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Posted 8 months, 1 day ago (Edited 2 months, 17 days ago) by RinRin

The old thread The ★ Favorites ★ Exchange [ Featured Thread ]recently closed, and it appeared as a buch of people liked it. So i wanted to revive said thread if that's alright🌟 Please PM me if any problems occur, or if said thread shall be taken down.

  • Post IC with the character you'd like to get featured. Please state how many favorites you'd like to have, and stay reasonalbe in ammount! [10>20etc.]
  • Once you posted, browse trough the thread and give some characters of your liking faves. It'll help everyone archieve thier requested goals.
  • Edit your original request, so that other people see your progress!
  • Once your goal has been reached, let people know or strike trough your previous comment.
    When your goal was overspammed by other users, and has not been reached yet, you are free to repost it.

Do not use this thread to chat to other users.
Please stay serious about your faves, don't unfave the character right afterwards.
Do not repost your goal. Post only once and edit your previous comment.
Do not post a new goal until the previous has been archieved. Or it has been overspammed.

Do not spam bump the thread. 

Brandon HopelessDreamer22

I'd like Brandon to get to at least 8 favs, for now, I'm working on his profile!


Aztrid Phantomel Historia

Goal reached! Thank you!


⚓Solomon⚓ MissPeaches

I wanna get this boy up to 15 

hes at 10 rn

;w ; 13/15

Grimrose junowani

I’d love if Grimrose could get to 25!!!

23/25 !!

Piper symmetra

e: ok actually carne can wait. i'd rather get piper to 10! i just made her profile like a few hours ago uhfdjuj

gooey man ★ baiokr

GOT IT thank you!

I'd really just like to get this boy 1 more fav, from 9 to 10! ;w; 9/10

Rune Lawnmower

rune is my son and i have so many problems with people hating my work so jfkldHJGF:shg i want him to have at least 2 favorites thats a lot btu oK

oh my gosh i didnt think anyone would actually favorite him ghsdlkjgdfslkg

can get him to 10 favorites would be cool its not a rquirement but if youre okay iwth favoritngf please favoirte himg sdhgjkfl

Shōshitai Beed

hello hello again fav thread.
can we get this nerd up to 30 favs? i'd appreciate it muchly!

31/30 ahhh thank you all! ;.; ♥

Hyacinth Vinatrix

This is one of my favorite oc’s! I would love to get him up to 15 favorites!


Shade Shade


New goal for my girl! I'd like to get her to 50 total at least so just doing baby steps hehe. No new art, but I had to re-code her profile because I made a mistake so it looks cleaner now!

Whoot, we did it! Time for 30!


Flynn Barker Foxofspades

I just finished Flynn's profile <3!

Help me get this boy to 50?

45/50 now.

♠RUSE FARCEAUR♠ Affieereal

It'd be awesome if Ruse could get up to 50 favorites!! currently they're at 40--


 ✭Quails✭ GeckoSauce

Not exactly a character so don't favourite if you are not comfortable with doing so, I understand that! 

Anyways, I'd like to get my 3 little squishies to 10 favourites ^.^

Chris SoulLugia11

I recently finished Chris' bio, and he's become one of my favorite OCs <3 I'd love it if he could get to 8 favs! ^^

Progress: 4/8

Scourge ScarletGamerArtist

I posted this boi here a long time ago, but he got buried in the other OCs. Let's try this again. XD 

Goal: 23/50 (one of the faves is mine just so I can feature him) 

And just to return the favor, I will fave 3 or more of your ocs in return for a fave on him. :3