What fandom is the above art style/designs?

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Oh look, an unholy mix between Beefy's Describe the art style above! and my What fandom you think the above OC fits?

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How to Play

Like  any of my other threads, it's very easy! Just check the design and the  profile of the OC above, and see what series they can fit in. By the  way, my examples are babies so please try not to make it as low effort  as that.

  • User 1: *draws a lot of girls wearing frills and hats*
  • User 2: I think your designs and art fit Touhou Project! *draws a ot of monsters*
  • User 3: I think yours fit SCP! *draws cartoony anthros*
  • User 4: I think yours fit The Amazing World of Gumball!
  • and so on...

The first user starts!


Oh I am getting SUPER Lisa Frank vibes from your art. Your designs are so colorful and rainbow-y and I love them! Your animal designs also kind of put me in the mind of Kimba the White Lion? They're really cute!


Based on your character designs, they remind me a lot of Voltron, mostly regarding the designs of the characters of Galatiquest, because their outfits are somewhat in the style of modern animated Sci-Fi series. Your artstyle also gives me vibes of Voltron as well, because it appears to be cell-shaded, and you also use saturated colors for it as well!


Your art style is so cutesy! I would compare the way you draw mostly to kirby or pokemon in a way? For your designs and characters, they give me RPG vibes. You are obviously really into FE so maybe theres some inspo there? 


bump, skip me!


gummy for some reason im reminded of some vocaloid pvs...i realize thats sort of vague though, i think the one its reminding me of might be the rolling girl video...? or maybe that songs just been on my mind .-. i think its the way you draw faces and eyes maybe


Oooh, I love this wacky and cartoony artstyle you have here! Honestly it would look quite at home in a series that has quite the style such as as Parappa the Rapper! Or perhaps even certain Sanrio franchises.


(Note- the last three things in my gallery were style challenges, dismiss these)

Gives me kind of a sonic vibe? Maybe it’s the shape of the heads or the way your draw hair. Maybe pokémon too, because of the cartoony way you draw mouths/muzzles :0 

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Your art and characters are very bright and colorful from what I can see! Gives me a lisa frank vibe almost, but im not sure if that counts as a fandom, so maybe like a colorful magical girl show? Like precure, for example, since its super colorful


Going off of the most consistent stuff I think your art style kinda reminds me of some series such as maybe RWBY or Soul Eater, with it's own original spin which I can't put a finger on, which is good! But I do feel it sits more towards Soul Eater than RWBY. :o


I'll just say your artstyle gives me a mixed vibe between Hanazuki and Samurai Jack since you have a lot of lineless works, and the fact that the two cartoons I mentioned have a stylized lineless-looking artstyle to it? They way you draw characters is a bit more aligned with Steven Universe because of your use of colours. Design-wise, your characters give off Skullgirls vibes, probably because of the outfit choices for most of your characters.


I feel like your stuff suits "A Hat in Time"! charming simplistic style with chibi humanoids in fanciful outfits and bright colours, magical themes too! and a good mix of little intelligent creatures and non-human humanoids as well :~)




Okay, the colors remind me of skullface bookseller honda? It's soft and feels warm. Really inviting. If you wanna get really obscure? Aron's Absurd Armada. Just something about the line weight and thickness reminds me of it. 


I’d have to say.. zelda!

With the fantasy vibes and such I’m getting, i think your art style reminds me most of the legend of zelda series! I love the variety in the designs and art!