Your favorite picture of an OC of the person above

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With @orinscrivello's blessing, I'm taking on responsibility for the old thread! This is a pretty simple game where we celebrate all the wonderful art that everyone's characters have.

The last person to post in the old thread was Silital; the first person to reply should pick a picture of one of their characters!


  • Post or link your favorite picture of an OC belonging to the person who posted above you, and say what you like about it! Then let the person below you pick one for you!
  • You can either post IC if you want the person below to pick a favorite picture of a particular character, or post OOC and let them pick their favorite picture of any of your characters!
  • Make sure you look at the person above's characters and NOT the person's art tab, because not all of their art may be of their own characters!
  • Either avoid picking pictures with content warnings, or link them with a warning rather than posting the direct image.
  • Please write why you picked the picture! You don't need to write a novel, but "I like it because it's nice" doesn't tell the person much of anything! Write the sort of comment that you'd be happy to receive!
  • There is no specific post limit, but let a few people go before posting again, and try to vary the characters you post if you post IC.
  • You can bump the thread as often as you like; I don't mind.
  • Be nice and have fun!   

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This picture of Alejandro is amazing! I honestly love it, the art style, the roughness of the picture overall give, at least to me, nostalgic vibes. It also just fits him really well, a soft picture for a character with a (generally) soft personality.


This one makes me giggle :p Good ol spongebob meme




I was going to pick 1 but these two are so cool! I love the details and how expressive the faces are!


I pick this because i love how detailed it is.40473199_WTzlSQvkJB0fMsF.jpg


Oh! the picture at the bottom belongs to the original artist


remainds me of home ( I live near nuclear power plant ) I also really like the background



I really like this image! The colors go so well together and I like the little antenna 


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I love this one, it's really trippy and it gives me huge alice in wonderland vibes!! like when she first falls into wonderland 



I really love this one! It's so pretty and definitely one of those sketches that are just wonderful. This one I feel is kinda simple, yet pleasing. And the blue!




I love this one, the background and the position looks good, the character and the background blend well together which its very pleasing to look at.

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Gonna go ahead with this one!


The shading and texturing looks very nice, and I especially love how the hair was done in particular for some reason; the different hues added in just look really neat. The background goes well with the character, and the piece just overall screams smug jerk vibes and it's easy to guess his personality because of it. Oh and finally I think in general I really like Meatball's design. Any character with big tinted circle glasses is automatically great because I said so. 

For the next person feel free to avoid video game idea, fakemon, and misc. I know I have a lot of characters sorry pfft.




I'm usually more drawn to super bright colors and neons, but this one caught my eye! Got there through Artifact's bio and wound up reading about both Artifact and Jojo, aha. I like the little bits of lore, and the Dialian designs are all pretty neat. I know it's supposed to be more about the art, but I really like the story behind it, too!

I Iike both the darkness and the softness of this one, especially with that little bit of glowing purple. It's a nice touch!! Even before I read over the bios, I feel like the drawing gets vibes across really well. The expression on Jojo in particular. It all just comes together really well!! Great job at conveying feeling.


Feel free to pick whoever, I don't have too many characters, aha.



!warning decapitation and cartoon blood!

HHHHHH I adore this piece so much, the fluid physicality on the blood! The sharp angles on the hands! The complimentary colors! Such smooth linework it looks like it would be some sort of ad in a very pop-culture themed city AAAAAA I love it!


Pick anyone in my mains folder please, most of them have art by me by now!