♪♫♬[Favorite exchange]♬♫♪

Posted 10 months, 3 days ago (Edited 4 months, 19 days ago) by RinRin

The old thread The ★ Favorites ★ Exchange [ Featured Thread ]recently closed, and it appeared as a buch of people liked it. So i wanted to revive said thread if that's alright🌟 Please PM me if any problems occur, or if said thread shall be taken down.

  • Post IC with the character you'd like to get featured. Please state how many favorites you'd like to have, and stay reasonalbe in ammount! [10>20etc.]
  • Once you posted, browse trough the thread and give some characters of your liking faves. It'll help everyone archieve thier requested goals.
  • Edit your original request, so that other people see your progress!
  • Once your goal has been reached, let people know or strike trough your previous comment.
    When your goal was overspammed by other users, and has not been reached yet, you are free to repost it.

Do not use this thread to chat to other users.
Please stay serious about your faves, don't unfave the character right afterwards.
Do not repost your goal. Post only once and edit your previous comment.
Do not post a new goal until the previous has been archieved. Or it has been overspammed.

Do not spam bump the thread. 

Spike RadiantRaindragon

Can we get my favourite ghost kid to 20 favourites? He only needs three more!

20/20 - Thank you so much!

Dagger Silital

Would love to get my primary sona here to 65 faves!
Thank you in advance 🖤


Yuki Darkakiraryuu

Could my oc Yuki possibly get 25 faves?? Progress: 12/25

Comet and Bluey Parasolhyena

Could you guys help me get my girls to 25 faves please!!!
                                8 / 25    

 Caspian Sourpunch

just uploaded this guy today, up to 5 is ideal! ty!

edit: goal has been reached, ty again!!

Noakes MolaMola

He's back boys and it's time to fulfill my dream let's go 


Havoc Athren

He's back!!

Would love to get him to 100!


Felix Ōno mithrou

i'd love to get this guy up to 25!


Heylel Medusiana

Heylel is currently at 61. I just want her to be at 69 because I'm immature.