What superpowers would the OC above have?

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The title pretty much explains it! Just look over the above character's information and, based on that information that you've read, decide on what power(s) that character would have! Make sure to explain what that power does, if it's not obvious. Bonus points if you explain why you think they would have that power!

If this already exists, just let me know and I'll delete this ^^

There's just a few rules! -

- Make sure to post IC so that the person below knows what character to look at.
- Please look at the above character's information instead of just randomly giving them a power for no reason. You don't have to look at their entire bio, just enough to get the gist of it.
- Be nice! This is not a thread to bash people or their characters.
- Please don't just choose powers that the character already has. Be creative!
- Don't put any NSFW powers. Some violent powers are okay, but if you think that it could be sensitive to some people please put it in a spoiler box.
- Please don't just put a joke power unless the person above specifically specifies that they are okay with that!

Pinky varkarrus

I feel like Kane would have energy draining powers. Like, you can't harm him with electricity, lasers, or intense heat because he'd just absorb all the energy. Granted you could overload him but he could take it in a bit. He'd also be less efficient at absorbing kinetic energy, meaning punches can still harm him, especially if you catch him off guard. 

He can't release the energy he's absorbed, but it does strengthen and energize him, making him a bit stronger and faster and think clearer overall. You can tell he's super energized because his hair flares up and his eyes glow silver.

Most of the time, all he uses this power for is to replace his need to eat and sleep, so he can play video games all night. While drawing energy from power outlets raises his electricity bill significantly, even with him still buying snacks, its ultimately much cheaper than groceries.

((for next poster: please try and come up with something besides shapeshifting / stretching; she already has those powers!))


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Colin Hemlock RustHeart

 Maybe she could make little mini versions of herself by taking a bit off of her body.  She would control it and always know where it is, so it isn't a separate person or anything.  Just a part of herself temporarily not attached to herself.