What fandom is the above art style/designs?

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Oh look, an unholy mix between Beefy's Describe the art style above! and my What fandom you think the above OC fits?

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How to Play

Like  any of my other threads, it's very easy! Just check the design and the  profile of the OC above, and see what series they can fit in. By the  way, my examples are babies so please try not to make it as low effort  as that.

  • User 1: *draws a lot of girls wearing frills and hats*
  • User 2: I think your designs and art fit Touhou Project! *draws a ot of monsters*
  • User 3: I think yours fit SCP! *draws cartoony anthros*
  • User 4: I think yours fit The Amazing World of Gumball!
  • and so on...

The first user starts!


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Though if the distance/duration is long or you can't think of any fandom for the above user, it's the best to wait for someone else to claim ' w')b


peachii i’m getting a dream daddy vibe for some reason, but your style of character design also looks like a lot of modern western visual novels in general :p


flower-magic The way you draw eyes and face proportions remind me a lot of RWBY, plus a mix of other anime/manga like Vampire Knight and Clannad! Your color choices are bright but soft in the same way, which gives me nostalgia for anime I used to watch when I was younger~



 your art style gives me pokemon vibes! The way you draw the faces and bodies on human characters reminds me a lot on how the trainers in pokemon look; and your creatures looks nice and colorful much like a pokemon!!



im getting danganronpa vibes from the way you draw the pupils/eyes sometimes! I think the overall designs of your characters would fit in as well due to the outfit choices and hairstyles



The way you draw the bodies and eyes make me think of Skullgirls! That added to the fantasy colors and humanoid/monster nature most of them have :0


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The way you draw gives me OK!KO vibes, since it really gives off a toony feel to it. Also, your designs also gives off OK!KO vibes as well, since most of them look like they could be in an animated series, specifically any of your humanoids/humans and robots!

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oh man this is a toughie because i'd say you use different styles for different plotlines, which is really cool! I think the characters in TAOSK look like they could easily fit into soul eater, their designs just make me think of the series! Meanwhile the characters in Apollo the strange would be right at home in a rubberhose era disney short film! The black and white style, eyes, anatomy and gloved hands really lends them to that! /o/

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pajuxi I already know your fandoms, so I'm gonna go ahead and jump to Ghilbi. >:3c The way you aren't afraid to make the characters super super expressive fits ! And the color choices * ___* !!! Very inviting. The faces are always very soft and squishy looking. You def have a more adult vibe to your art, but a lot of it is pure * q* Your designs vary so much that they'd make any film interesting. (Like how Durarara is super diverse !)

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NotDamien (Pinging because its been a while) Hello! My first thought when seeing your artstyle was Dragalia Lost? The game uses a more colorful and bold palletes--which is what I can see from yours (and they have some good amount of details in the way they draw characters or backgrounds!) Plus the characters you draw are pretty varied in terms of modern and fantasy characters, which is what I find fitting for the game as well! A really clean yet detailed shading, yet fun shapes and coloring definitely made me think of the game.


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Kogami The way your OCs have designs that are just so expressive of their character- your art reminds me of old card game animes like Yu-Gi-Oh and Beyblade! The cel shaded style coupled with the big hair and the excited sort of "stick-it-to-the-man" energy that even your neutral poses carry all seems like it'd feel right at home on a saturday morning anime time slot.


for some reason your art reminds me of danganronpa?? the way you draw facial expressions and the ocs designs just give off huge vibes from the games which is hella rad uwu~



also a bit of tokyo mew mew and mob psycho aesthetic too! 

something about your styling and color combinations! love your saturated colorful style btw!! ^u^