Gift a character to the user above! [HQ Random]

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Welcome one and all!

(I think the other thread was locked ;v;)



All characters must be linked in your claim post

► All characters MUST be HQ (ask me if unsure) HQ example (Feral) HQ example (Anthro) HQ example (Human)

           Basic Rules:

           Fullbody colored reference

           No beginner art as the reference

           No super simple designs (although they could be worth 10$, unless extra art, the design could possibly be too simple. Made due to complaints)

           Snatched from other thread: " no five-minute designs, nothing made on dollmakers, preferably no bases but high-quality base-work is allowed. Basically something nice, properly lined and maybe shaded, fully-coloured."

►You must give a character within 24 hours of the post.

 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow the original artist's tos before seeing if any of these rules are also stated there. Any forum rules do not go above an artist's TOS.

►Please don't be rude to me or any of the other wonderful people who are giving you a character.

►First person to post doesn't have to give me anything

►Only state if you want gore or nsfw

►Do not expect to get exactly what you want. This is a random thread.

►If someone said no gore or nsfw, please don't give that to them!

►If you don't like the character, just send it back in the thread!

Do not send the same character, check the logs


►Please, please, please no dollmakers. This has been specified already, but people send them anyways

Original thread: Gift a character to the person above you (RANDOM) 



cosmiplier and OrangeTang 

Almondlover - extremely offensive behavior and signs shown of guilt tripping a user into accepting their character - 1 month ban


Claim, both fine

Sending :


claim, neither please 




Thank you!

However, this thread will be moving it’s ownership to cerviidae and once they post their thread, I will link it.

This thread is shutting down here so no more posts, but for the user above, the initial character will be given to them on the other thread


This new thread will start here: