♪♫♬[Favorite exchange]♬♫♪

Posted 1 year, 26 days ago (Edited 7 months, 11 days ago) by RinRin

The old thread The ★ Favorites ★ Exchange [ Featured Thread ]recently closed, and it appeared as a buch of people liked it. So i wanted to revive said thread if that's alright🌟 Please PM me if any problems occur, or if said thread shall be taken down.

  • Post IC with the character you'd like to get featured. Please state how many favorites you'd like to have, and stay reasonalbe in ammount! [10>20etc.]
  • Once you posted, browse trough the thread and give some characters of your liking faves. It'll help everyone archieve thier requested goals.
  • Edit your original request, so that other people see your progress!
  • Once your goal has been reached, let people know or strike trough your previous comment.
    When your goal was overspammed by other users, and has not been reached yet, you are free to repost it.

Do not use this thread to chat to other users.
Please stay serious about your faves, don't unfave the character right afterwards.
Do not repost your goal. Post only once and edit your previous comment.
Do not post a new goal until the previous has been archieved. Or it has been overspammed.

Do not spam bump the thread. 

Mithra de Perse Judas-la-Carotte

I would love Mithra to get around 10 faves ♥ He is at 5 as I'm writing this!

16! Thank you so so much! ♥

Puriel Rorichi

tbh i've never expected my ocs to get so many favorites, but Puriel has 46 right now and it would make me very happy if he had 50 of them ^-^

thank you so much <333

ahhhh thank you so much everzone!! He is at 52 now, thank you a lot! <333

Daegan Beckett haiiroko

It would make me really happy if Daegan had 10 favorites, currently, she's at two :3

Edit: Daegan made it to 10! :D I'm so happppyyyyyyy-- AHHHHHH--- (Would be really nice if she made it to 15 :D)

Shae RinRin

A lil bit weird using my own thread the first time, but i'd like her to get a bit more attention! Currently, she's at 2 but i'd love to get her to 10, or more like 11 since one is from me to get her into featured.<3

 Morgana MaskedMan

I'd really appreciate it if I could get her upto 20 (or maybe 25?) favourites!
She got upto 25! Thank you so much for all the help to anyone who saw this and did! <3

Liz (Elizabeth) Lockwood honeyshuckle

I'd like Liz to get to 10 favorites! Right now she sadly has 0, and I want her to be loved as much as her friends!

Edit: She now has 5 faves! We're halfway there, and that means a lot!

Edit2: We made it guys! Thank you so much! :D


I was wondering what happened to the other thread but hopefully, this one stays up.

My boy Xeno is at 84, I would love for him to be at 90! Done!

Bobby octotrooper

poor bobby has 0 favorites... but i'd be honored if he could get 5-10!! we must love the christmas boy

he has 11 now!! ty guys so much


im at 7, hoping to get to 10! blease...tobey needs to get more favs to lift his ego up more

Rel'ith paranormal-thingum

would be nice to get rel'ith up to 10! or uh, maybe 11 since one of the favorites she has was from me to put her on the featured characters thing

Osros Lup

I'd love this guy to get up to 10 (currently at 5). Edit: done! :) Thanks

Oliver momo-the-unknown

I'd like my boi olive to get a bit of love! goal: 13

current- 10!

Daphne HeraDollie

I'd love to get my darling Daphne up to 30! Progress: 28/30

Goal Accomplished! Thank you!