Universe. But if I have to be honest, I don't think that would be correct. Your colouring goes against the art style of SU and there is just something that makes it feel different. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but it's something. That's why I think that Rebecca Sugar's art style itself comes more close to it. It's a lot more fluid and matches the way you draw a lot better, with it also conveying more personality (which can be seen in you art as well). So I suppose it would be Adventure time/SU?

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aa so!! your art style is really unique bc from what i saw your art bounces from sketches to colored lineart to no lineart at al, and i have to say props to that bc those are all v different styles and its so cool to totally rock all of them!!! also you have such beautiful characters w some of the neatest designs!! for your fandom,, i think i feel its very a la professor layton, but just with more realism!! your designs and the face shapes of some of your characters are pretty similar! ouo i hope thats okay, given i dnt even know what pl is about hfhhfh


aaaaaaa i can see those pretty danganronpa style sprites ┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴

well now seriously, i can definitely see your style fitting some cartoon~! Maybe something like svtfoe? because of the way you draw noses and those beautiful big eyes~

As for you designs, i feel like they would fit gf universe very nicely? I dunno, i just feel so xD Maybe because of how simple yet cute and pretty they  look? <333


Your stuff has alot of cool intricate designs and your style really makes me think of a cartoony-anime vibe if that makes sense lmao! It's like Panty and Stocking meets Little Witch Academia with the costume designs from a magical girl show like Madoka or Sailor Moon



I don't know why The Proud Family is what comes to mind, but... The Proud Family is what comes to mind, or other modern Western animation. It's the flow of the designs. Your stylization always has so much flow and rhythm; your characters are very expressive and cartoony and have a definite aesthetic that's all you, but they're still grounded and realistically-proportioned. It's a really nice balance!

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The way you draw reminds me a lot of Tintin. Like the way everything looks realistic and very expressive and lively~ Everyone has a distinctive face and style.  Though the line art style is very similar to Steven's universe and adventure time since you rely on thick clean outlines  

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I don't know why, but the first thing that comes to mind when I see your art is Land of the Lustrous/Houseki no Kuni?? Like, not necessarily in anatomy-wise, but in the way you paint and color hair and draw eyes and stuff. It has that pleasing glittery, metallic look with all the cool dramatic lighting and everything. Personally, I love it! :D

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Mochagatari I'm definitely reminded of Panty and Stocking; though there are obvious differences between the two styles, the general body structure you use looks pretty similar to that show, at least to me. The lines have about the same thickness, as well. Of course, there's also the matter of your rubberhose art, which reminds me most of old Mickey Mouse cartoons, due to the grayscale and the characters being drawn in that same style that those cartoons helped to establish. I could also compare it to Bendy and the Ink Machine, though that wasn't really on my mind (and you've probably gotten that comparison quite a bit, anyway).

Your art is really fun and enjoyable to look at, nonetheless. I love it.

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Orca For some reason, Eddsworld? The simple nature to it really reminds me of it. :)

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